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Should you be among the skeptics that thought Microsoft could be steering focus from SharePoint, 2016 has proven us this is not very true. Between your discharge of SharePoint Server 2016 and expansions designed to SharePoint Online, the term “SharePoint” continues to be buzzing over the industry all this year.

With the much included in the platform this year you might be wondering, “Which additional features are the type I ought to really worry about?” Fortunately the daddy of SharePoint and OneDrive, Shaun Teper, had serious amounts of spare around at Ignite 2016. Here’s what he’d to state:

Jeff Teper - lessons learned from microsoft ignite

Dux: Hey everyone. Thanks for visiting Day 4 of Microsoft Ignite. Lots of nutrients has happened now. Do you not think Shaun?

Shaun Teper: Absolutely. It’s just a little crazy.

Dux: Yeah, but it’s good. Why do you not perform a quick intro and introduce yourself. I understand everyone knows who Shaun is, but simply to make certain.

Shaun Teper: Okay, sounds good. Shaun Teper, I run the OneDrive and SharePoint team at Microsoft. I labored on SharePoint for a short time.

Dux: You’re being humble here. So Shaun is recognized as a parent of SharePoint, right?

Shaun Teper: Yep, at this time, somebody known as me the grandfather a few days ago. I stated, “Let’s dial it back a bit.” Anyway, it’s been an incredible week. Thank everyone at AvePoint for sponsoring and hosting an excellent party.

Dux: Oh, you’re welcome, it’s this kind of recognition and pleasure. I acquired to let you know, I’m type of selfish however i would say, all of this week, the greatest buzz is SharePoint, Shaun.

Shaun Teper: Not type of, it’s been. I believe we’re still leading on Twitter. In most significance, though, the SharePoint community is definitely an incredibly passionate group. Those who are inside it like to build solutions that solve real-world trouble for their companies or their clients, and i believe we gave them lots of the things they wanted now and also the feedback’s been terrific.

Dux: Absolutely. I have seen lots of bulletins and knowledge on SharePoint and OneDrive. What are the top things, out of your observations, that arrived well and individuals are liking and enjoying and extremely looking forward to?

Shaun Teper: Great, thanks, for giving me time just to walk through it. First, we articulated strategies. SharePoint’s the mobile intelligent Internet. We’ve SharePoint mobile phone applications on all of the platforms, iOS, Android, and Home windows Phone. Great can navigate people and content and applications and so on.

Second, SharePoint, bread and butter team collaboration. Every group at work 365 will get a SharePoint site. Simple, new page experience, new Doc Library experience, new list experience. Third, you want to make OneDrive the explorer for your files on all of your devices. We introduced and updated the OneDrive apps on iOS, Android, and Home windows Phone. The OneDrive Web UI are now able to browse SharePoint sites. Most likely the highlight from the event for most people is OneDrive Sync, through the roof-quality reliable sync we shipped this past year, can now support SharePoint sites on Home windows 7, 8, 10, and also the Mac.

So, third point, Home windows is kind of your uber file browser, personal staff, and team staff on SharePoint. After which lastly, it’s likely to that group who’re building solutions on SharePoint. Should you take a look at LinkedIn, millions of . 5 people list SharePoint like a skill. It’s simply because they prefer to build stuff to resolve business problems.

On their behalf, we introduce power apps and flow integration, for those who kind of know code–the rapid development folks. Then your Microsoft Graph and also the SharePoint Framework are suitable for hardcore JavaScript…whether you’re writing your application on the telephone or even the back finish tier, they were given the things they loved.

Therefore we did plenty of hybrid news. Plenty of reasons to visit the cloud, like FastTrack Migration free of charge, moving people, fundamental SharePoint sites towards the cloud. But additionally, if you are on prem in SharePoint, we announced the very first feature pack within the good reputation for SharePoint. It’s arriving November to provide new value to the on premises customers. Something for everybody, I’d say.

Dux: Man, it’s awesome. I know many people are extremely excited. What’s publish Ignite for you personally? We’re in the third day, tomorrow’s day four, I figured you would go have a six-month vacation. Aren’t you?

