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Not really in Belgium, Holland or Norway in November? Take a look at our London workshop on December 4th!

Hey buddies! I simply ended my Asian tour speaking to organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore on how to obtain the most value from Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Among the key topics of debate continues to be how you can correctly manage Microsoft Teams along with other Office 365 workspaces that users can self-provision. Questions like:

  • Who will be able to create Groups and Teams, and just what does that process seem like?
  • Which spaces ought to be permitted to possess exterior people?
  • Just how can your business manage access and possession?

And clearly for any workshop on adoption, we’ve had plenty of conversations around:

  • Have you got recommended tactics for every adoption phase?
  • So how exactly does an intranet squeeze into the Teams and Yammer equation?
  • Any tips about attempting to displace a current technology like Slack? How can you formulate the worth proposition of altering to a new platform?

Obtain the solutions to those questions and browse our blog publish “Q&ampA: Achieve Microsoft Teams and Yammer Adoption As soon as possible

Next on my small world tour are three amazing European metropolitan areas: The city, Belgium (November 27) Lijnden, Netherlands (November 28) and Stockholm, Norway (November. 29). We are speaking about:

Why Microsoft Teams Adoption is crucial for EMEA Organizations

Microsoft Teams adoption is essential for those organizations which have adopted Office 365, with no region is adopting cloud office productivity tools more rapidly than EMEA based on recent reports.

Nearly 65 % of EMEA organizations now run Microsoft ‘office’ 365. This really is up from the staggering 51 percent in 2016. As a result, a number of these organizations are new adopters who  are simply beginning to consider Teams, management, and governance.

But is 90% Teams Adoption Even Possible??

I acquired lots of askew glances in the community after i launched the very first iteration of the program like a web seminar earlier in 2018.

I recieve it, 90 % adoption appears crazy high. In the end, just when was the final time you have 90 % of the organization to sign up in anything?

This appears like a useful Teams workshop for anybody within the EMEA region: Click To Tweet

Well, the solution to that’s really quite simple whenever you realize north of 90 % of understanding workers inside the average company use email. Why? Because answering and taking advantage of email is really a fundamental expectation for where they work and lots of folks believe it’s the easiest method to get work done productively.

And if you have analysts saying Microsoft Teams has got the functionality to get as common as Outlook, you understand 90 % adoption is actually only a change management exercise. Just try people’s response to the brand new alternation in technology, they’ll learn how to use and love Microsoft Teams.

Getting a guide can also help:

If you’re in The city, Belgium (November 27) Lijnden, Netherlands (November 28) and Stockholm, Norway (November. 29) sign up for our free workshop (where I’ll get into many of these aspects in much greater detail) and you’ll be moving toward 90 % Teams adoption very quickly!

Till the next time!

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