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When developing apps for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft understood there were four components towards the platform: Flywheel, the developers building the apps, enterprise decision-makers enabling users with apps, and also the finish-users who must be finding and taking advantage of the apps. All pieces required to move as you otherwise, everything can come to some screeching halt.

Using the application store in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft discovered that many large enterprises disabled apps so each could be reviewed before they’re implemented. It was a period-consuming procedure that would take companies between 8-12 days to accomplish the outreach towards the vendor and conduct privacy and security reviews for each individual application.

Microsoft desired to help cut lower this extended process which help expedite the adoption of those apps in Microsoft Teams. They understood they might aid in increasing trust between your developers and enterprise decision-makers to assist the woking platform flywheel run easily.

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Microsoft announced the launch of their Microsoft 365 Certification Program now that’s now being piloted for Teams and beyond. The Microsoft 365 Application Certification program offers assurance and confidence to enterprise organizations their data and privacy are adequately protected when third-party apps are brought to the Microsoft 365 platform.

After surveying many purchasers and speaking using their own internal IT department, they created a summary of questions and needs with this certification program. Microsoft Teams Platform Architect Bill Bliss required time to interrupt lower each throughout the session.

Within the Publish Attestation tier, Microsoft helps make the information each developer provides available in a regular format and from one location. It is also incredibly thorough using the solutions to roughly 150 questions.

For that Certification tier, they verify a variety of security tests and standards like transmission tests, patch management, GDPR, ISO Compliance, and much more.

They’ve also integrated this certification program in to the Microsoft Teams admin console so that you can see which apps have finished this program and just what tier other medication is at inside it.

microsoft teams

Get more information at more here is how Microsoft determines where apps have been in the certification process.

As of this moment, three apps have went to the Certification tier: Adobe Sign, Dynamic Signal, and Wrike. There are lots of applications within the Writer Attested phase, including AvePoint! Visit a complete list here:

microsoft teams

Info on the program can also be obtainable in AppSource. Inside it, you will see a “Microsoft 365 certified” badge under each developer’s name which you’ll click to learn more. Microsoft can also be focusing on an integration with Partner Center so developers can submit all of the info required for these certifications once they submit their application.

Microsoft realizes that security is vital with regards to presenting newly discovered apps. They produced this latest certification program to increase the adoption of those apps and take a few of the workload off IT Teams whilst not compromising on security standards.

To understand more about the program generally, visit also known For developers, visit also known And also to watch the entire live recording of the session, click the link!

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