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NARA records management retention
NARA’s timeline for that shift to digital records management

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Government records management rules, particularly individuals around federal record retention guidelines, have battled to help keep pace with quickly evolving technologies.

So, it had been with great excitement which i attended an AIIM 2018 conference presentation a week ago provided by the nation’s Archives and Records Authority (NARA) on their own visionary records management modernization initiative.

Their vision would be to ‘transform the American public’s relationship using their government, with archives like a relevant and vital resource. This vision harnesses the possibilities to collaborate along with other Federal agencies, the non-public sector and also the public to provide information – including records, data and context – when, how and where it’s needed.’

They’re making plans to do this high vision once we transfer to the age of electronic records management.

NARA’s Records Management Transformation Targets

NARA began by having an upfront statement about the significance of records and knowledge in addition to their dedication to which makes them open to the general public. I am talking about, in the end, this is exactly what it’s about!

NARA also organized their digital records transformation targets for government departments. Basically, these targets from the Managing Government Records Directive construct generation x of federal records management compliance.

The very first was enforced in 2016 when NARA implemented the government records regulation that email communication is managed digitally.

By 2019 all public sector organisations will need to manage their permanent records digitally. Finally, by 2022, NARA won’t accept any federal records to their archives in physical format. Including legacy content.

This means that agencies can transfer physical products to NARA as much as 2022, but next, if they’re still holding them, they’ll be accountable for the digitization of the content because NARA simply won’t accept it.

This is actually the way forward for federal electronic records management!

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Why the government Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI) is really a Gamechanger

But possibly the modernization strategy I’m most looking forward to originates from the government Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI). This NARA records management initiative has two essential outcomes.

1. To assist agencies obtain electronic records management solutions and services fitting their demands with an improved procurement process

2. To proactively address altering trends in electronic records management by setting policies for brand new solutions and services.

Towards the first point – hooray! It’s now likely to be simpler for you personally purchase systems that suit your needs! The brand new coverage is the standout here. NARA is promoting what they’re calling Universal ERM Needs.

The truly amazing factor concerning the Universal ERM Needs is they’ve labored very hard on modernizing electronic records management needs.

Formerly, NARA had adopted the DOD 5015.2 standard. As the DoD’s record management standard is very comprehensive, additionally, it hasn’t been upgraded in an exceedingly lengthy time.

NARA’s record management needs are modern, they’re relevant and they’re appropriate to the altering records management landscape.

The way forward for Federal Records Management and Records Retention Guidelines

You should observe that NARA hasn’t unendorsed the DOD 5015.2 standard.

But, NARA is strongly encouraging agencies to make use of the brand new Universal ERM needs and just use the older standard where appropriate. I predict NARA’s new records management standard might find significant success and be the most well-liked standard among government departments.

These NARA innovations are super interesting and I’m really looking forward to these two federal records management initiatives. It’ll be much more exciting to determine exactly what the future holds.

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