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We’re very happy to announce today our latest Microsoft Teams application is reside in the shop and prepared for download.

Cloud Governance helps automate the provisioning, management, and finish of lifecycle of Office 365 workspaces like SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams.


Automating governance at work 365 might help organizations steer clear of the workspace sprawl that may accompany an unfettered self-service process without burdening an IT team having a lengthy listing of approval and recertification tasks. It may also boost adoption rates and secure collaboration.

MyHub brings the consumer-facing provisioning request element of the Cloud Governance means to fix Microsoft Teams within an easy-to-use application.

Users are led via a questionnaire customized according to who where they’re. These demands could be approved because of it or business proprietor.

Metadata will be proactively mounted on apply access, classification, and retention policies around the workspace upon creation. MyHub’s bot functionality also notifies users having a Team’s chat message when they’re needed to do this on workspace approvals, recertifications, along with other to-do products.

We encourage you to definitely try it out!

microsoft teams

How You Can Try MyHub

  1. If you are not really a Cloud Governance Customer, access a free trial offer in the product page. Take a look at our How-To Videos for setup assistance as needed. If you’re a Cloud Governance Customer, sign in to AvePoint Online Services.
    1. Visit the Microsoft Teams store. Look for MyHub and download.
  2. Open the MyHub application and provide it a spin!

You may also request a far more in-depth demo.

How You Can Deploy MyHub Across Your Business (if you are a person)

  1. Within the left navigation from the Microsoft Teams admin center, visit Teams apps &gt Setup policies.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a reputation and outline for that policy, after which click Add apps.
  4. Switch on or switch off Allow uploading custom apps, based on whether you need to let users upload custom apps to Teams. You will not have the ability to change this setting if Allow third-party or Allow custom apps is switched off in org-wide application settings in application permission policies.
  5. Within the Add pinned apps pane, look for MyHub after which click Add.
  6. Arrange your apps within the order that you would like these to come in Teams, after which click Save.

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