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This is actually the first inside a seven-part blog series about moving to Microsoft Teams. Begin to see the others below:

So, you need to use Microsoft Teams inside your organisation? Great choice, I believe you’re likely to like it!

Before installing the Microsoft Teams software, developing a team, adding your colleagues into it, after which letting them know to set up it and begin working there, let’s pump the breaks for any minute.

Microsoft Teams is really a effective tool that utilises and surfaces lots of what Office 365 provides. However, while Microsoft Teams offers its very own services, features, and functionality, a sizable part of what you’re going for doing things for is really delivered by other services inside the Office 365 platform. Types of this are Planner for group task management, Forms for surveys and quizzes, SharePoint for file storage, Stream for team meeting recording, and so forth.

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Microsoft Teams depends on user mailboxes that’re located as a swap On the internet and are powering the advanced options that come with Outlook. While Microsoft Teams can technically run without user mailboxes being located as a swap Online, several Office 365 services depend around the mailbox to operate fully, if. A few of these services make use of the Exchange mailbox like a store of messaging information, while some just leverage the power so that you can contact you to begin with.

A good example of this really is Microsoft Planner. Without Exchange Online users might have issues viewing comments, adding comments to some task, or perhaps viewing their favourite plans whatsoever. Similarly, if you wish to be notified whenever a task continues to be allotted to you, you’re have to an Exchange Online mailbox.

To date all I’ve addressed may be the functionality of Office 365 apps. What’s potentially more essential may be the compliance facet of Microsoft Teams, like the capability to perform eDiscovery searches and employ supervision policies. These also require that mailboxes be located as a swap Online to operate correctly because, although some facets of Microsoft Teams may go without them, it will not be considered a complete and completely functional solution.

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In a nutshell, not getting mailboxes located as a swap On the internet and using Microsoft Teams is really a workable solution, only one with numerous caveats and limitations. This could ultimately result in compliance issues along with a poor consumer experience since users will constantly see issues and limitations within their utilization of Teams.

While it may be Planner that’s resulting in the issue before them, they’ll likely blame Microsoft Teams because they’ll only see Planner like a tab inside a funnel (and therefore may not differentiate backward and forward). These types of issues are difficult to return from and can progressively erode the arrogance and success of Microsoft Teams inside an organisation together with any adoption efforts to really make it work.

This short article from Microsoft explains how Exchange and Teams interact while offering more information on exactly what does and doesn’t work.

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While Microsoft Teams may go through new and glossy and connect to numerous issues inside your organisation, a few of these issues may also be fixed by via certain Outlook features when linked to Exchange Online. A few of these include:

  • Focused Inbox to assist cut lower the noise
  • FindTime to assist with scheduling
  • Recommended contacts
  • Cloud attachments operated by OneDrive
  • Insights by MyAnalytics to point out email and scheduling enhancements
  • To-Provide for individual task management

Moving users to switch Online is an important initial step for organisations searching to apply Microsoft Teams within their organisation. While enabling lots of back-finish functionality that increases the overall IT service and consumer experience, there are plenty of enhancements users can profit from small steps present in simply supplying a far more effective &amp feature-wealthy Outlook experience.

And before thrusting them into Microsoft Teams and altering how they work, offer them the opportunity to make small enhancements by moving to switch Online in advance.

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