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Voices for Innovation

Hi everbody! Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax. Once we come nearer to the finish of 2016, it’s time to have a look back at a few of the significant initiatives that Microsoft makes in impacting technology public policies and legislation through a course call Voices for Innovation.

Today I’d the pleasure of talking to Jonathan Friebert, Director of Exterior Matters at Microsoft. Like a leader and key advocate for evolving Microsoft’s government matters and technology public policies, Jonathan provides for us some exclusive understanding of Microsoft’s Voices For Innovation program – which engages Microsoft partners thinking about public policies associated with technology, Microsoft’s lately released book “A Cloud for Global Good” –  policy roadmap for any reliable, responsible, and inclusive cloud, and just what he sees available for technology and legislation in 2017.

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Voices for Innovation (VFI) is really a Microsoft supported community of technology professionals and everyday Americans who help advance technology, IT job growth, and companies of any size. As empowered citizen advocates, make certain together to shape public policies for the twenty-first century digital economy.

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This document continues to be designed like a roadmap to assist policymakers make the most of the transformational together with your cloud. We provide some 78 recommendations in 15 policy groups which will supply the foundation for any regulatory atmosphere that results in a reliable, responsible, and inclusive cloud.

Take a look at more details, situation studies, policy roadmaps, and download the entire text by visiting Microsoft’s “A Cloud for Global Good” sources.


Voices for Innovation




Dux: Okay. Hi, everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax year-finish review. Now, when i have pointed out to everyone, I’m within the headquarters, Microsoft Redmond, very excited today to get along with Jonathan. So, Jonathan, why do you not introduce yourself? Tell everyone that which you do and why you’re looking forward to the job you need to do within Microsoft.

Jonathan: Great. So i’m Jonathan Friebert and i’m in Microsoft U.S. Government Matters based within Redmond. I run a program known as Voices For Innovation. Voices For Innovation is definitely an amazing community where make certain with Microsoft partners and extremely anybody who’s thinking about technology public policy problems that impact your companies, your clients, consumers in general.

Dux: So let me know about dealing with partners within the public and public policies. You can as well give a few examples of a few of the recent work and why it’s essential because of not only as partners of Microsoft however for everyone generally?

Jonathan: Sure. Then when I consider technology, public policy, and, really, are just some of the problems and challenges with technology, I consider it in 2 ways. There’s the technical solution, really, that many our partners will work on, after which there’s the regulatory and public policy solution and issue that actually, I believe, we, like a collective, have to focus on together to teach elected officials and discuss what’s happening together with your customers or in the market.

So for instance, there’s been two problems that we’ve been really centered on for 2016 and i believe I’ve made some inroads on. The very first is due to Cloud privacy. So quite a few laws and regulations coping with Cloud privacy haven’t been upgraded previously 3 decades and there’s one law particularly, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act which was last updated in 1986. So there’s been some work to try and modernize that law and then try to modernize several of these outdated laws and regulations with regards to digital privacy and with the truth that there’s lots of mix-border issues you need to consider.

So with regards to your clients, I am certain, you realize, from things i listen to partners, they’re getting lots of questions regarding privacy or about security. And thus, really, like I stated, you realize, there’s the technical side after which there’s the regulatory legislative side. You have to be employed in both areas, I believe, to actually capture and cope with this issue.

Dux: I am talking about, you hit the nail around the mind, right? So talking about our customers, especially, large global customers, among the surface of mind nowadays is about security, data governance, compliance, and Microsoft has been doing a fantastic job with establishing data centers all over the world because data sovereignty is really a key consideration with many different these customers and governments for instance. And So I believe that alone is a big subject which alone not just impacts the U.S. but all of those other world.

Voices for Innovation

Jonathan: Absolutely, absolutely. I believe there’s also, too, which is due to a few of the workforce issues. The stuff that we’ve concentrated on using the VFI community within the U.S. is attempting to make information technology count perfectly into a math or science degree whenever you finish senior high school.

Then when we began about this about 2 or 3 years back, there is under 10 claims that counted information technology. Now, there’s over half and we’re wishing within this 2017 to really bring all of those other states aboard. There’s about 12 or 13 states left that we’re looking to get using the count information technology education. So that’s, again, something that should be done legislatively.

So, you realize, when i consider it, you realize, you will find workforce issues whenever you consider the abilities that people requirement for our economy and also the skills that individuals have to have fun playing the economy moving forward, and information technology and STEM, I’d say, are a couple of skillsets which are destined to be essential for our future economy.

Dux: And that’s quite surprising. What you know already, in this point in time, with technologies proliferating everywhere, STEM, information technology, you’d assume that’s surface of everybody’s mind. But you’re right. Unless of course we bring awareness and unless of course people learn about this, it’s organizations like VFI is extremely important to take it into forefront.

Jonathan: Yeah, To be sure along with you. I believe it’s crucial for anybody within the technology industry to become getting dialogues using their elected officials or decision-makers in government. It doesn’t need to be about, you realize, these topics, however i think it’s important, frankly, that individuals become familiar with their elected officials. They’re there for everyone them.

Dux: Right.

