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As being a work with Microsoft gives any independent service vendor (ISV) an essential layer of street cred. Getting a partnership with Microsoft that corresponds with the kind of solutions the seller develops is a straightforward method for people to identify precisely how reliable or premium their goods are. For instance, at AvePoint we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner for Database Integration, Cloud Platform, and Collaboration and Content—sensible partnerships for all of us to visit after because we develop applications which help migrate, manage, and safeguard Office 365 and SharePoint.

What will it really mean to become a partner, and what’s it that actually continues between Microsoft along with a partner ISV?

I spoken with Rachel Braunstein, Partner Marketing Manager around the Microsoft Partner Network, to understand more about the partner ecosystem and what it’s she and her team gives grow relationships between Microsoft, vendors, and customers.

Rachel Braunstein

Dux: Hey everybody, thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax at Microsoft Ignite. The enjoyment never stops. Beside me is Rachel. Rachel, why do you not introduce yourself?

Rachel Braunstein: Hey everyone, I’m Rachel Braunstein. Sometimes using the Microsoft Partner Network doing internet marketing, particularly social networking and a few branding efforts. I’m really excited to become here.

Dux: Okay, Rachel, I understand Microsoft is really a partner-driven company but, elevator pitch, why do essential for everyone to understand about the Microsoft Partner Network? What’s inside it on their behalf and why must they make use of the Microsoft Partner Network?

Rachel Braunstein: Yeah. Well, you may already know Microsoft is altering and digital transformation is well going ahead and our partners are absolutely at the forefront. We’re seeing 120,000 Azure new subscriptions per month, annually 45% development in Office 365, the higher Cloud Chance, $500 billion. And our partners and our clients are taking charge over that. That’s out intention.

So for all of us in the Microsoft Partner Network, it’s really about modernizing our partners and providing them the various tools they need. How can you differentiate your companies, stick out in the middle of everyone else? How can you modernize your marketing and advertising efforts to be able to speak to your customer? What must you do from operations? I am talking about all that. That’s what we’re here to complete.

Dux: Boy, as being a partner, I’ve made good use of a lot sources and it is interesting…a large amount of partners, well they’re conscious of the Partner Network. Many of the sources have not been cheated and that i encourage everyone, if you are someone, take a look at MPN. There’s a lot available to help you grow, particularly in this point in time from the Cloud.

Rachel Braunstein: Absolutely.

Dux: Now, to be the lead of social for MPN, exactly what does each day seem like for you personally? What’s each day within the existence?

Rachel Braunstein: A day’s busy. So for me personally social networking includes LinkedIn. It offers Facebook. It offers Twitter. It offers blogging, YouTube, so video production, dealing with our partners. What really matters for me personally is getting the partner voice in perspective to existence. Less of Microsoft, but exactly how should we tell the partner’s story and just what they’re doing and battling with, or their successes? And exactly how should we use social networking like a platform to inform people about this?

Dux: Awesome, awesome. Now, talking about platform and messaging and all sorts of that, exactly what do you consider Ignite to date?

Rachel Braunstein: Ignite rocks !. It’s our very first time, Microsoft Partner Network, getting a little, little booth here. Our big factor may be the World Partner Conference where we’re type of big women and men there, but here it’s interesting to be with all of the IT professionals as well as for me personally, I do not have the technical skills, but having that conversation from the technology and also the business side, that’s the long run and this is where it’s going. So it’s been really, really awesome to begin individuals conversations here.

Dux: And i believe you discuss the transformation. Now is the time, not just for purchasers, for partners too.

Rachel Braunstein: Yes.

Dux: Because we’re seeing many of these innovations. Certainly a great deal partners are relocating to the Cloud, but all of the new advanced workloads. Keynote yesterday, he spoken about AI, machine learning, bots. I am talking about it’s so much. Not just possibilities abound for purchasers to actually transform their business, however for partners to assist people to transform how they work.

Rachel Braunstein: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Rachel Braunstein

Dux: Now, talking about technology, before I allow you to go, if you’re Microsoft product, what will you be and why, Rachel?

Rachel Braunstein: Well, I really like this. I may wish to function as the HoloLens. Initially if this arrived on the scene, it appeared like something that really wasn’t likely to be tangible to some mass audience. At first, doctors, a few of the primary examples that people had and also the videos where doctors using these questions surgery room or students having the ability to touch a heart because they made it happen. But because we had yesterday on stage, it’s now something I’m able to use.

There’s integration with Pinterest, Lowe’s and Microsoft, while using HoloLens to really create your kitchen and that’s something we’re able to use tomorrow.

Dux: I know the next Television show on HGTV as “Remodel the HoloLens with Rachel.”

Rachel Braunstein: I’m totally in it. But that’s really exciting that people can produce a product which might have that breadth appeal at this type of global level and really make an effect in change and alter using the world.

Dux: On queue. What’s that song? “Change the planet and Turn it into a Better Place.” Anyway, well, thanks, Rachel. I appreciate you representing us today, using the red.

Rachel Braunstein: I’m in red.

Dux: But hope everyone enjoyed reading this. We’ll help you within the next episode. Ciao.

Rachel Braunstein: Thanks.

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