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In the last couple of years, we have all viewed Microsoft change focus from on premise methods to building and strengthening their portfolio within the cloud. This season, using the discharge of hybrid-friendly SharePoint Server 2016, it seems as though time has not been more suitable for companies to help make the shift for the cloud too!

A minimum of, this is exactly what NBCUniversal’s Sr. Director and services information Strategy and Collaboration Engineering thought when I spoken with him at Ignite this season. Watch our interview to listen to about his ideas around the “new Microsoft” and his plan to transform NBCUniversal’s SharePoint from the document management platform for an information management solution.

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Dux: Hey, everybody, thanks for visiting day a couple of Ignite. This really is Dux for Dux Quax. Exactly what a phenomenal event, lots of energy, lots of buzz. Beside me, this really is Charles Johnson. Charles, why do you not introduce yourself and tell everyone what you are and why you’re here.

Charles Johnson: Sure. Hello everybody, I’m Charles Johnson, I’m something, Strategy, and Collaboration Leader for NBC Universal. I’m here to discover everything Microsoft provides, and all sorts of new Microsoft.

Dux: Now, Charles, talking about the brand new Microsoft, and as being a longtime customer, exactly what do you consider the brand new Microsoft? I am talking about, you’ve seen each one of these large enterprises transform over time, what would you consider Microsoft?

Charles Johnson: I believe the brand new Microsoft rocks !. They’re going out of this closed-internet, you realize, it’s all ours, for an open platform as well as an open stack, that is something they need to do in order to evolve within the digital transformation age.

Dux: I am talking about, I can’t think of the day came where Red Hat is on Azure, Linux’s on Azure.

Charles Johnson: That’s incredible, that’s incredible.

Dux: It’s awesome, and yesterday, they announced Adobe located on Azure too.

Charles Johnson: I missed that announcement. That’s awesome, wow.

Dux: So…

Charles Johnson: They’re doing an incredible method of evolving themselves, an incredible factor to evolve themselves.

Dux: Now, talking about the modification and transformation, what’s happening at NBC Universal? What’re everyone doing with relations to technology, Cloud, and most importantly, around Microsoft technologies?

Charles Johnson: Sure, we’re really doing several things, I am talking about, among the big stuff that I’m personally associated with is really a SharePoint platform. We’re searching to create that one stage further, not have access to it simply about document management, but more details management, so we’re searching to usher in a hybrid model, on prem and off prem, towards the SharePoint. We’re also getting inside a development strategy around Office 365. We’re Cloud, Cloud, Cloud at this time.

Dux: First got it. And So I suspect everyone have Azure too, you’re committed to it…

Charles Johnson: We’re committed to Azure too, yeah, I am talking about the entire stack. We’re certainly a Microsoft shop.

Dux: So you run your DevOps, right, sooner or later?

Charles Johnson: Yes, yes, so inside my previous, I had been more hands-on, however I actually do a lot of technique for DevOps, which entails I’m able to get involved with, you realize, Microsoft TFS, and all sorts of individuals things. So yeah, I’m involved with DevOps too.

Dux: So give me an idea just to walk away with this particular week at Ignite?

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Charles Johnson: I wish to leave just understanding much more about what they’re gonna use their products. I understand there is a large amount of products, but what’s vital that you use is to know the roadmap, and just how all of them congeal together and add business value to my company.

Dux: Phenomenal. Now, before I allow you to go, Charles, should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Charles Johnson: You realize, I believe I’d most likely be, like, Outlook.

Dux: Outlook?

Charles Johnson: Outlook because, you realize, communication, and touching out and contacting folks, I believe that’s my fit.

Dux: And reminding people…

Charles Johnson: And reminding, actually.

Dux: That’s good, good.

Charles Johnson: Reminding people, yeah.

Dux: Well, Charles, thanks, I appreciate you visiting.

Charles Johnson: Not a problem.

Dux: Make certain you take a look at NBC Universal, take a look at Charles, he’s a session here today. But apart from that, I’ll help you around the next episode.

Charles Johnson: Bye, guys.

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