Shaun Teper: No, I acquired some mail in the team and that i tweeted this. The pedal would be to the metal and a few of the sessions we demonstrated what’s the surface of the mind for that team in 2017. We will do what we should did this past year after i returned towards the group. Relating to this time annually, within the fall, we’d a group event to start what we’re doing for the following year.

Inside a couple days, we’re likely to have our big team event. We’ve a large number of booths around a large room, where each area of the team will a little trade event factor concerning the features they would like to build, and everyone round the room kind of gravitates. We have that approaching. We have the MVP summit, in which the MVPs can give us some feedback with that.

After which we’re likely to, clearly continue to pay attention to delivering the items we spoken about here, but we’re likely to begin working on building things that you will see at Build the coming year, and also at Ignite the coming year. We’re pedal towards the metal…

Dux: There’s Picture too, right, arriving Feb?

Shaun Teper: My dear God, allow me to overcome what’s technically known as conference laryngitis, from speaking an excessive amount of. Allow me to overcome that before I consider the following conference, but we’ll exist.

Dux: Shaun, I acquired to let you know, in addition to the agility and all of these features and bulletins, and merely the transparency too, using the Roadmap and UserVoice and Microsoft Tech Community. There’s so much ways how to engage, not just using the team but the general community itself. We understand the support towards the community.

Shaun Teper:
Maybe dial it lower a bit. We’re very fortunate in the commitment our customers and partners designed to us. We’re not titled to that particular and there exists a responsibility to everyone, big partners like AvePoint customers, our community, and we must re-earn that. There isn’t any entitlement forever.

Therefore we designed a big concentrate the SharePoint team particularly this season of having available, telling our story, listening, incorporating that within the product. So we want much more of it. Keep pushing, provide us with feedback. We’re watching UserVoice, we’re at these occasions.

Our other favorite things you can do may be the community will get together at SharePoint Saturdays. There’s 12 of individuals in only the month of October alone. We like to hear what individuals are speaking about at SharePoint Saturdays, what you would like us to construct next.

Dux: Boy, I know the city is grateful for the support in SharePoint Saturdays. I help you speaking on each one of these SharePoint Saturdays as well as you are able to, and also the team itself.

Shaun Teper: Yeah, the team’s flying all over the world, ending up in customers, partners, listening. That’s the way we roll.

Dux: It may sound like complacency isn’t an option at this time.

Shaun Teper: No, no. You requested what’s after Ignite. I’m most likely likely to have a couple slow days and breathe deeply. That’s simply to re-energize to return to work. We’ve got more to complete.

Dux: Before I allow you to go, Shaun, besides SharePoint and OneDrive, should you be a Microsoft product what will you be and why?

Shaun Teper: The temptation would be to say Xbox, because that’s the awesome kid on the market, or Minecraft. But I’d are saying, basically considered it for any second, within the good reputation for the organization, VB was a high quality one since i love the concept that you can pretty quickly assemble things together making something awesome. I really like that magic for the reason that period.

And thus type of what we’re trying related to PowerApps and Flow and SharePoint is generate that cloud mobile world what individuals loved about VB, that is, “Hey, I’m able to build something really fast. That’s great. Have it to my users.” I’ll provide you with that answer as you that perhaps nobody has provided within the last couple of days.

Dux: No, and guess what happens? VB is suitable because today is Thursday, so that’s a lot like TBT.

Shaun Teper: There you have it. I’ll take that.

Dux: Awesome, well, Shaun, always it’s an enjoyment.

Shaun Teper: Thanks. It’s so excellent to determine you here.

Dux: Appreciate the commitment and appreciate this amazing event so we certainly expect to any or all other occasions and engagements later on.

Shaun Teper: As lengthy while you continue to come and singing and dancing at these occasions, I’ll be here along with you. Thanks.

Dux: You realize, quietly, I additionally do weddings, bar mitzvahs…

Shaun Teper: There you have it. Basically sign you up for 2 of these, will i obtain a half cost discount?

Dux: Yeah. We’ll discuss it, as lengthy as I’ve got a special entry from the latest version of SharePoint. How’s that?

Shaun Teper: Okay, always for you personally buddy.

Dux: Okay, thanks. Well, many thanks for watching and before the next episode, Shaun Teper, quit. We’ll help you.

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