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Like the majority of the world, the National football league faces unparalleled adversity within their 85th annual season, because the event always held personally is going to be conducted inside a remote fashion the very first time. Fortunately for that National football league, they’ve partnered with Microsoft Teams–the most effective collaboration platform—to host the wedding.

Despite the fact that my name only made an appearance on National football league draft boards within my dreams, my present position at AvePoint has afforded me the chance to get rather proficient being an finish user in Microsoft Teams. I would like to share some quick strategies for National football league teams (or any other Teams users) regarding how to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams and ease any stress for users so that they don’t seem like they’re getting…beat through the blitz.

1)  Background Blur

Let’s…kickoff…these tips having a background tip. The final factor you would like when you are inside a remote meeting would be to accidently share what’s happening behind you. Whether it’s a family room that’s less-than-tidy or perhaps your listing of favorite wide receivers around the board behind you, it’s better to be cautious by obscuring your background. Use a blurred background, one supplied by Microsoft, or upload a custom your own (maybe together with your favorite National football league team’s emblem).

2)  How you can Rapidly Mute/United nations-mute

There isn’t any shame within an unpredicted shout out of your child or bark out of your dog, however, you wouldn’t wish to be in the center of a trade conversation and unintentionally broadcast that to everybody else within the meeting. Ctrl+M can toggle mute off and on right when it’s needed.

3)  Dark Mode

Such as the 44+ million daily active Teams users, the National football league teams will spend lots of time in Teams within the next couple of days. Provide your eyes a rest and change to dark way of a awesome change! You are able to select alternate styles by tapping the picture and clicking the “Settings” option.

microsoft teams

4) @ Mentions

If you want to get someone’s attention (co-worker or mind coach), simply hit shift+2 and begin typing the person’s name. They’ll get a notification and can respond directly!

5) Look for Content

Here’s a smaller-known—but very valuable—shortcut: try pressing ctrl+e within Teams to create yourself to looking bar. Knowing someone pointed out “Rob Gronkowski is back” somewhere, just ctrl+e, search “gronk,” and discover who stated it!

6)  Edit You

If you are much like me, you may want to change a note after delivering it. Should you accidentally requested about Justin Herbert whenever you meant to check out Justin Jefferson, just hover over your publish, click on the ellipsis, striking “edit.” Observe that this capacity could be toggled on/off from your IT team.

microsoft teams

7) Look At Your Activity

A flurry of individuals already read Tip 4 and @pointed out you. Click the “activity bell” at the very top left from the screen to handle your conversations and notifications.

8) Bookmark Content

Did someone send a particularly inspirational quote that you would like so that you can find and reference again rapidly? You are able to bookmark messages to revisit without notice!

9) Hide Teams

Did someone add you to definitely a group that its not necessary to carefully monitor?  Click around the “Teams” icon, click the ellipses near the Team under consideration, striking “Hide.” Don’t worry—if someone @mentions you, you’ll get a notification!


Consider it: You’re the GM and you simply opted for player you have been coveting you’re likely to wish to celebrate! Chest bumps and fives are tough over Teams—send a GIF rather! Observe that this capacity is controlled through the global administrator of the tenant.

I think you’ll find these pointers helpful, whether they’re utilized in your day-to-day collaboration or perhaps in the National football league draft! For individuals non-National football league GMs, use Teams for your own personel fantasy football draft.

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