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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams! Teams! Teams!

Should you can’t tell, we’re pretty looking forward to the discharge of Microsoft Teams into Office 365. For just about any individuals available which use some kind of im tool at the office to talk with colleagues, you’re likely to love this addition.

At the ecu SharePoint Conference (ESPC), I acquired an opportunity to meet up with Matt Berg, Senior Specialist of Productivity at Microsoft on Microsoft Teams and why it’s the main one factor he can’t stop speaking about. (Video and transcript below)

Psst! To understand more about Microsoft Teams, join Matt, Wictor (MVP and Collaboration Solution Unit Lead at Avanade), and myself on Thursday, December 8 at 11 am ET, where we will hand out every detail about this new oral appliance what it really can perform for companies small and big:

Microsoft Teams


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Dux: Hello! Guttentag! Thanks for visiting ESPC! It’s been an excellent conference to date, and thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax. Exactly what do you consider the show to date Matt?

Matt: Once more I’m getting a great time. This is actually the fifth ESPC that I’ve visited which is the very best to date. Over 1000 people, a lot of passion around SharePoint, the Cloud, Office 365. I’m just really enjoying it.

Dux: So prior to getting in it, why do you not introduce yourself. We’ve known one another for any lengthy time but I am inclined to forget people might not have known you or they’ve already known you against your previous existence.

Matt: Sure.

Dux: Yeah.

Matt: Well hi, everybody. Matt Berg, I’ve been at Microsoft for fifteen years. I spent six years up at work in SharePoint product groups in San antonio. The final 5 years, I’ve been lower in La being an Office 365 solution specialist covering every aspect of Office 365, but SharePoint continues to be nearest and dearest to me.

Dux: So you have been having a product team for a short period?

Matt: Yeah, I had been. It had been really neat to determine how SharePoint is made. I became a member of right at that time we acquired the organization Fast. We don’t call anything Fast any longer but that’s this type of main issue with all of the searching at work 365, SharePoint and Dell.

Dux: Well, I do not know. I totally disagree. Nowadays the way in which everyone release new solutions and abilities, Office 365, that’s pretty damn “fast”.

Matt: Yeah, it’s pretty fast. It’s funny, yeah. You cannot make everybody happy constantly. Several years ago, we simply spoken about blog once every 3 years.

Dux: Actually.

Matt: Now it’s daily.

Dux: Exactly. Now talking about blog exactly what do you consider the conference to date and that i know you presented a session on Microsoft Teams too that is you realize fresh in the oven?

Matt: If this conference first began everybody am centered on on-premises.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: It’s great to determine how frequently individuals are speaking concerning the Cloud and understanding that when the Cloud isn’t right, Hybrid is a terrific way to go too. So that’s exciting. Lots of sessions on Microsoft Teams, Planner, plenty of governance and security conversations too. I’m loving all of the topics.

Dux: So Microsoft Teams that’s the most recent buzz, right? Quick ideas on Microsoft Teams and why must people hop on Teams?

Matt: I’m obsessive about Microsoft Teams. I really like it. It’s an effective way that i can use my group or onto specific projects.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: It isn’t for everyone. I am talking about it’s first of all a chat based workspace.

Dux: Right.

Matt: Therefore if chat isn’t your factor, should you not want instant solutions don’t utilize it. But otherwise, it’s a terrific way to interact with your team and obtain things done as rapidly as you possibly can in one workplace on any device.

Dux: Guess what happens the truly amazing example when Microsoft Teams premiered Satya was saying you realize look there exists a large amount of tools for you personally, lots of solutions it’s tools into toolbox. It isn’t dependent on I must utilize it but it’s an alternative choice.

Matt: Exactly. The chat part is optional obviously but all of your files continue to be kept in SharePoint.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: You’ve OneNote that’s just in SharePoint. So the good thing is that if people aren’t in the Teams atmosphere they are able to still collaborate using the group.

