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Dynamics 365

Wow! How much of an recognition it’s to possess James Phillips, Corporate V . P . at Microsoft come along for today’s episode of Dux Quax, giving us an initial-hands perspective on Microsoft’s Business Applications like Dynamics 365, the brand new “Power Trio” of PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow, and just what we are able to expect to in 2017.

Using the recent discharge of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has introduced together CRM and ERP right into a single business process suite. Mixing by using the productivity tools of Office 365, it’s poised to alter the way you work. Taking it one step further, the development of the ability Trio in 2016 has opened up the doorways for business users so that you can rapidly and simply develop apps without resorting to development sources, providing them with the opportunity to interact with the information they require by themselves terms. And with all the feedback loops Microsoft has produced, 2017 will certainly be considered a year for refinement to higher tailor these effective tools to satisfy customers’ needs.

Get every detail within the interview below, and achieve to us @meetdux and @jamesmphillips on Twitter together with your ideas and questions!

For individuals who have no idea, James Phillips is really a corporate v . p . and also the gm of Microsoft’s Business Applications, Platform and Intelligence (BAPI) organization with more than 2,500 team people around the world. His teams build and operate an array of services and products, including Azure Application Service, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Azure Portal, the Dynamics 365 ERP group of products (AX, NAV, GP and SL) and Microsoft’s business intelligence products including Power BI, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile (iOS, Android and Home windows apps) and SQL Server Reporting and Analysis services.

Dux: Hey, everyone, this really is Dux again with another episode of Dux Quax. While you remember, we’re doing finish of the season, recap, news, what’s happening at Microsoft. So I’m very fortunate right now to have James Phillips beside me. James, why do you not introduce yourself?

James: Sure. Thank you for getting me incidentally, Dux.

Dux: Obviously, obviously.

James: So I’m James Phillips. I’m a company v . p . at Microsoft and responsible for several products including Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow, that is things i think we’ll talk most about today.

Dux: Awesome, so you’ve were built with a busy handful of several weeks, right?

James: I’ve were built with a busy few years.

Dux: There you have it. So let’s discuss Dynamics 365. I am talking about, everyone is happy. We have lots of great feedback from customers. So in the finish during the day, what’s Dynamic 365?

James: So Dynamics 365 is really a, it’s a mix of what accustomed to formerly be disjoint business applications. So CRM was once its very own silo, ERP was once its very own silo. Dynamics 365 brings it altogether and combines and integrates with Office 365. So we have this particular service that enables you to definitely change how you run sales, marketing, operations, your financials, even capital management in Dynamics 365 integrated with Office 365 that supports productivity enhancements. And thus this stuff together provide, we feel, the industry’s only well-integrated mixture of a spanning business process suite along with a productivity suite introduced together. Dynamics 365 includes that which was formerly two very disjoint choices in CRM and ERP.

Dynamics 365
Picture of Dynamics 365 from Microsoft blog

Dux: And, boy, this really is this kind of exciting time, especially each one of these technologies relaxing in the Cloud. As customers, we are able to register and make the most of it. But talking about integration, where does PowerApps are available in? Where does Flow are available in? Do you use it with? Or just how can customers maximize individuals technologies because certainly, they have it, right, Office 365 and Dynamics 365?

James: Absolutely. Yeah, it comes with it, while you stated. So PowerApps and Flow are a couple of services which are really just generally available, just made generally available a week ago, plus they offer a couple of things. Around the PowerApp side, the opportunity to very rapidly and simply, without writing code, to produce mobile apps or web applications. As well as on the Flow side, again, without writing code, through simple drag/drop/click, to integrate systems like Dynamics 365, and Office 365, and SAP, and Salesforce, and other things which you may have into some automated workflow. And thus apps somewhere, automated Cloud-located workflows on another side, however they interact too so that you can trigger one of these simple flows from the PowerApp.

Dux: You realize, I had been very impressed with Flow whenever we were talking about this before this recording. When Flow arrived on the scene, I began utilizing it and, boy, it’s not only easy, you are able to really make sophisticated kind of applications or logic. And also at the finish during the day, it simply makes my existence simpler. I’m able to automate a lot of things that we typically would do by hand.

James: Actually.

Dux: And i believe that’s the ability. And it is not just restricted to me like a technical or perhaps an IT person. The objective of that, too, is we wanna empower our business users so that you can get stuff done, right?

James: Actually. So it kind of follows healthy what we should did with Power BI. Power BI was kind of the key of the items we known as the ability trio. Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow form what we should known as the ability trio and, kind of so as, enables anyone…you know, we have this mantra at Microsoft, “Five seconds to register, 5 minutes to wow!” And thus each of the services that you’re seeing us create were really centered on how can we, I type of hate this word but I’ll utilize it anyway, how can we democratize, how can we open the opportunity to interact with your computer data, to construct applications where you can slowly move the needle for the business, to orchestrate processes that tie your systems together without requiring a PhD across scalping strategies? And thus, glad it had been helpful for you so we think and you’ve seen it’s helpful to a lot of, lots of people who, in the past, might have had to go into line behind scarce development sources to get their demands meet, which often means their demands went unmet.

