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Well day two at Microsoft Ignite is incorporated in the books! Like yesterday, day two would be a whirlwind of pleasure and news. Day two’s biggest session should have been Shaun Teper’s Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive. Here’s a short recap of the items Shaun covered.

  • Shaun highlighted how you can safely share Office 365 quite happy with outdoors users. Whenever you share a document with outdoors users, they’ll receive one email using the shared document and something email having a one-time passcode. They have access to, view, or edit the document even when it normally won’t come with an Office 365 account.
  • Also, he described the best way to connect existing SharePoint sites to Office 365 Groups to empower your sites.
  • Shaun also announced that OneDrive Files On-Demand can also be now generally available which enables you to definitely sync OneDrive files to file for Explorer and manage your files directly through File Explorer without utilizing all of your device’s storage.
  • Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration Tool was also launched today. This enables users emigrate home directories, file shares, and document libraries to Office 365. This really is basically a UX on the top from the Powershell migration the Microsoft already had. Should you prefer a complete data migration to Office 365, including data mapping, scheduling, incremental migration, metadata, and setting preserve, I’d recommend you take a look at AvePoint’s effective SharePoint and Office 365 Migration tools in addition to white-colored glove migration like a service.
  • SharePoint Hub sites were another announcement during Jeff’s session.This enables you to definitely organize your intranet getting connected sites together and make cohesion with shared navigation and appear-and-feel. Hub is actually hot! If your hub for the SharePoint sites is required, then why don’t you a hub for the Office 365 Groups to simplify user adoption and admin control over Office 365 Groups from inside just one interface.

  • Microsoft also announced and described Create Workflow for OneDrive, where one can trigger a document approval workflow directly within OneDrive.
  • Personalized Search, another announced feature during Teper’s session, enables you to identify the thing you need faster with personalized search across SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Bing, and Whenever you look for a file, regardless the file type, you are able to preview the file directly within the google listing without opening or installing it.
  • Office 2019 is in route – Preview in mid 2018 and release at the end of 2018.