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Microsoft Partner Network

2016 is nearly over! Once we look forward to 2017, we’re overall the entire year with Microsoft’s own Senior Director of Partner Marketing for that Microsoft Partner Network Kati Quigley. The Microsoft Partner Network may be the largest partner ecosystem available, and just what an enjoyment it’s, like a partner, so that you can hear why Microsoft values their partners a lot and what they’ve available for 2017 to really make it better still to become a partner once we roll into the coming year.

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Microsoft Partner Network

Dux: Hi, everybody. This really is Dux live in the Microsoft campus. It’s an attractive day today for an additional episode of Dux Quax Year-Finish Review 2016. Beside me is Kati. Kati, why do you not introduce yourself and tell everyone that which you do at Microsoft?

Kati: Great. Thanks, Dux. I’m so glad to become here along with you. I’m Kati Quigley. I’m the senior director of partner marketing for that Microsoft Partner Network. Therefore we have the effect of connecting partners around the world throughout the organization in addition to with this customers.

Dux: So, I understand Microsoft is really a partner-brought organization. So for the advantage of our viewers, our customers particularly, how come partners essential to Microsoft? And how come partners, it’s destined to be essential for our customers too?

Kati: Absolutely. Therefore the great factor, as Satya has stated, his first day’s work really because the Chief executive officer stated, “We really are a partner-brought company. We’ve been always for 4 decades and try to is going to be.” So we honestly think that. We’re able to not serve our customers at scale or maybe even to know the requirements of the shoppers without our partners. Our partners really are individuals which are connecting with this customers every single day.

Dux: Wonderful. I am talking about, our company as being a partner has become lots of advantages of your business, the MPN. So for brand new organizations available or potentially new partners, what else could you let them know and cause them to become participate in using the MPN?

Kati: Sure. So there’s a number of stuff that we provide to the partners. There’s several things just that will help you run your company. We offer a lot of training both around marketing, how to be a much better digital marketer during these modern marketing days. How can you build solutions? Do you know the technical connection points you need to make within the organization? And thus we help you produce individuals solutions because typically, a person needs not only one product a treadmill solution. After which it’s the biggest partner ecosystem associated with a technology company available. So really, there’s possibilities that you should interact with other partners to visit customers with solutions that they are really searching for and they can modify their business with.

Dux: And that’s among the wonderful benefits a minimum of I’ve experienced like a partner. So, up to now, the number of partners are available, roughly?

Kati: We’ve near to 400,000 partner companies. They, should you combine, I believe it’s Salesforce, Google, and AWS together, we’re still a bigger partner ecosystem. And thus really that’s our distinct…it is our distinction to all of those other industry, is the fact that we truly have this at scale.

Dux: Wonderful. And also you discuss the partner-to-partner kind of engagement as well as networking. I am talking about, there’s lots of ways we’re able to do that. I really like the brand new network that’s provided to partners and, clearly, the wedding we have each year, WPC. Which, incidentally, come in D.C. the coming year, so searching toward that. So it’s been an extraordinary experience like a partner. Now, 2016, any highlights you are able to consider, Kati, that’s memorable for you personally?

Kati: Absolutely. So WPC is definitely a highlight because that…we just been with them earlier this This summer. It’s truly the time where everybody will get together. There’s lots of energy, excitement to start our fiscal year, comprehending the roadmap that the organization takes, where we’re going. And thus that’s always my greatest highlight of the season. But we did another things. We began an expert development program where one can connect the various certifications together to really show your clients that you’re very qualified to assist them to using their small business. Therefore we did several things around branding. The very first time ever, a Microsoft partner may use the Microsoft emblem with their logos. And that’s an issue because, again, we wanna highlight to the customers that it is not only Microsoft, it’s our partners which are delivering this excellent plan to them.

Dux: Awesome. Also it appears much like your organization, the MPN, still investing a great deal in making certain partners grow using their business too. What’s ahead in 2017?

Kati: Sure. There is a couple of things. The first is that we’re centered on simplification. We all know that you’ve a lot to complete apart from just learn how to use Microsoft. And thus exactly how should we make that as easy as possible to do your transactions, to locate other partners, to, you realize, build your marketing campaigns? Exactly how should we help you accomplish that inside a much easier way, navigate the Microsoft ecosystem easier? And so the other is really helping you want to market together with your business. Quite frequently, you realize, companies are grown from a technical solution they’ve already, however they have no idea just how then how you can achieve a person. And the way to work with other partners to achieve that customer. And thus individuals would be the sources that we’re building out.

Dux: That’s great. And boy, I am talking about, just searching at what’s coming, particularly the way Microsoft keeps growing, the faster development of each one of these technologies. You realize, I’m here now researching what’s coming and teams just arrived on the scene and all sorts of this goodness, Dynamics 365. A great time to become a Microsoft partner. Lots of great possibilities. There’s lots of needs available. Therefore if a company has an interest to become a partner, where whenever they go? What’s the initial step?

Microsoft Partner Network

Kati: Sure. They are able to arrived at our portal. They are able to arrived at the Microsoft Partner Network. They simply look for that, they’ll think it is. There’s lots of great sources there. We’re really accumulating a report approach. So that you can find trends which are hot, do you know the stuff that other partners are speaking about, what’s coming, what bulletins happen to be made lately. That actually can help you start getting engaged. You are able to follow us on social channels because we’re always creating different information through Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook and i believe that’s an excellent way. After which we have some communities that we’re building. We’ve in-person communities after which online digital communities, you can begin conversations. You can begin asking, “Hey, what’s it mean to become a partner?” And speak with other partners about this.

Dux: Awesome. And so the hashtag, clearly, MSPartner on Twitter?

Kati: #MSPartner, yes.

Dux: Awesome.

Kati: Absolutely.

Dux: Well, Kati, it has been great, very insightful. I know many of our viewers many userful stuff here. Before I allow you to go, one question?

Kati: Yes.

Dux: Should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Kati: That’s a great question. I’d say I’d enjoy being Azure because Azure is about the cloud. Heaven may be the limit. So we prefer to think heaven may be the limit for the partners as well as for our customers. So I’d be Azure.

Dux: It’s such as the all-knowing…

Kati: A warm subject at this time,too, right?

Dux: Yeah. Actually. So Kati really wants to be Azure, that’s great. Well, Kati, many thanks.

Kati: Thanks to you, Dux.

: Of course. Well, folks, many thanks for watching. Before the next episode, possess a great one, bye.

Kati: Thanks.

Microsoft Partner Network