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If I needed to select one factor at Ignite 2016 that actually set the burning it had been Office 365 Groups. Though it’s existed since 2014, this season Microsoft dedicated over 200 sessions in their greatest conference for this feature alone! And even though you weren’t at Ignite, your inbox is probably filled with news about all the additional features Microsoft has generated on the top of Groups in only the final couple of several weeks.

But what exactly is it about Office 365 Groups which makes it this type of hot subject? To discover I requested Christophe Fiessinger, program manager around the Office 365 Groups Team, to provide me the elevator pitch. Hear what he’d to state below!

Christophe Fiessinger lessons learned from microsoft ignite

Dux: Welcome to Dux Quax. We’re still here, the first day, Microsoft Ignite. It’s been an extraordinary epic event. Beside me is Christophe. Christophe, why do you not introduce yourself?

Christophe Fiessinger: Hello everybody, this really is Christophe Fiessinger. I’m a course manager around the Office 365 Groups team.

Dux: Office 365 Groups. I am talking about, the past few days, I have seen lots of blogs, bulletins and all sorts of that. Inside a couple of minutes, your elevator pitch, what’s Office 365 Groups and why must people care?

Christophe Fiessinger: Certainly a thrilling time for you to be around in Ignite 2016, so Office 365 Groups is really a key component for group collaboration 365. Whether you’re focusing on files, whether you’re delivering emails, whether you’re ending up in people, Groups is among the key component that will help you change from task to task.

Dux: Christophe, There is to confess, right? I still love my email and boy, with Groups, I possibly could try everything through email using the goodness of the SharePoint library and also the approaching integration potential with Yammer. There is my OneNote notebook, so just brilliant. I really like Groups.

Christophe Fiessinger: Glad to listen to that.

Dux: So let’s discuss Ignite. So what’s happening at Ignite? Any sessions, what exactly are you as much as? Would you like to tell everyone?

Christophe Fiessinger: I’m just chilling out, but seriously we have about 14 group sessions now. So I’m doing one tomorrow, overview on roadmap at 10:45, and we have lots of sessions, whether it’s 200, 300, whether it’s education. The best way to use Groups. How can you migrate DL to Groups? There exists a dedicated session about how is Yammer likely to integrate with Groups. We have lots of SharePoint sessions speaking about how exactly they integrate with Groups. We have customer successes which are speaking regarding their journey to Groups.

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Dux: Awesome.

Christophe Fiessinger: So certainly lots of content. One factor I wish to connect is we have a passionate Office 365 Groups booth at work Expo Hall. Therefore if you have questions, you need to speak with experts from Redmond, never be shy. If you want to obtain a hug, seriously over.

Dux: There you have it. Well, There is to let you know, talking about customers, actually that’s…we announced a week ago how we’re supporting Groups, the entire lifecycle management, and extremely we’re getting lots of good feedback around using Groups and also the adoption of Groups, so that’s just phenomenal. And yeah, just make certain you want to work booth like Christophe states. There is a dedicated booth. Now, we’re in Atlanta. Here’s your old stomping ground. Whatever you miss within this town?

Christophe Fiessinger: I miss the meals, There is to state.

Dux: Southern food, it’s about Waffle House, Varsity.

Christophe Fiessinger: Nothing wrong with this. Cobblers, everything with butter is grits.

Dux: Peaches, right?

Christophe Fiessinger: Have you ever had jalapeno grits yet?

Dux: No, I’d Coca-Cola butter yesterday.

Christophe Fiessinger: Have you ever had your sweet tea nights and days?

Dux: No, I can’t do this. That’s too sweet for me personally. So listen, before I allow you to go, Christophe, apart from Groups, if you’re a Microsoft product, what will you be and why?

Christophe Fiessinger: Excellent question. I believe I’ll be considered a Sway.

Dux: Sway, you will be Sway, why?

Christophe Fiessinger: Yeah. I believe only the modern…the fact that you could perform a mash-track of different content.

Dux: That’s awesome, yeah?

Christophe Fiessinger: I believe that’s most likely Christophe. You are able to bring different content, it’s very visual, very tactile.

Dux: Actually. You’re artistic.

Christophe Fiessinger: Yeah, I am not artistic, but it’s awesome, it’s Sway.

Dux: It’s Sway, right? Remember, Christophe Sway. Thanks, Christophe, always great to determine you, my pal.

Christophe Fiessinger: Thanks, guys.

Dux: Make certain to look at Office 365 Groups. Till the next, help you.

Christophe Fiessinger: Thanks.

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