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AvePoint is proud to announce the launch in our 2019 NARA Readiness Report! We received responses from greater than 150 authorities officials associated with records management in their particular agencies. By using this, we could gather data about how agencies benchmark progress towards and readiness for that NARA mandate for that electronic control over records.

Our 2019 NARA Readiness Report develops past surveys made by NARA, particularly their Federal Agency Records Management 2017 Annual Report.

Two results immediately leaped to us concerning the 2017 NARA survey:

  1. Agencies were very confident (97 percent) that they are will make the 2019 deadline, but
  2. Very couple of (22 percent) transferred qualified electronic records to NARA in 2017.

So, whenever we launched our Readiness Report, we would have liked to probe much deeper into this incongruency along with the overall condition of agency readiness for that M-12-18 electronic record management deadline.

First and foremost, we would have liked to follow along with the advice of NARA’s 2017 annual are convinced that more work ought to be done to uncover the main reason for why agencies are clearly not transferring qualified records to NARA. Learn the outcomes in our research by being able to access the entire (and free) report here!

The methods agencies will work for the 2019 NARA mandate are pretty interesting based on this latest report: Click To Tweet

Report Preview:

Confidence in Managing Records to Federal Standards

Almost all respondents are certain that records within their agency’s systems are now being managed based on relevant federal records management compliance standards, particularly individuals who feel their agency makes excellent/good progress in meeting the 2019 M-12-18 deadline.


Alyssa Blackburn: There’s an idea in social psychology known as “Illusory Brilliance.” Basically, in surveys, people routinely over-estimate their very own abilities. 70% or even more will rate themselves as excellent, for instance. Agencies are earning good progress but it’s vital that you take this having a grain of salt—the demon come in the facts.

John Peluso: That’s true, but what’s encouraging is the fact that while all agencies are in different stages of the compliance journey, each one is investing time, people and cash about this initiative.

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