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Searching back at what Microsoft had guaranteed to produce in 2019, their email list was massive. From Microsoft Search to reside Event abilities, Microsoft is devoted towards the durability of Yammer. This session, presented by Steve Nguyen, Murali Sitaram, and Jason Mayans, covered the most recent innovations coming lower the pipeline.

The Brand New and Improved Yammer

Microsoft centered on four key areas if this planed the roadmap for Yammer. They’re leadership engagement, company-wide communication, understanding discussing, and worker experience. Yammer’s greatest attract organizations is building leadership engagement using the entire company. Leadership utilizes Yammer day-to-day-to deliver its strategies, build company culture, while increasing overall company engagement. Using these in your mind, ensuring the best features can be found is extremely important.

Enterprise-Grade Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Microsoft isn’t just searching to create additional features to Yammer they’re searching to enhance the safety and compliance options that come with the application too. Bulletins is going to be being released in a few days about how Microsoft is planning to get this done, so make sure you’re looking!

Getting Yammer to Cellular Devices

What this means is joining the Microsoft 365 suite of merchandise that already offer mobile capacity including Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. This can enable users to possess open, inclusive, and discoverable conversations whether they’re on the run or at work. It boosts productivity and collaboration using the entire company, whether you’re visiting customer conferences or perhaps an executive on the go.

Additional Features Announced

Once they provided a higher-level look at what’s visiting Yammer, the loudspeakers provided an active demo showcasing a few of these additional features for action! Try them out below:


A strong Search bar towards the top of work 365 header will be accessible for workers using Yammer. This selection can make it simpler for workers to locate the organization-wide bulletins and knowledge they require. To that particular finish, It expands across all finish-users’ different Yammer groups.

Yammer Groups will be known as Yammer Communities. The large reason behind this transformation would be to re-frame how companies and employees take a look at Yammer. By altering the naming convention to “Community” it provides users a refreshing perspective on which Yammer is made for building organization-wide communities! Users may also now organize and manage an order by which their Yammer Communities are displayed you prioritized what they desire!


The Yammer feed has additionally been refreshed to become more simplified. The feed was once split up into three differing types: All, Discovery, and Following. It’s now been consolidated right into a single feed that’s centered on Discovery and Following while using latest in AI and machine learning. It analyzes information across all Office 365 to make certain finish-users are seeing the data best for them.

Together with making the feed better quality, now you can see @mentions, if you were @pointed out, and who particularly has been @pointed out in threads. It is much simpler for workers to eat organization-wide bulletins and find out the appropriate tagged people by doing this.

Within Communities, Yammer admins can pin conversations to the top feed so all relevant bulletins will be readily available. Employees won’t need to scroll through numerous conversations to locate relevant discussions or bulletins in Communities.


Yammer gets refreshed from your interface perspective too, and it is being constructed with web and mobile together! The Microsoft mobile team makes it simpler than ever before to gain access to and employ Yammer on the mobile or web application. You’ll never need to miss any bulletins again whichever interface you utilize!

From making content simpler to locate to getting a refreshed interface for that mobile workforce, Microsoft is ensuring Yammer will still be a effective collaboration application for organizations. With all of these additional features releasing through 2020, Yammer can make it simpler than ever before to possess org-wide collaboration and inclusion! If you wish to get every detail on what’s coming, watch the live recording!

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