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Microsoft’s Ignite 2017 conference in Orlando Florida was not just a fun and amazing experience, but additionally a remarkably useful business investment for the team. We’d a great time made new buddies, met new and existing customers, and definitely got our name out. It was largely because of our friend Craig, the GroupHub bear (yes, I used the bear suit!), and also to the Ducati giveaway, but additionally to some major effort by many people industrious people on the team that place in several weeks of preparation and energy and tirelessly labored all week lengthy to make sure that our booth presented an expert image, and now we got exactly what we’re able to from the Ignite experience.

Before I continue, I wish to thank we and everybody who labored so difficult to provide us an excellent event, and same would go to everybody who labored at Microsoft to supply this type of seamless experience, especially thinking about there were roughly 26,000 attendees (it had been HUGE!!) Between all of the sessions, customer interaction, and overall experience, I had been amazed through the entire conference.

My Very First Time at Ignite: Why I Had Been There








I had been fortunate and fortunate enough to become selected by management to provide our products and respond to questions with respect to our Solution Engineering team. I’ve written several blogs for AvePoint, and am enthusiastic about our industry. I’m even the VP from the Richmond SharePoint User Group in Richmond Virginia, and love being a member of the Microsoft and SharePoint and Office 365 Community. A lot of people always want arrive at Ignite, but AvePoint can’t afford with an 1,800 person booth staff, so to be selected is and recognition and privilege that I don’t take gently.

Why Ignite am ideal for we (from my standpoint like a Solutions Engineer)

  1. Dealing with meet and comprehend the discomfort points of a lot of current and prospective customers and getting the chance is the face of AvePoint.

I met a lot of great those who have used or are presently using our products coupled with conversations regarding their encounters and just how they used our solutions. Plus i got to reply to questions and explain what we should do in order to many new individuals who were facing discomfort points in managing Office 365 and SharePoint.

This incorporated demoing our lately released Cloud Backup solution with Limitless Backup and Restore and support for all things in Office 365 in accessory for Project online, and demoing our GroupHub Solution for Office 365 Groups management and governance.

Several folks we spoke to were going to attempt major projects, from governance plan implementations to locating a cloud backup and restore solution, towards the SharePoint and File Share migration and content restructuring projects that people see so frequently.

I relished the chance to know them more as people, and more fully comprehend the difficulties they face every single day.

Together, we described on an infinitely more personal level the level that we are able to lessen the burden of SharePoint and Office 365 management, and supply elevated abilities which help increase security, enhance governance and, simultaneously, increase user adoption.

I’d a lot fun not only showing the elevated Return on investment they are able to receive from SharePoint and Office 365 by purchasing our solutions, but doing this face-to-face inside a personal way to enable them to understand precisely how passionate we’re about our pursuit to lessen the burden from it through elevated value.

Getting face time using the executive team who required time to be the ground, communicate with customers and personally represent us.

At AvePoint, our co-Chief executive officer, TJ (Tyani Jiang) was on the ground around throughout the conference, meeting the shoppers, getting conversations, interacting wonderful us, and observing what happening around our booth. Additionally, the “my boss’ boss and my boss’ boss’ boss” degree of management we on the ground.

Now, it may sound such as this might have been (at a number of these jobs) a nerve racking week of judgement and violence, however, it demonstrated to become a truly fun and enjoyable time where i was supported and encouraged in an exceedingly positive manner.

Our management team was heavily engaged, explaining concepts and methods to our visitors on the ground, getting conversations around and usually just being themselves while experiencing the experience.

This, together with getting the great fortune of eavesdropping inside scoop of the items we’re focusing on later on, provided the sense that upper management here truly learns and likes you the workers and customers of AvePoint, which supporting and inspiring everybody this is a priority.

I loved watching everybody perform the work of standard customer interactions with enthusiasm and enjoying just spending time with sales and solution engineering.

  1. We met some amazing synergetic (sorry for that buzzword!) people and learned that which was new from some others with whom we’ve already labored. 

We required time just to walk around, see what’s new, and particularly stored watch for just about any companies we might be able to work alongside to make our customer experience smoother at each level.

Indeed, we found and established a handshake relationship with lots of brilliant people at organizations with whom we hadn’t formerly spoken. The Microsoft partner world is really diverse, I’m understanding there’s more chance to work with others than threat from competition.

We’re greatly searching toward working alongside others to supply smoother engagements and encounters for the customers in each and every section of their IT and SharePoint and Office 365 platform management.

  1. We discovered the numerous new APIs featuring originating from Microsoft, had a better concept of what’s coming, and understood the way forward for Microsoft’s course and it is goals.

Everybody recognizes that this can be a quickly altering industry, so we communicate around we are able to with Microsoft to become ready with solutions when new relevant APIs are freed.

Getting accessibility dev. pipeline with Microsoft, AvePoint normally has insights regarding what will happen so when, but it’s always reassuring to determine new APIs released over the various platforms Microsoft provides, and obtain new insights regarding where they’re heading being an organization.

Being an engineer, I appreciate being aware of what integrations for the industry over the Microsoft platforms is going to be possible within the immediate future. This eases the answer engineer task to find new out-of-the-box ways in which mix-platform functionalities can help AvePoint’s enhancement of native Microsoft abilities through various integrations.

It is also comforting to determine our executive team at AvePoint is appropriate on the right track with this particular vision, and able to provide new methods to help our customers meet demands — often even before customers know they are doing or will exist.

I loved the chance to really express just how much we honestly think within our mission to alleviate the burden of everybody inside it.