Dux: You realize my customer was asking we’ve another tool? Another tool? We have Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Groups, Yammer, but generate income view it I am talking about consider Office right? Today you do not really consider “Am I likely to use Word to produce a table? Or Stand out to produce that?” We simply realize it.

Matt: Right.

Dux: Clearly it requires time. You realize you need to get confident with it, however with each one of these new innovations and abilities, but more to the point the connectivity over the platform, I believe that’s a finest value proposition.

Matt: It’s vital and the main factor to remove from this is actually the one factor that connects everything together across Office 365 is Groups. Groups may be the membership tool that decides how everybody in concert with and when you work that the rest is gravy.

Dux: Now talking about new innovations, lots of nutrients, 2016 would be a big year for SharePoint. I am talking about SharePoint has returned. Any highlights, observations with customers in 2016?

Matt: You realize good question. What I’d really want to see, where I truly enjoy a few things i should have to say is Teams, it’s Planner, it’s each one of these stuff that people needed to spend a lot of money to produce are actually included in the woking platform.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: So new companies who’re a new comer to SharePoint, are a new comer to Office 365 have found lots of this is able to go. Mobile is important. I recall if this launched we’d two apps on iOS.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: Bing and Lync 2010. We now have 40, 50 and it is been a significant change so people can really get work done anywhere on any device.

Dux: And now we cannot underscore that because a long time ago as if you stated organizations need to buy tools for chat-based systems, collaboration, project management software but as if you stated now it’s all built-in. It keeps illuminating without having to pay anything extra. And that’s huge.

Matt: It’s huge but it’s funny because an underscore may be the shadow IT. It’s amazing how one in the company can easily say “Hey I discovered this application on my small iPhone..”.

Dux: I swiped my charge card about this.

Matt: Or you apply the freemium model.

Dux: Actually.

Matt: And sign everybody off and It is similar to what just happened?

Dux: Exactly.

Matt: We’ve 300 people by using this.

Dux: Sure.

Matt: So by providing people the various tools they want like Teams, like Planner, you’re really likely to maintain charge of your atmosphere.

Dux: Well, in situation everyone would like to learn and learn more about Microsoft Teams, we’re very honored and fortunate to possess a webcast with Matt over a couple of days.

Matt: Searching toward that.

Dux: Searching toward that certainly.

Matt: Ought to be fun.

Dux: Now predictions for 2017. I am talking about 2016 would be a great year. I know 2017 is going to be a great deal larger. Your ideas?

Matt: Remember Sometimes at Microsoft and so i know, so I’m just likely to say more awesome stuff.

Dux: There you have it. More awesome stuff. Now, Matt, I thank you for time before I allow you to go apart from Microsoft Teams or Planner or SharePoint should you be a Microsoft product what will you be and why?

Matt: Basically would be a Microsoft product I’d need to be Minecraft.

Dux: Oh, that’s good.

Matt: I’m a Minecraft father. I have fun with my children. I really like that you could build anything you like and it is the brand new worldwide language and that i just love it.

Dux: You now were saying about, you realize, we’re in Vienna today but how’s it going getting together with your children while you’re here with Minecraft?

Matt: I was just speaking about this. So with Microsoft Minecraft Realms it’s a web-based world. So instead of getting a global in your device putting it within the Cloud effectively. It’s a few dollars a month’s and thus while my children are sleeping I’m entering their realm and I’m building them things and departing them notes.

Dux: Oh there you have it.

Matt: So it’s really neat. There is a lovely note from my five-year-old daughter thanking me after which saying I built something within the wrong place. However if you simply are able take a look at Minecraft Realms. You may be on iOS another person could be on Home windows and you’re all connected. It’s super awesome.

Dux: Wow, I figured I had been a awesome father. I had been IM-ing my children and you’re departing notes on Minecraft, that’s a higher level up.

Matt: Great.

Dux: Okay. Well, Matt many thanks and certainly searching toward the webcast. Apart from that before the next episode. See ya, tschüss!