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Microsoft Ignite is per week-lengthy conference that brings together technology leaders and practitioners who are shaping the way forward for cloud, data, business intelligence, working together, and productivity. And Microsoft Ignite 2018 is right nearby!

There have been some amazing bulletins this past year like Microsoft 365, Bing for Business, focus on Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, and much more! We are searching toward much more exciting news this season, therefore we had a lot of our experts predict what might be announced!

“The Teams product team continues to be quiet recently with regards to feature upgrades. I’m expecting a significant dump of welcome enhancements that can make the Teams experience much more awesome for everyday users and managers alike.”

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“Sadly, I’m not really in a position to attend this season, but I say that very happily because we expect! I’m searching toward streaming the sessions though. I’ve also had a couple of guesses regarding the type of things we might be able to expect at ignite this season:

“SP 2019 and additional features which will further enable Hybrid connectivity is a major focus, as Microsoft continues to be receiving attention to be among the only SaaS suppliers that has generated with Hybrid architecture in your mind. I also expect to listen to enough detailed information online and presentations revolving around additional features and abilities with Teams and extra strategy and advice for that Skype Transition.

microsoft ignite

“I’d be prepared to bet that we’ll also hear a lot about GitHub, what Microsoft’s acquisition of this platform method for their SaaS platforms and just how companies are taking advantage of this relationship or how they’ll be able to in the long run.

“Lastly, I’m absolutely certain that we will have AR, VR, AI and 3D collaboration capabilities being developed from Microsoft, and hopefully find out more about better business applications of these tools because they presently exist. ”

“My predictions for Ignite 2018 remain Microsoft Teams ongoing to become a key investment area within Office 365.

I also think we’ll understand the “Office 365” branding begin to disappear and just turn into “Office” because it requires a back-seat towards the Microsoft 365 branding, that is already happening, and it was something I’d formerly predicted.”

“I think that you will see much deeper insights into applications with Office365 and Microsoft Azure, this allows developers to leverage more intelligent applications built around your organizations Microsoft 365 data.

“Hub Sites are becoming more abilities that will mean you can include 100 sites right into a hub. It was always likely to be elevated and i believe this is announced consistent with expectations. This makes hub sites the inspiration allowing you to connect sites according to metadata for example region or department making it simpler for users to locate relevant content which has consistent site design and styles applied. Take a look.

“I would expect something round the SharePoint Spaces and SharePoint 2019 both which were announced within the Build Conference captured.

“One of the greatest updates I’ve learned about lately would be that the Office 365 roadmap is planned to become coupled with Microsoft 365 roadmap. This can mean a much better summary of what features is going to be released in a joined up way. According towards the company’s Office 365 Roadmap product page:

‘The Office 365 Roadmap will end up the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Additionally to retaining all of the current information and functionality from the existing Office 365 Roadmap, the brand new site will include Microsoft 365 product features from Home windows 10, Enterprise Mobility suite, and Azure. The brand new roadmap includes updated filters, a downloadable spreadsheet as well as an Feed.’”

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“I believe Ignite continuously focus on Windows 10, Office365, Azure, Security, including:

  • More information around the Modern Workplace: Productivity, Security and Analytics
  • How Home windows and Office seamlessly combined efforts to give users the most efficient experience at work.
  • How integrated security abilities, analytics and tools allow you to secure the inbox, secure the browser and web experience and safeguard your users against ransomware.
  • How Home windows Analytics enables organizations to achieve the various tools and insights to simplify deployments and updates.
  • Updates for Teams, SharePoint

“More information on Security and Governance and particularly around:

  • Advanced Data Governance
  • Identity and Access Protection
  • Updates to how Microsoft addresses GDPR

“Digital Transformation within business verticals: Healthcare, Manufacturing, FinServ.  Real life examples and cases studies of methods customers transformed their business using M365.”

“I think we’ll hear a great deal about Microsoft Teams and how it’s now sufficiently mature to exchange Skype for Business. We’ll also learn more concerning the convergence from the Office 365 ecosystem as lines still blur between Yammer, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. We’ll hear that Yammer includes a major factor to experience in connecting a company which is way from dead!”

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