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Should you didn’t know that Microsoft supplies a free Azure Blob Container to companies moving to Office 365, you’ve now learned! What exactly would you get together with your free Azure Blob Container? And much more importantly—how would you secure one for the migration?

Before you decide to launch your workplace 365 migration, here’s an introduction to just what what these new canisters are, their limitations and the way to procure your personal free storage.

What’s the Free Azure Blob Container?

Basically, Microsoft is providing a totally free Azure Blob Container for organizations utilizing their new SharePoint Online Migration API to get at Office 365. This can be a temporary Azure container that’s produced instantly whenever you execute migration jobs while using latest API. When the data continues to be effectively ingested in to the Office 365 tenant, the container is stored for data retention purposes for fourteen days. Presently, the only method to utilize this new technologies are by moving to Office 365 through an independent software vendor (ISV) like AvePoint.

Exactly how performs this help my Office 365 migration?

Azure Blob Container speeds up Office 365 MigrationYou will find three obvious explanations why Microsoft’s latest Office 365 migration incentive is particularly appealing for businesses undecided: reduced migration cost, zero configuration self storage units, and added security. Let’s have a much deeper dive into individuals details below:

1. Reduced Office 365 Migration Cost: The saying “Free Azure BLOB Container” is appealing by itself, but there’s two important additional costs your company is able to escape:

  • Azure Subscriptions and Storage Plans: While data at work 365 could be located using separate cloud storage vendors, data are only able to be gone to live in Office 365 through Azure. Using the free Azure Blob Container supplied by Microsoft, organizations no more require an Azure Subscription or Storage Intend to migrate to Office 365.
  • Transactional Costs: Besides the actual self storage units, there’s additionally a network of related costs to deliver data interior and exterior the Azure Blob Storage container(s) known as “transactional costs.” Though these are a couple of cents per transaction, when you’re coping with terabytes of information, individuals couple of pennies can also add up rapidly – causing additional costs towards the overall migration project.

2. Zero Configuration Self Storage Units: The Azure container can be obtained without any configuration needed. This is particularly useful for:

  • Hybrid Organizations: Hybrid customers with on-premises infrastructure no more have to obtain cloud storage to be able to experience elevated migration speeds towards the cloud while using latest API.
  • Organizations with non-Microsoft ‘office’ 365 Infrastructure like a Service (IaaS): For organizations with Office 365 subscriptions utilizing a different cloud infrastructure vendor, co-existence is essential. Though Azure is needed while using the latest API, the brand new Microsoft provided Azure Blob Container allows users to keep their non-Azure cloud infrastructure while still leveraging the API emigrate to Office 365.

3. Added Office 365 Migration SecurityAmong the greatest hurdles any business faces before and through the Office 365 migration process is the amount of security around its data. Using the Microsoft-provided Azure container, content won’t be encrypted throughout the packaging process but additionally throughout the transition from on premises towards the container. When the content is incorporated in the provided storage container, yet another layer of file encryption is put into the information resting.

These enhancements are essential leaps from Microsoft to help ease concerns associated with a organization searching emigrate to Office 365. Make certain you’re much more made by installing a totally free copy in our “Best Practices for Office 365 Migrations” white-colored paper!

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