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SharePoint is creating a comeback.

You’ve heard me express it before. You’ve also most likely heard it in the media as well as some heads at Microsoft.

What do customers think?

When Microsoft unveiled The way forward for SharePoint at Bay Area earlier this May, a great deal was guaranteed for them around the roadmap. At Ignite this season, Dan Holme, the Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint, required serious amounts of let me know upright what customers consider the product’s new vision and just how they’re finding the updates delivered during the last 5 several weeks.

Dan Holme - lessons learned from microsoft ignite

Dux: Hello everyone. Welcome to a chapter of Dux Quax at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. Beside me is Mr. Dan Holme.

Dan Holme: I understand it’s my first Dux Quax episode, so I’m happy to be around.

Dux: So Dan, why do you not introduce yourself. I know everyone knows you, but simply to make certain we achieve to individuals who have no idea you yet, who’s Dan Holme?

Dan Holme: I’m the Director of Product Marketing for SharePoint, so I’ve got a couple of great people on my small team who attempt to tell others about all the innovations we’ve delivered in SharePoint.

Dux: Wonderful. Well, Dan, before we hit on Ignite, There is to inquire about you, how was the Olympic games?

Dan Holme: Oh, these were amazing. So, you may already know, I recieve the recognition really of employed by NBC throughout the Olympic games. I support all the Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint. It was my sixth Olympic games together, my third summer time games, in Rio, also it was something I had been really searching toward a lengthy time. Also it was remarkable. It surpassed my expectations, both from the professional perspective in addition to just from your amazing perspective.

Dux: So SharePoint would be a critical platform for that team?

Dan Holme: Absolutely. Like lots of organizations, NBC uses SharePoint to collaborate and automate business processes. So almost everything to the moment your camera rolls has some touch to SharePoint.

Dux: Awesome. Now, that’s really exciting. So Ignite. Exactly what do you consider 2010 Ignite? I know you are able to compare it from last year’s Ignite.

Dan Holme: Well, 2010 Ignite is much like incredibly different. The power here’s remarkable. People really observe that SharePoint originates back, really. And just what people missed the SPC previously, here they see plenty of SharePoint sessions, plenty of bulletins, plenty of forums, plenty of these wonderful 20-minute sessions that MVPs are giving in channels and they’re seeing the delivery of all the vision that Shaun organized on May fourth.

Dux: Awesome. Awesome. So within the last four days, you realize, I know you’ve spoken to numerous people, customers. Something that stands out of the conversations you’d, especially on SharePoint?

Dan Holme: Yeah, I believe the factor that sticks out most is individuals are really beginning to understand the worth that Office 365 brings that enhances what they’ve been doing on prem.

Dux: Sure.

Dan Holme: Previously, I believe lots of people viewed Office 365 instead of running SharePoint inside a data center. Description of how the see such things as Microsoft Graph. They begin to see the collaboration abilities that are members of groups like Planner and individuals types of things and say, “Wow, individuals are things we simply only have never had the ability to do on prem. How can we get our on the job individuals?”

Dux: You realize, that’s an excellent observation because for myself…I live and operate in Electricity, use public sector. It isn’t even a choice anymore. And they’re not considering where, well, it’s just moving a VM or SharePoint to Azure, but it’s each one of these advanced workloads that there isn’t any way you could do this it on prem.

Dan Holme: Right.

Dan Holme Blog - CTA Post Ignite

Dux: And they’re even thinking beyond, right? Like on Monday, Keynotes, each one of these cognitive services, AIs, bots, lots of goodness in Azure. I heard there’s over 60-something odd services now in Azure. And individuals are planning on, “How will i maximize that?” using their SharePoint investments too. They couldn’t did it on Prem.

Dan Holme: Exactly.

Dux: So it’s really, really exciting. Now, after Ignite, what’s on tab then?

Dan Holme:
Oh, there exists a pretty busy time approaching. We’ve internally a celebration known as “Vision Day,” where engineers meet up and share what they need to complete for the coming year. It’s a…they refer to it as just like a trade event. I refer to it as similar to a higher school science fair.

Dux: Nice.

Dan Holme:
With booths, with card board cutouts and mockups of what they need to complete, so we reach enjoy their vision after which see it arrived at fruition next year. Then most of us have the MBPs seriously the very first week of July…November, sorry.

Dux: November.

Dan Holme: Yeah, it’s that soon. After which it’s conference season, so we are traveling around the world. And I’ll be clashing with you in places like Stockholm and Vienna and Haarlem, holland.

Dux: Actually.

Dan Holme: All sorts of other great places.

Dux: It’s funny like, Dan, due to technology, we believe prior to the world is really big, but it’s by no means, right? We’re all connected within this community.

Dan Holme: Indeed. It’s an incredible community and There is to state, you didn’t prompt me with this, but partners like AvePoint are clearly major factor of this community.

Dux: Thanks. We truly appreciate that.

Dan Holme: Since you solve trouble for customers, you drive them together, which help them understand how they may arrive at the cloud and how they may better manage their atmosphere to enable them to concentrate on solving business problems. And that’s huge. Because within the finish, that’s what we’re about, right?

Dux: Absolutely. Meeting small business and solving problems. Now, Dan, before I allow you to go.

Dan Holme: Yeah.

Dux: Apart from SharePoint, if you’re a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Dan Holme: Oh, man. That’s a great question. I believe I would need to pick Wunderlist, which is always a brand new Microsoft product.

Dux: Wunderlist, actually.

Dan Holme: And it is because, to begin with, I really like the truth that the Berlin Wall paper’s the default, and that i love Berlin. But more than that, it’s since i really personally couldn’t do without Wonderlist. It’s the way i keep an eye on exactly what makes my thoughts after which it frequently goes other areas, however it starts in Wonderlist. I’d like individuals to depend on me around I depend on Wonderlist.

Dux: There you have it. And is that not a German acquisition, a German company?

Dan Holme: It had been. Absolutely.

Dux: Then it’s Wunderlist.

Dan Holme: Wunderlist, right.

Dux: Ja.

Dan Holme: Wunderbar.

Dux: Okay. Danke. But Dan, many thanks. Awesome time within Atlanta and searching toward all of the goodness that’s appearing out of your team.

Dan Holme: Many thanks, man, always great to determine you.

Dux: Okay. Well, thanks, everyone. Up until the next episode. Bye.

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Dan Holme, lessons learned from microsoft ignite