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office 365 backup

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Managed Providers (MSPs) must have the ability to efficiently handle the rise in demand from small companies and organizations alike. Which means that they ought to be aware of solutions they’re offering their current and future people to offer more protection, more efficiency, and much more support. This can ultimately yield not just greater retention and gratification using their customers but additionally greater profitability.

Because of so many business applications getting used and leveraged every single day in Microsoft 365–and particularly Microsoft Teams–there’s an array of information and knowledge that must definitely be protected across customer bases. It is also vital that you offer tailored services to suit unique needs as various organizations may have a variety of data retention policies that must definitely be supported.

office 365 backup

Problems in Self-Located Backup Choices

MSPs have the effect of all of the infrastructure behind self-located backup solutions, including from cellular phone and configuration from the software to the treating of connections to Microsoft 365 and storage for those backups. Not just that, but MSPs will also be accountable for the configuration from the platform, including server maintenance and applying backup schedules that actually work with current storage and capacity.

Self-located software might be hindering both you and your customers greater than you understand. A SaaS backup solution not just delivers more quality to customers but additionally to MSPs to mitigate at-cost maintenance.

Need for a SaaS Backup Solution

MSPs and customers alike require a plan b that may scale together. A safe and secure SaaS solution provides MSPs and customers with increased freedom and versatility in growth and business continuity. A Backup solution with features like finish user restore, incremental storage increase options, and mix-platform functionality enables customers room for additional potential growth and productivity whether they have the choices to scale not only their storage however their product usage, too!

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Furthermore,  managed SaaS solution cuts down on the burden onto it to keep servers or any other ways of storage, especially on-premises storage and solutions that need more manual work. Using the major digital transformation from the workplace, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more essential than ever before to make sure your clients and finish-users have cloud abilities outdoors from the office.

How AvePoint Supports Office 365 Backup Choices

By leveraging AvePoint’s Cloud Backup solution, MSPs give users the choice to leverage AvePoint’s Azure BLOB storage or bring their very own storage option. With as many as four scheduled restore jobs each day customers and partners alike could be comfortable knowing all the information is being guaranteed.

Self-Service Bots to Empower Customers

With AvePoint, MSPs will also get the very first bot available in the market, AvePoint’s Va (AVA). AVA enables finish users to locate and restore lost or deleted files by responding straight to Teams chats. No more do finish-users need to contact IT admins to assist having a restore–they will do it all within the Teams chat!

office 365 backup

Basically, AVA ensures your clients don’t waste money and time looking through native Microsoft 365’s trash can or AvePoint Cloud Backup data as a result of lost item demands, simply by allowing users to recuperate and restore content themselves.

AVA can provide customers:

  • Search and recover files as a swap, Outlook, and OneDrives’ trash can
  • Identify contents in AvePoint’s backup data in OneDrive and Exchange Online
  • Restore Teams conversations and files paid by AvePoint Cloud Backup.
  • Restore Microsoft 365 Group files paid by AvePoint Cloud Backup.

Multi-Tenant &amp Multi-Geo Ease of access and Management

Becoming an MSP means requiring to handle services for numerous customers and situations. The very first hurdle is making certain that you could seamlessly handle all your different customers’ tenants. With AvePoint’s partner portal that you can do exactly that. Here’s a walkthrough:

Getting a backup solution that’s also equipped to handle Office 365’s multi-geo functionary provides you with a definite advantage available on the market too. Will no longer you need to bother about meeting a customer’s data sovereignty needs!

To understand all you need to learn about copying customers being an MSP, read the entire ebook here.

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