Jonathan: You realize, you’re the constituent or even the customer of the elected officials. They’re supposed to get results for you. And oftentimes, whenever we have these dialogues with elected officials, they’re unaware. It normally won’t learn about these challenges. Therefore i think it’s incumbent here within the technology industry to assist educate them, and that’s what we should try related to VFI.

Dux: That’s an excellent example, right, if we consider our customers, oftentimes, as technologists, make certain by using it people. After which IT people always inform us our executive stakeholders don’t have it. But then you’ve to consider using their perspective, they simply have no idea. So it’s incumbent here to teach, make sure they are aware, and discuss the good, unhealthy, ugly, and implications of when we do that or otherwise. But talking about education and awareness, probably the most exciting initiative Microsoft launched lately is “Cloud for Global Good.” Do you know everyone what that’s about and why it’s important?

Jonathan: Sure. Making this it, “A Cloud for Global Good,” that people lately launched. And extremely, what this really is, it’s an insurance policy guide for any reliable, responsible, and inclusive cloud. What exactly i was just speaking about, type of individuals styles, resonate within this book. It’s not necessary to see the entire book. Lots of this really is online. There are several great and extremely interesting situation studies there. However ,, what Microsoft is attempting to complete, dealing with our partners but additionally dealing with policy leaders, is defined a footprint and also to say, you realize, “When we consider the cloud, we know that it must be both reliable and responsible, but additionally inclusive.”

We know that as, you realize, the economy shifts so we discuss this 4th industrial revolution, you realize, more about we’ve got the technology aspect, AI, machine learning, you realize, individuals are challenges that we have to address together in society, have public policy frameworks around individuals, but additionally simply to understand. I believe that’s what we’re attempting to demonstrate with Microsoft. We know exactly what the shift means and our obligation in ensuring everybody may come along because the technology and also the economy progresses.

Dux: That’s spectacular and exciting, and I know this can be a work that’s in constant motion, so it isn’t a onetime factor. As technology evolves, because the world, the landscape the planet change, this is much more important now than in the past.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

Dux: Now, if individuals are interested to take a look, find out more about it, what is the website for “A Cloud for Global Good?”

Voices for Innovation

Jonathan: Yes, there’s an internet site. If you Bing “A Cloud for Global Good,” we all do have collateral on the Microsoft website and that i can offer that.

Dux: Awesome, awesome.

Jonathan: I’m able to provide that for you.

Dux: As well as, the “Fourth industrial Revolution,” so individuals of who might not have learned about it or find out about it, Bing that, too, “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Microsoft has been doing lots of great inroads and conversation and demonstrated points on why this revolution is real.

Jonathan: Right, right. And it is not only Microsoft speaking about this. I am talking about, you will find global institutions which are speaking relating to this 4th industrial revolution and just what this shift means. And thus, again, this book, this framework is all about trying to possess a conversation with policy-makers and our partners and customers by what this means.

Dux: Absolutely. So it appears as though you’d an active 2016.

Jonathan: Yes, we’d an active 2016 and we’re gonna possess a busy 2017 too.

Dux: Okay, inform us about 2017. What’s available for VFI, and the reason for looking forward to it?

Jonathan: Sure. So to begin with, when i always tell my colleagues in government matters, “I possess the best job in government,” since i make a start with this small company partners, large partners, however ,, the actual people who are driving this economy forward and driving, frankly, Microsoft forward. And So I enjoy what I’m doing.

I believe for 2017, you realize, we’re gonna possess a new president. We’re gonna possess a new congress. We’re gonna have new governors, new condition legislators. And So I think it’s ongoing to construct upon the momentum, ongoing to possess individuals dialogues using the elected officials, particularly, new elected officials about what’s happening within the technology sector, why this matters.

And again, I believe privacy, security, and information technology education, information technology for those, all of these are the key things that will perform, I’d say, the VFI policy docket entering 2017. I wanna make certain that people acquire some federal funding, I believe, for information technology education. I believe we wanna, again, update our outdated laws and regulations and i believe it’s essential that congress try taking some action with that regard too.

Dux: Wonderful, therefore if people are interested to understand more about VFI, even participate, since i get the newsletters at the minimum for each week and it is very insightful and academic, where can people go?

Jonathan: Sure. So a couple of things that can be done, one, I encourage you to enroll in Voices For Innovation online. It’s free, liberated to join, liberated to take part in. The web site is world wide You may also you can message me, reference you saw this video. And my email is J-F-R-I-E-B, [email protected]

Dux: Awesome. Well, it has been very insightful, Jonathan. Before I allow you to go, should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Jonathan: Well, I believe I’d be Sway.

Dux: Sway?

Jonathan: Sway, and also the reason I’d be Sway is I believe storytelling is really a effective method to communicate your opinions, your ideas. Therefore i think Sway is really a dynamic product which uses, you realize, that employs just multi-ways that you could share your story. So, you realize, Personally i think like I’m within the storytelling business, within the communication business, and i’m a large fan of Sway, so it is exactly what I’d be.

Dux: Awesome. I figured it’d something related to dancing.

Jonathan: Hah, If only. I am not an excellent dancer.

Dux: But, Jonathan, thanks.

Jonathan: Thanks.

Dux: Be thankful. And, guys, many thanks for watching. Up until the next episode, enjoy yourself. Bye.

Jonathan: Bye.

Voices for Innovation