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Among the greatest hurdles of upgrading IT systems is compliance, which is an especially important point for public sector entities. The federal government agencies and departments – in the local and condition level completely towards the federal level – face stringent and important rules with regards to tech and knowledge.

Oftentimes, the general public sector thinks it might be simpler to keep the established order of legacy solutions. However, over time, legacy solutions put sensitive data in danger as technology advances. Plus, maintaining legacy systems costs a great deal. In 2016, the federal government Accountability Office released a study highlighting that in 2017, nearly $60 billion is going to be allocated to maintaining old legacy systems while investments in new technology are lower $7.3 billion since 2010. The report even highlighted that lots of government organizations are utilizing technology that’s nearly fifty years old, putting data vulnerable to a cyber breach.

The good thing is that now, maintaining compliance isn’t the overwhelming task it was once with regards to new technology systems. It’s possible for government departments to maneuver to some newer, safer platform while keeping – or perhaps exceeding – the present rules and compliance needs. Really, this means IT systems have future-proofing built-in.

For instance, go ahead and take Town of Bloomington, Ill. Its located 125 miles southwest of Chicago, in the middle of Illinois. Bloomington had been tech savvy, coupled with used SharePoint 2007 when SharePoint 2010 was launched. With increased intuitive governance and permissions, and integration using the applications their staff trusted, these were wanting to proceed to SharePoint 2010. However, a lot of its data, especially that in the police department and legislation, was restrained by strict compliance guidelines. The town required to ensure no data was lost or put in danger throughout the proceed to the brand new platform.

The Town of Bloomington, with some support from us at AvePoint, effectively migrated their data in a single working day, four days earlier than initially planned. Bloomington easily maintained all of the metadata, permission and compliance needs for his or her sensitive data. To state the migration would be a success is definitely an understatement.

No two migration scenarios are identical, however when compliance needs are extremely important, it is advisable to request outdoors support. The Microsoft partner community has truly seen everything, and supported public and private organizations through a variety of migration projects, including on prem, hybrid or cloud solutions.

We’ll be focusing more about public sector migration within the coming days, so stay tuned in for a lot of how you can move you data securely and safely. Meanwhile, get in contact for those who have questions regarding the way your public sector organization can upgrade legacy systems while keeping compliance standards.