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SharePoint Annoucements

Hi ya’ll! In within this edition of Dux Quax, we’re speaking SharePoint bulletins at Microsoft Ignite 2016.

It’s been an very exciting year with the major SharePoint bulletins made at Microsoft Ignite. Who much better than Bill Baer, Senior Technical Product Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint, to speak to about all of the working hard Microsoft has place in evolving features and abilities for on the internet and on-premises?

Within this interview, Bill and that i discuss the Ignite 2016 opening keynote, recent SharePoint bulletins, so we discover which Microsoft product Bill could be (apart from SharePoint).

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Dux Raymond Sy: Hey everyone. This really is The First Day of Microsoft Ignite. Thanks for visiting another edition of Dux Quax. Beside me, There is Bill Baer. So Bill, exactly what do you consider the keynote today?

Bill Baer: Yeah, I believe the keynote was great. We delivered lots of very good news. Lots of news, not just about SharePoint however a ton news nearly the Microsoft stack, everything that can be done more.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Bill Baer: So it’s been an excellent morning to date. Exciting occasions.

Dux Raymond Sy: I am talking about, I had been sure Julia will give SharePoint a shout out, lots of Azure goodness, but what’s happening for you personally now? Are you able to give everyone a fast highlight of the items you’re likely to cover, bulletins, all the good things around SharePoint?

Bill Baer: Yeah, exactly. If you saw our blog today, we have numerous great SharePoint bulletins coming. Everything if you are on-premises, or perhaps in the clouds, or somewhere in-between with hybrid, we announce [SharePoint 2016] Feature Pack 1, with a lot of new grade hybrid value, a lot of new value we accrued directly away from Office 365.

Additionally, it includes a lot of feedback that people caused by UserVoice. Therefore we provide the new feature pack on the blog today that we’re likely to speaking about thorough throughout the path of a few days. We announced some good something totally new around OneDrive for business and file security, a brand new white-colored paper around that, enhancements to Delve. So it’s likely to be a thrilling week for SharePoint.

Dux Raymond Sy: Man, it’s too hard to maintain. One factor I’m very impressed with is, particularly with UserVoice, when that first arrived on the scene, everyone was like, “Are they likely to listen?” But, you realize, if this rains, it flows. There’s a lot stuff coming and we have 23,000 people here now. It’s insane. And, you realize, on the top of those bulletins, I know the sessions will be great. Are you currently delivering a few sessions?

Bill Baer: Yeah, There is like one session tomorrow, but really There is a number of sessions tomorrow, effectively during the day, a lot of conferences Wednesday, after which There is sessions on Thursday, so it’s likely to be a fairly busy week personally, but we love to it this way. Clearly if you notice the SharePoint team in a lot of sessions, you realize we have a great deal to share.

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Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely. I am talking about I spoken to numerous customers and people listed here are like, “Yeah, we would like to understand more about SharePoint, SharePoint Online, hybrid, lots of nutrients.” So guys, make certain, follow Bill Baer on Twitter. You need to see here his Twitter handle now.

Before I allow you to go, Bill, apart from SharePoint, should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be?

Bill Baer: That’s really an unexpected question, but when I needed to sit here and consider it for any minute, I’m a fairly some guy. I’ve existed for any lengthy time. So Schedule Plus could be my choice.

Dux Raymond Sy: Schedule Plus. Why? The reason for an agenda Plus?

Bill Baer: I’m most likely among the couple of people still at Microsoft that transmits an e-mail that states, “Send me an S+.”

Dux Raymond Sy: There you have it, so that’s what S+ means. So…

Bill Baer: That’s what S+ means. Therefore it hearkens to the great past.

Dux Raymond Sy: There you have it. Well, awesome. Be thankful, Bill.

Bill Baer: Hey, it had been great being here.

Dux Raymond Sy: Have some fun at Ignite. Make certain I’ll help you in the Red party tomorrow, okay?

Bill Baer: Absolutely, I won’t miss it.

Dux Raymond Sy: Now, okay. Well, thanks, guys. Up until the next episode of Dux Quax.

Bill Baer: Many thanks.

Dux Raymond Sy: Help you.

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