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After getting fun having a game on the program floor, AvePoint CMO and Microsoft MVP Dux Raymond Sy held a fast interview with Ciracom’s Amy Rutt about how Microsoft has labored to create Office a contemporary, inclusive platform.

Though they discussed several points, one standout moment was when Dux described the main difference between diversity and inclusion having a party example:

Diversity is much like being asked to some party. But merely being asked doesn’t be certain that you’ll have some fun. If you wish to be inclusive, you have to ask individuals to dance. Invite them, because they might be too timid to bop themselves. Lastly, you would like individuals to seem like they belong. They can dance like no one’s watching!

Dux then described a couple of ways Microsoft Teams is inclusive in the current workplace:

1. Microsoft Teams enables you to definitely work and communicate however you need to. Whether it is through chat, calls, or collaborating on documents, it possesses a diverse selection of abilities.

2. When it comes to inclusivity, Microsoft Teams offers apps that allow users connect to the information they may well be not able to locate.

3. Microsoft Teams makes users seem like they belong. There are more apps–such as MyHub–that streamline they creation process for projects. Rather of getting to pester a group member to assist and feeling from the loop, it’s all pre-built and thus users do not have to feel unnatural.

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