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Cloud storage and Infrastructure like a Service (IaaS) are most likely the very first stuff that spring to mind whenever you hear, “Microsoft Azure.” But Azure does and provides so a lot more.

With more than 60 different services—including Big Data analytics, Free application development, as well as an online of products (IoT) management hub—thinking of Azure as simply a lot of virtual machines is a big underestimation of their power. To assist keep the breadth of the items Azure can perform, and why is Azure not only an IaaS, but also a true Platform like a Service (PaaS) and Software like a Service (SaaS) solution, Jeremy Thake, Senior Product Marketing Manager for that Azure Development marketing team told us by what some customers did!

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Dux: Hey gang. Welcome to another episode of Dux Quax, still at Ignite with Jeremy Thake.

Jeremy Thake: Hey man. How’s it going?

Dux: Hey, it’s been forever.

Jeremy Thake: I understand, right?

Dux: Jeremy, why do you not introduce yourself and tell everyone, what’s happening nowadays?

Jeremy Thake: Sure. So Jeremy Thake. Sometimes at Microsoft within the Azure development marketing team. I really used to utilize AvePoint for 3 many I’d very exciting here and it is nice to determine everybody in the conference. I’ve had a lot of stuff with this week including Azure application service sessions, Azure function sessions and a lot of Azure solution stuff too so it’s been a very, really busy week.

Dux: I am talking about, talking about Azure, in the Keynote itself, Azure is much like the brand new poster child, right?

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: I really like the entire message around Azure, you realize, the supercomputing AI. But among the things…and talking to customers too is there’s still this concept that Azure, all Azure does is IaaS, right, because they’re evaluating you to definitely the rest of the competitors available.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: What’s your message to individuals folks about how they ought to consider Azure beyond just moving VMs within their data centers?

Jeremy Thake: Yeah, it’s a great question. I am talking about, most cloud vendors originate from that space.

Dux: Sure.

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Jeremy Thake: We did too, similar to AWS did, and far like Google did. However I think using the platform application service we have, the PaaS, is it’s much more of a levers and pulleys and configuration instead of type of owning the operating-system, owning the patching and security, and the number of VMs you take and just how they’re distributed all over the world, we type of simplify might make everything meet your needs and set things on rails like cognitive services, like Azure functions, all the databases. Like I’m able to really enter in the portal and go, “I desire a new database.” Also it just spins up. I am not fretting about installing Home windows, installing SQL Server and getting hired and managing mirroring and all sorts of that stuff. It’s just ticks of buttons. And i believe that’s really the need for PaaS and Azure, and it is in which the future is I believe.

Dux: Absolutely.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: As well as the advanced workloads. Another Keynote where they converted Wikipedia.
Jeremy Thake: Yeah, it’s very awesome.

Dux: It’s insane.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: There isn’t any method for you to build that on prem.

Jeremy Thake: Right.

Dux: Or perhaps the last Olympic games where everything was streamed through Azure. I am talking about, let’s suppose they’d to construct that infrastructure.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah. And i believe the situation is the…there are 60 plus services now in Azure where, you realize, you can begin integrating this stuff straight into your mobile application or perhaps your web application or perhaps your API, SQL service of your customers.

Dux: Sure.

Jeremy Thake: Among the big ones that people just did within the session today would be a mobile application for an insurer.

Dux: Okay.

Jeremy Thake: Contoso Insurance.

Dux: Oh, Contoso.

Jeremy Thake: Right. And you’re using the photos from the crashed vehicle after which using the registration plate and using the license plate of the individual who hit you and also then using cognitive services with two lines of code to OCR all individuals images and store it within their database plus the record. Therefore it takes the entire process of type of instead of in your phone, typing the license plate in, typing the VIN number.

Dux: Sure.

Jeremy Thake: Everyone knows how hard that’s. Just two lines of code through the developer and also the mobile application and you’re away and running. So the value you can include to some scenario very rapidly using these services is awesome.

Dux: And today I began considering well, in comes Dynamics 365, full situation management, right?

Jeremy Thake: Right.

Dux: You are able to tie into might track the situation and all sorts of so good stuff.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah. Yeah.

Dux: Phenomenal. Now, let’s discuss Ignite. Exactly what do you consider 2010 Ignite?

Jeremy Thake: It’s crazy. It’s a large, special day. It’s been funny type of just clashing with individuals the Expo Hall like surprising when there’s 25,000 people here or something like that. There’s been lots of great content. I had been super astounded by the Keynote. It told an excellent story for that audience that’s here. They’ve done a fantastic job of comprehending the attendees and what they need. For me personally with developer side from the factor, I’ve been quite surprised just how much attendees we’ve been on our sessions from pro developers.

Dux: First got it. First got it.

Jeremy Thake: That was good. I believe people assume this is actually the TechEd Conference, it’s IT pros only, it truly isn’t. It’s all of the business decision makers in here and lots of devs too.

Dux: Exactly, absolutely.

Jeremy Thake: So…

Dux: One thing that impress me, you had been talking about the keynote is Azure monitoring.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: I am talking about, your buddy, Donovan, he…

Jeremy Thake: He was great. He did an excellent demo.

Dux: Absolutely.

Jeremy Thake: He’s been looking forward to that. He’s been aware of it for some time and it is been nice to determine him grow as he’s originate from different Keynotes and smaller sized occasions and will get to be a stage of the size. And that he nailed the demos too.

Dux: Awesome.

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: Now before I allow you to go, Jeremy, apart from Azure, if you are a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Jeremy Thake: Wow. So I’m a professional photographer. Therefore i use Microsoft Pix, P-I-X, which left the Microsoft research team, it’s obtainable in the Application Store in Apple and…

Dux: Oh, so it’s a telephone application?

Jeremy Thake: Yeah. Yeah. Also it requires a really awesome method of capturing and the caliber of the pictures which comes from it is way superior compared to default phone application you receive with Apple.

Dux: Oh, really?

Jeremy Thake: Yeah.

Dux: Okay.

Jeremy Thake: And thus they’re doing a lot of focus on that. And So I, like a professional photographer, I’d like to own might message it and develop awesome ideas of the items they are able to increase it.

Dux: Awesome.

Jeremy Thake: If you haven’t checked that out, Microsoft Pix, P-I-X.

Dux: Okay. Along with always, Jeremy, it’s been an enjoyment.

Jeremy Thake: No, you’re welcome man. Best to help you.

Dux: I recall the very first time we’d a job interview a lengthy time ago at SharePoint Conference.
Jeremy Thake: Right. Really, which was funny since it involved how would you react should you weren’t in SharePoint.

Dux: Yeah. And also you stated you wanna be considered a president.

Jeremy Thake: And That I stated I’d be president.

Dux: Actually. Well…

Jeremy Thake: I most likely would perform a better job this time around.

Dux: Exactly. Don’t forget enter into that. Anyway guys, awesome time at Ignite. Take a look at Jeremy Thake. Follow him on Twitter. Take a look at all his operate in Azure. Up until the next episode, thanks. Bye.

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