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So you’re making the jump to Office 365. You understand all the benefits that come with the Microsoft Cloud inexpensive, scalable, collaboration tools when you need it also it aligns together with your IT strategy on what you would like to attain. What else must you consider prior to you making the large move?

  1. How can we arrange for our Office 365 migration?

Companies are frequently stuck in old outdated systems, searching at Office 365 desiring the characteristics that come with it, and the days are gone of huge expenses that include legacy systems. Well you know what, there is a 5-step process we’ve proven with multiple customers that may help you lead a effective migration project! Let’s discuss real existence migration tales such as the struggles, the stresses, and also the successes.

  1. How can we safeguard and secure our content?

Business critical projects, C-level information, private HR contracts, and records that should be stored for a long time. What you will really do if these documents get deleted? It will likely be known as upon and protection and preparation is essential. Understand what Microsoft is better at, as well as their limitations with regards to data protection at work 365. Make certain what’s presented to the meets your needs.

  1. How can we manage and govern our data within the cloud?

Office 365 is altering the way in which companies collaborate. This really is empowering users having a central workspace they are able to rapidly provision with virtually no participation from this. However, IT continue to be expected make certain all information is stored within strict governance policies and also the atmosphere is stored functional. So how exactly does which make sense at all? Learn the best way to gain control and enforce procedures and policies to lessen IT overheads drastically at work 365 if you don’t take away functionality from finish users.

  1. Exactly how should we utilise Office 365 for records management?

Just one system which you can use to handle records during your organisation without finish user participation sounds too good to be real doesn’t it? Finish users wish to operate in Office 365, concentrate on the task at hands and operate in applications they understand. They shouldn’t be worried about managing records. This isn’t a pipedream, this really is possible, so we can discuss carrying this out while being as compliant as you possibly can.

If you are situated in Australia, join me in the Crown Perth from three:20pm – 4:00pm on 27th March in my session at Juice IT to listen to about these topics and the way your organisation could be best get ready for your way towards the Microsoft Cloud you’re (inevitably) going to make.

You may also discover the solutions to a number of these questions by subscribing to our approaching web seminar this Feb 28th on Migration Challenges and the way to Solve Them. You may also book a free pre-migration consultation.