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Individuals who follow our blog and individuals who operate in our industry (or any industry for instance) realize that we love to to deal with the subject from the altering nature of today’s workplace. It is true that tasks are altering. The way in which they’re done is altering, but possibly most significantly, those who do options are altering too.  

Worker Productivity Today: Where it’s where it’s Going

Autonomy went from the fantasy to some perk and creativeness has been encouraged by employers inside your. Why? Since it works. Previously decade approximately, an array of studies happen to be conducted to gauge and evaluate exactly why is a productive worker. Additionally to knowing are they all productive, organizations have desired to know how they may make them happy and keep that productivity.  

This is when worker analytics are available in. We sitting lower with Peter Bergen, Microsoft’s Product Marketing Manager for MyAnalytics to understand more about it and find out what it really enables employees to complete.

Microsoft has worked to become the main thing on this productivity progress pursuit and something product they’re offering is called MyAnalytics, which is part of Office 365.  

At AvePoint, we leverage MyAnalytics throughout the organization and obtain weekly email reports of the introduction to how our time has been spent. It monitors meeting hrs, focus hrs, in addition to individuals colleagues that you most often collaborate 

The concept behind this really is to create goals on your own. Too many meeting hrs? Insufficient focus time? Research would indicate that the balance backward and forward is crucial to productivity. Research has also proven, for instance, that sales people who hang out with customers and have large internal systems tend to be effective.

MyAnalytics Microsoft Office 365 Employee productivity

Bergen described it helps you to view MyAnalytics like a smart fitness tracker for workplace productivity. It monitors your baseline, progress and goals to assist the utilization obtain the absolute most from their work and time making them the very best, best — and most joyful — worker that they’ll be.


MyAnalytics takes this towards the individual level consider it as being a “fitness tracker” for that workplace that can help employees build better habits and work smarter. For instance, MyAnalytics users get a weekly email showing the length of time they put in conferences versus. focus time the prior week many users save 4-5 hrs each week by simply being more aware of where time goes and making an effort to invest a shorter period in low-quality collaborative activities (for example conferences with a lot of redundant, multi-tasking attendees).”


More and more, tools like MyAnalytics are used through the global workforce and it is fascinating to determine where it will require us. Forbes lately authored articles titled, “How AI Can Get You Additional Time Every Week,” which explains all of the different ways in which MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics pull data throughout Office 365 (calendar, to/from data, subject line, timestamps, etc.) to personally tailor your schedule and time usage to maximise every hour you have.

MyAnalytics, together with Workplace Analytics, both from Microsoft are planning to address a couple of trends as it pertains today’s workplace.  

1. An upswing of understanding worker is altering the current workplace. The idea of the understanding worker is really a quite recent concept. Understanding workers, or employees that do non-routine cognitive work happen to be becoming the most typical kind of worker within the U.S. workforce. However, because of the less quantifiable nature of those workers’ productivity, something like MyAnalytics is essential to better gauge the inputs and output of those employees.  

2. More collaboration demands exist than ever before. Today’s worker is involved with more voluminous and various collaboration than ever before and it is ongoing to improve. Due to this, workers can believe that time isn’t within their control. Employees feel they’re in a lot of conferences, delivering a lot of emails, and missing focus time to have their task finished.  

This could produce other harmful effects, for example workers getting to use their very own time to have their task finished (not quite a recipe for happy, loyal employees)! Mitigating this unfortunate the truth is the main thing on the mission of MyAnalytics. By eliminating low-quality collaborative activities, proactively creating and sticking to dedicated focus time, and restricting after hrs work, MyAnalytics helps make employees more lucrative helping to strike a much better work-existence balance.  

Microsoft Office 365 employee productivity MyAnalytics

3. Transformation initiatives frequently fail simply because they don’t change behavior. About 50 % of digital transformation attempts fail because companies don’t really alter the behavior of the employees. MyAnalytics helps companies to determine which behaviors are essential and empowers users to seize control of time.  

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