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During the last couple of years, the evolution of technology and also the development in number of ways people could work together continues to be incredible. From on-premises Project Server to work 365 Suite, there are plenty of tools individuals, teams, and organizations can decide on to best fit their specific project. But a huge part of choosing the best tool to handle a task would be to understand your choices.

Among the popular features of Ignite for me personally this season was getting the chance to work a session about this very subject with Mike McLean, Senior Program Manager around the Microsoft Project Team. Fortunately, I additionally had the chance to inquire about Mike for that scoop on Office 365 Planner, the most recent accessory for Microsoft’s portfolio of project management software tools.

Is Office 365 Planner the work management tool you have been waiting for? Let’s discover!

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Dux: Hey, everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax live at Microsoft Ignite. Beside me is Mike McLean.

Mike, why do you not introduce yourself and tell everybody that which you do?

Mike McLean: Great. Hi, everybody. I’m Mike McLean. I’m a Senior Program Manager around the Microsoft Project Team. And So I really assistance Project On the internet and Microsoft Planner.

Dux: Planner, that’s the greatest and finest and latest. Do you know everyone what Planner is all about or why they must be utilizing it?

Mike McLean: Yeah, certainly. Microsoft Planner is really a completely new service. We simply shipped it at Office 365. It features a super deep integration to Office 365 groups and also the key factor is the fact that can help you organize all of your team performance that’s happening in groups.

Dux: How’s it diverse from Project?

Mike McLean: It’s really designed for that lightweight team that requires something rapidly to assist organize all of the tasks and all sorts of work that’s happening within their groups. Therefore it enables you to definitely rapidly begin there, produce a plan, create some tasks, assign it to any or all they people which are inside your group, after which track everything that’s being carried out.

Dux: And from my experience utilizing it, it’s visual, easily consumable, and it is quick.

Mike McLean: Certainly. Yeah, we actually attempt to design so that it is super lightweight, so somebody can begin and it is very, super easy to understand, therefore the ramp is extremely, extremely swift. And you may start creating tasks with only understanding the task name where for you to do the job.

Dux: Awesome. Now allow me to inquire, Mike, how lengthy are you currently with Microsoft?

Mike McLean: I’ve been with Microsoft just a little over 11 years.

Dux: Eleven years, so, just searching back, right, I am talking about you may be sentimental, but exactly how may be the evolution of Project Management Software technology from Microsoft? I am talking about, clearly, Project’s been there, Planner, after which we have Wunderlist, we have all of this new work codes and abilities that is exciting. What exactly are your ideas about this with regards to the itself?

Mike McLean: Well, it’s really made great strides. After I think back at initially when i first became a member of they, we didn’t have Office 365. We’d our on-premises Project Server, we’d the work Client also it really was as much as our people to secure the hardware that they have to deploy the program, they’d to complete all the capacity management, understand like which kind of workflow they’re gonna have. And merely in the past 5 to 6 years, we’ve taken that whole product, we managed to get available on the web, being an online service to get it ready to go super quick. You are able to sign up for it in a few minutes and begin creating work.

So it’s been interesting to determine how only the deployment has changed overtime. After which within Microsoft we’ve really been running Project Online inside us the information center, therefore we learned a great deal about what’s needed and just how we have to customize the architecture.

Just to provide you with a good example, whenever we first shipped Project Server years back, you possessed four data bases for each demonstration of project. And thus we consolidated that lower to 1 after which by running the internet service, we recognized, “Wow, we’re able to get this to better still,” right?

Dux: Obviously, yes.

Mike McLean: And thus we really modified that architecture and moved even much deeper into SharePoint. And today our customers on-premises benefit coming from all individuals advancements that we’ve done.

Dux: And That I mean the industry, should you just take a look at Project Management Software generally, everybody’s a task manager with only how everything’s moving so quick. It’s essential that not just you supply the cloud offering, mobile abilities, the agility and i believe this is where tools, again, like Planner is available in and is sensible.

Mike McLean: Right, right.

Dux: Now, Ignite. I am talking about, are you currently tired yet?

Mike McLean: Oh, man, it’s so crazy. I spoken to a lot of customers the very first 2 days. I had been like, “I cannot accept is as true.” It’s only Monday. They packed a lot content.

Dux: Yeah, exactly.

Mike McLean: This conference is amazing.

Dux: And there’s what? We’ve two more days or three more days.

Mike McLean: Right, right.

Dux: Something of that nature.

Mike McLean: Yeah, we’re midway there.

Dux: So, you have been to numerous occasions, from during the old good times of Project Conference, SharePoint Conference, TechEd, the very first Ignite, second Ignite, what exactly would you consider this Ignite?

Mike McLean: Yeah, it’s amazing. I certainly think they’ve improved over this past year. They’ve adopted another notch. It’s amazing. I believe as our services scale for purchasers, they’re scaling Ignite and our conferences too.

Dux: Yeah.

Mike McLean: We’ve gone from conferences with like a few 1000 individuals to 10,000 in Vegas with SharePoint Conference. Now we’re within Atlanta with 20,000 attendees.

Dux: Yes, like 23,000, yeah.

Mike McLean: It’s incredible, yeah.

Dux: And as if you, I’ve found this Ignite such as the messaging is really solid. It’s one message around transformation and I’ve become lots of great feedback from customers too. Everyone is really excited.

Mike McLean: Yeah. No, that’s good. That’s good. Yeah, I can’t think that only the flow of traffic in customers. People are…they’re grabbing content from a wide variety of places, too, only at that conference. They’re attending the 75-minute sessions after which they’re jumping in in to the 20-minute theater sessions.

In order they’re walking with the expo, they’re like, “Oh, wow. This sounds interesting,” and they’re grabbing twenty minutes of, “How will i establish my online practice,” right? Or, “How will i increase about this product?” And also in the primary hall downstairs where we eat, you are able to sit lower there within the couch and connect to many of these sessions which are streaming live.

Dux: Seriously? That’s crazy.

Mike McLean: Yeah, so it’s great.

Dux: And they arrived at the booth and speak with somebody after which experiment technology, yeah.

Mike McLean: Yeah, yeah. So it’s been a fantastic job.

Dux: Awesome. Well, Mike, before I allow you to go, I gotta inquire this. Apart from Project and Planner, if you are a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Mike McLean: Okay, so apart from Project, basically was destined to be any Microsoft product, this may seem somewhat bland initially but I’ll explain why.

Dux: Okay.

Mike McLean: I’d most likely be Stand out.

Dux: Stand out, okay, okay.

Mike McLean: Okay, okay. But here’s why. Since I think should you take a look at Stand out and the kinds of steps you can take by using it, I believe people do anything whatsoever from hardcore number crunching, right, that scales as much as countless rows to very, quite simple forms that they must create…

Dux: That’s true.

Mike McLean: …for their classrooms or whatever, right?

Dux: That’s true.

Mike McLean: Just stop by a couple of figures, stop by some pictures. And That I play the role of agile at things i do. It’s like I begin, perform a little factor here, perform a big factor here, and navigate between different scenarios.

Dux: Right, right.

Mike McLean: And So I think Stand out can fill that niche.

Dux: It’s the versatility of Stand out, right?

Mike McLean: Yeah, it’s such as the versatility, right. And So I play the role of flexible at things i do at the office.

Dux: That actually works by helping cover their all of your prospecting too. Anyway, well great. Mike, thanks again and…

Mike McLean: Great. Thank you for getting me.

Dux: I’m gonna catch you later. But, guys, take a look at Planner, take a look at Project. Mike McLean. Before the next episode, thanks.

Mike McLean: Thanks.

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