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This publish features highlights from your free web seminar “Ways to get Office 365 Fast and Accelerate Remote Work.” Watch the entire presentation for additional in-depth information!

Using the recent pandemic, it’s now more obvious than ever before why relocating to the cloud is really a necessity. If the organization continues to be utilizing an on-prem atmosphere, its employees won’t be able to operate remotely because of the demand for staying at a workplace to obtain access to company servers, documents, and much more.

By relocating to Office 365, organizations can enable remote work with their workers in occasions of crisis and obtain access to impactful business apps–like Microsoft Teams–and all of the tools that finish users want to get work done!

But exactly how can organizations which are on-prem succinctly proceed to Office 365, and what’s the very best migration strategy to do this? Within our recent web seminar, AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy and Tony Litvak show went in-depth about how your organizations could make the proceed to Office 365 and let remote speed up and much more efficiently. Here are a handful of highlights.

office 365

Identify Your Migration Approach

With regards to moving to Office 365, there’s a couple of different approaches you are able to take. With every approach comes benefits and drawbacks, many of which are connected with either time that it requires to move, how efficiently things are moved, and when it’s compliant with any rules the company needs to stick to. The 4 different approaches we differentiate are:

  • Migrate everything
  • Selective migration
  • Migrate &amp recertify
  • Content burst

Migrate Everything

If you opt to migrate everything, this means you’ll need to migrate ALL source content. This sounds nice convenient anyway because you won’t have to curate everything that’s migrated, but there are several pitfalls that should be regarded as well.

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With regards to the moving everything approach, organizations should think about:

  • Atmosphere size and characteristics of information source
  • Certification and effect on users
  • Number and frequency of cutovers
  • Migration time objectives

Migrate &amp Recertify

A migrate and recertify approach takes the above mentioned method and executes lifecycle management certification activities following the content has migrated. This can help with site recertification, content archiving strategies, content disposition, and much more!

With this particular approach, organizations should think about:

  • The necessity to recertify everything
  • Some sources are less appropriate with this strategy
  • Gambling around the time versus. worth of using this approach

What concerning the other approaches?

To obtain a complete introduction to the migration approaches your business may take to maneuver to Office 365, make sure to enroll in our free on-demand web seminar, Proceed to Office 365 Fast and Accelerate Remote Work. We not just break lower all the options, but additionally provide assistance with which are perfect for your requirements.

We’ll offer a migration framework that the organization may use when prepping and planning your move, that is important to making certain that issues like sprawl or roadblocks don’t occur. Here’s a good example of the phases incorporated within the framework:

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When you choose which is the best for your business, you can begin relocating to accelerate remote work. All the best!

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