Dux: I am talking about, just considering this, it clearly ties using the vision of Microsoft, like empower every person on the planet. And when you consider the good reputation for Microsoft which company, of all of the technologies that arrived on the scene, from Office, speaking about democratizing, during the ’80s, not everyone might have a spreadsheet, right, unless of course you possess an account you’ll have a spreadsheet, but we don’t consider it any longer. You appear at SharePoint today, it’s grown a lot. It’s ongoing to develop however it democratize collaboration and teams cooperating. Which next-gen solutions, Dynamics 365 and along with AppSource, now, we’re empowering the company centered on how can they be their task finished, the work they do done, their business effective with this particular solution that’s already available. It’s really exciting.

James: Yeah, we’re excited. I’m glad you’re excited because you’re the one which matter.

Dux: Exactly, exactly. Now, this really is great stuff, it appears like. Again, you’ve got a busy few years.

James: Yes.

Dux: What’s coming for 2017?

James: So, you realize, it’s interesting. Should you go over the this past year, we’ve introduced a lot blog. I am talking about, PowerApps, Power Flow, Power BI grew to become generally available, Functions, Microsoft Stream. I am talking about, we actually have this firehose of innovation available on the market. And, you realize, I believe the following year, honestly, is destined to be characterised by, you realize, spending considerable time kind of ensuring it all fits in place now. We spent considerable time getting items to market. Now, we wanna crystallize individuals things we introduced towards the market and certain they integrate perfectly and certain that we’re hearing customers who are attempting to utilize it, rely on them, to ensure that we are able to enhance them.

And thus as the this past year possibly would be a year of effective building, this can be a year of maturing in lots of ways as well as listening and understanding, did what we should introduced in to the market meet the requirements precisely since it will not do? And thus where are we able to go learn and adjust and then improve? And extremely, this season is all about, I believe, maturing each one of these solutions that people work so challenging to your hands over this this past year.

Dux: So talking about maturing and ensuring each one of these technologies that you simply released there the customers committed to are, in the finish during the day, worthwhile on their behalf, are helpful on their behalf, what advice can you give customer regarding how to consider many of these because as if you stated, right, it’s a fireplace hose?

James: Yeah.

Dux: Some customers might be overwhelmed for them which is great, but in the finish during the day, we’ve got to obtain our business moving.

James: Yes.

Dux: What are the infant steps can you recommend, if there’s any, about how customers should be considering these technologies, and just what to tackle first and just what to tackle next, etc.?

James: Sure. So, you realize, the simplest way to obtain began is to utilize out-of-the-box applications, clearly. You realize, if you’re able to employ Office 365 or Dynamics 365, you have apps that simply work as they are that permit you thru a simple sign-up and thru lots of careful thought regarding how to adopt these applications inside a Cloud where you can become very productive and move that needle for the business. So I’d start in the application layer, also it doesn’t have to be our applications. It doesn’t need to be Dynamics 365 or Office 365. AppSource is really a wealthy catalog of applications that will be ready to go. You’ve, at this AvePoint, many in AppSource already and thus that’s the simplest spot to get began.

And so the next easy spot to go is thru such things as Power BI and PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, where should you not have precisely the thing you need as they are but you wanna build something that’s very specific for your business, your organization, your industry, you have tools now within this power trio that let you get it done with no time, expense, complexity, price of custom database integration. But you’ve always got that escape hatch too. It sits beneath all this. And thus we have this very vertically integrated stack. Beginning at the very top is definitely easiest, working the right path lower since you need more personalization. And again, we’re trying to provide you with click stops even there.

Dux: Awesome, and one thing, too, as well as for individuals that aren’t familiar, aside from these great technologies, I’m very impressed using the sources Microsoft provides around more concepts beyond technology, right? Like adoption, for instance, Office 365 is a superb resource center as part of FastTrack. If you visit, lots of great sources about how you receive began, the way you plan, and just how you consider adoption over the stack.

James: Actually.

Dux: So it’s a thrilling time indeed and, you realize, again, there’s a lot coming, so that as someone, we’re excited too about how we are able to help our customers to benefit from their investment and also be their business.

James: Fantastic.

Dux: Now, before I allow you to go, James, you realize, this really is such a…we understand why time. Before I allow you to go, should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

James: Let’s see, I believe, therefore if I believe across all of…I think I’d opt for HoloLens, really.

Dux: You’re destined to be HoloLens?

James: Yeah, I believe so. You realize, I believe HoloLens, in my experience, is possibly the…you know, basically consider my existence and that i consider what’s gonna change my existence, taking into consideration the capability to have mixed reality, you will know, to possess our entire history hovering alongside your mind as I’ve got a conversation along with you or to go searching the area and obtain insights from exactly what, you realize, which i see before me…

Dux: You’re speaking about BI, right?

James: You realize, it’s game altering. I am talking about, it truly can alter the way in which we all do things, that people communicate with one another, therefore i think that’s what I must opt for.

Dux: That’s awesome. And, yeah, my boy continues to be requesting that for Christmas but it’s still not…well, from the cost perspective.

James: Yeah, yeah.

Dux: I’m gonna wait.

James: I wanna become your boy if you are getting HoloLens.

Dux: Yeah. However with that, James, again, appreciate your time and effort. I be thankful.

James: Thanks, Dux. Best to help you, of course

Dux: Same here. Make certain everyone checkout Dynamics 365 and make the most of PowerApps. And thus, before the next episode, thanks and we’ll help you. Bye.

Dynamics 365