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Before beginning planning your migration, it’s essential to understand content you’ve, the master of it, how it’s structured, and just how important it’s. This will be significant for a lot of reasons, including enabling the shortening of the migration time by removing redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT), helping produce a governance arrange for structuring your computer data and securing sensitive content, and prioritizing which segments of content may require more attention.

Office 365 &amp SharePoint Migration Checklist

You may create an agenda that could save you as well as your organization a lot of time over time by looking for:

  • Customizations that might need to be reconstructed
  • Functionality that may be substituted for additional features
  • Content with stakeholders who might need to become more active in the project
  • Data that may be moved in the current structure and form

Doing this can help set your business up for lengthy term success along with a greater rate of adoption as the business users begin employing their technology.


  • Farm Overview
  • Farm Topology
  • Web Applications
  • Content Databases
  • Site Collections
  • Sites
  • MySites
  • Lists and Libraries
  • Pages
  • Products
  • Users and Groups
  • Solutions &amp Features
  • Web Parts
  • Master Pages &amp Page Layouts
    • Site and List Templates
    • Custom Content Types
  • Custom Posts
  • Alerts
  • Event Receivers
  • InfoPath
  • Managed Metadata Service
  • Workflows
  • Nintex Workflow
  • Nintex Form
  • URL Length Warning

Once you’ve become advisable from the types and structures from the content you have to move, after this you have to segment the data you have collected. Talk to business stakeholders to understand is essential for them when it comes to security, what features might need to be getting together with that data within the destination, and just how the information itself ties in to the business user’s daily tasks.

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This area of the migration typically involves plenty of interdepartmental communication, the best things you can do in this stage is breathe deeply, have patience, and try to have buddies that’re willing that will help you because the project moves along. Buying a stakeholder a mug of coffee or tossing a pizza party for that department might help grease the wheels and ease the discomfort that change typically brings.

While you gather details, concentrate on the finish consumer experience and just how the brand new structure will relate to the implementation. Including what workflows will communicate with data, how that data is going to be stored, guaranteed, after which archived or deleted when it’s no more essential.

Do not pressure finish users to include greater than 2 to 3 bits of metadata to any  document and automate because the procedure as possible. While you plan, bear in mind that there might be 3rd party tools to help you help make your needs a real possibility. Do avoid microservices for individual use cases, though nobody wants to handle 300 compensated apps, particularly when there might be workarounds via Office 365 or governance and infrastructure management platforms like AvePoint Governance Automation or AvePoint Online Services.


  • Talk to data proprietors to gather which websites ought to be migrated
  • Find websites that haven’t been modified in more than a year, and find out should you still them
  • Find Large Site Collections
    • Break them up into multiple Site Collections
  • Find large Sites
    • Promote them into Site Collections
  • Re-think and reorganize large lists
  • See whether emigrate empty lists and libraries
  • Determine whether any mappings are needed
    • Template Mappings
    • Column Mappings
    • Content Type Mappings
    • User Mappings
  • Redesign the branding if required
  • Pick which customizations are needed to help keep throughout the migration
  • Determine the migration approach
    • Database remove/attach
    • Make use of a third-party product/tool such as AvePoint Migration Platform (formerly DocAve)

Spending time to correctly ready your destination atmosphere is very important. Ensuring your finish users have a positive experience–along with data structures, workflows along with other features–has a significant effect on your business users’ capability to do their jobs. Additionally, it heavily influences just how much they adopt the program they’re said to be using.

When individuals started driving cars it required time for you to see their value given that they would constantly really go to town the dirt. It was not until road quality improved there was proper planning, implementation and style in order for there to become acceptance from the new approach to travel and that people stop shouting “get a horse!” This task is how you have the chance to design and make your “roads.” The greater you intend and make items to scale the greater adoption you will see!

An optimistic business consumer experience means more productivity. It’s challenging for some people to think, but you will find real-existence types of organizations that brag about how exactly great their systems are and just how much they love their IT department!


  • Install and configure destination atmosphere
    • Configure Account Service and synchronize user profiles
    • Configure Search Service
    • Configure other necessary application services
  • Optimize your brand-new SharePoint Server’s performance
  • Configure all Web Applications
  • Back everything up
  • Test the restore
  • Rebuild and deploy necessary customizations
  • Disable system email notifications if intend to migrate alerts
  • Make sure the blocked file types in destination are just like source

This is when the buddies that you simply designed a couple of steps back can certainly help you out of trouble. Trying to tell your stakeholders from the parameters from the migration could be a tricky process. Getting some buddies will help you grease the wheels with regards to justifying which content ought to be moved, what ought to be left out, and understanding such things as rapid-term change up the transition might have on productivity.

Office 365 Migration communication


  • Collect which websites ought to be migrated
    • Explain the reason behind the modification and also the value on their behalf
  • Tell your users before beginning
    • Downtime planned through the migration
    • Believed timeline for that migration

DocAve Migration Platform tools are made to help make your migration plan a real possibility. While you proceed, you are able to run migration tests, schedule incremental migrations to sync, and simply obtain the URL important information to check the information because it has gone to live in the destination. We provide 24×7 support to help with any technical troubleshooting for that solution.


  • AvePoint Migration Platform Installation
    • Install AvePoint Migration Platform and run test job
  • Pilot Migration
    • Validate if all content continues to be moved over (Sites, Lists, Folders, Products, Versions, Metadata, Users, and Permissions)
    • Discover any unsupported elements
    • Test if customizations can continue to work following the migration
  • Full Migration
    • Compare item count to validate if all content continues to be moved over
    • Conduct finish users to do UAT testing
  • Incremental Migration
    • Set the origin atmosphere as read-only prior to the final incremental

Following the migration, do something to make sure that your destination atmosphere is working correctly which your computer data integrity is maintained. It’s usually good to possess a training course prepared to roll for the finish users. Make certain that it is quite simple to allow them to connect to the new atmosphere and redirect them when they attempt to connect to the old one. This really is another step in which a pizza party for departments or sections that effectively adopt can definitely grease the wheels making the IT department seem like heroes!

Migration Heroes


  • Produce a backup of the new atmosphere
  • Remove accessibility old atmosphere
  • Cut to begin using the brand new atmosphere
  • Deploy custom means to fix redirect your users towards the new atmosphere when accessibility old site URLs
  • Operate a full crawl from the migrated content

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