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During the last 3 years, work 365 Network was the space for this pros, technical experts, enthusiasts, and people to share guidelines and fasten. But by September 2, that community isn’t any more. Instead is the Microsoft Tech Community: a main hub for the discussion and discussing that occurs not only inside the Office 365 community, but communities around SQL, Azure, and finally all Microsoft’s services and products.

The purpose from the update would be to better help it to Pros flourish in their roles. A minimum of that’s what Anna Chu, Partner Marketing Manager and Community Lead, explained whenever we chatted at Ignite. Watch our interview to understand more about this latest community and the best way to join the conversation!

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Dux: Hey, gang. Welcome to another episode of Dux Quax. At Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta. I’m so excited right now to be talking to Anna. Anna, why do you not introduce yourself?

Anna Chu: Hi, everybody. I’m Anna Chu, I’m the city lead for Office 365 and I’m even the lead for Microsoft Tech community.

Dux: You realize Anna, I’ve been hearing a great deal concerning the Microsoft Tech community. Do you know everyone what that’s and just how is that this related to work 365 network or otherwise? And I know everyone would like to find out more and find out how they may participate.

Anna Chu:
Yeah, without a doubt. Therefore the Office 365 network, we closed it lower in September and it was once around the Yammer platform. We now have the brand new Microsoft Tech Community that replaces that. And it is beyond Office since it doesn’t…it’s not known as work 365 Community. We’ve incorporated Azure, we’ve incorporated Home windows Service SQL Server and we’ll be adding more products included in this uber community too. So consider the Microsoft Tech community like a community of communities.

Dux: First got it.

Anna Chu: So a minimum of you’ll have a conversation about Office 365 after which discuss Azure within the same breath, right?

Dux: Absolutely.

Anna Chu: So that’s a primary reason why because we understood that people must be bigger, we wanted to develop a trail so we also must be more open to people.

Dux: Absolutely.

Anna Chu: The issue with…and it isn’t so always an issue, however the way Yammer is, is it is made to be supporting internal systems.

Dux: First got it.

Anna Chu: So employees…

It’s authentication and all sorts of that, yeah, yeah.

Anna Chu: Actually. So there isn’t any way that you could even look at Google or Bing and really find something for the reason that Yammer community.

Dux: Sure, that’s true. That’s true.

Anna Chu: It simply wouldn’t be listed in search.

Dux: First got it, first got it.

Anna Chu: Therefore we required an excellent setback and considered what exactly is it that people wanna achieve for the reason that community. Ultimately, you want to help it to pros become more effective within their roles. Particularly with the cloud, it’s just altering all of the time…

Dux: Absolutely.

Anna Chu: And also the speed of attempting to maintain things are very hard, so you want to make that understanding that’s always so excellent appearing out of the city to become really immediately open to you. So you want to result in the community open, we would like the outcomes to become listed in search. And thus that is among the primary explanations why we shifted…

Dux: First got it. So walk me through…as I realize, right, so your house, specifically for watching people this, if I am not area of the community — I know we’ll place the URL, people can register — I’m able to go and study, inquire, people for assistance. Who must i expect to stay in the city? Would be the Microsoft folks there, customers, MVPs or who’s there?

Anna Chu: Yeah, exactly, everybody that you simply named immediately. So you’ll expect product engineering team from Microsoft, you’ll expect MVPs, and many in our MVPs happen to be a very pivotal a part of helping us grow this community that is great. We have individuals that are customers, those who are partners, those who have some value to supply, right?

And so…but in the finish during the day we all know that many people would like to dip their foot within the water out on another really understand seeing their first publish, they would like to have the waters for a while. So the opportunity to look is completely open, you realize? So even though you didn’t wish to sign in, you simply desired to look around, there’s absolutely ability to achieve that, so we formerly couldn’t do this.

Dux: I am talking about, I really like this. Like a regional director and MVP myself for Office, it’s an excellent, more consolidated method to engage, as if you stated, overall. Now, how about, I know there’s other channels available like Technet and all sorts of that? Is the fact that there or how do you use it? Could it be exactly the same factor?

Anna Chu: Yeah, it’s there. I am talking about, Msdn forums, Technet remains. But we’re creating a concerted effort to consider how you can consolidate all individuals different communities within the most thoughtful way. Because in the finish during the day, Msdn, Technet, it’s a mainly, well, I’d say certainly Msdn more developer community. So we’re just attempting to prioritize the IT pro community. We have to have that right and also have a really strong test situation and consider, will the developer community need such like? Will it need something that’s a little augmented from that?

So yeah, but certainly consider the long run as you will see one uber community. Likely it’s the Microsoft Tech community but all of these are stuff that have been in motion at this time. And also at this era we’re inside a condition of perpetual evolution.

Dux: Absolutely. I am talking about, much like what Julia stated today, IT, innovation, transformation, even Microsoft goes using that, right?

Anna Chu: Certainly.

So talking about Julia and Ignite, ideas to date? I am talking about, is that this the first Ignite, second Ignite?

Anna Chu: Yeah, it’s really my first.

Dux: Oh wow.

Anna Chu: My first Ignite. I’ve never visited a celebration of the scale before. I’ve visited many occasions, visited Atlanta, Georgia before and I’ve never witnessed anything only at that scale. It’s type of crazy.

Blog CTA_Webinar_Ignite_Post Ignite Webinar_800x150 (1)

I had been area of the whole B team planning this complete bit also it wasn’t until it reached on the floor today that I’m like, “Oh my goodness. This expo hall is the greatest expo hall I’ve seen.” You will find partners everywhere. Microsoft includes a massive presence in the center of the expo hall too. Plus, we’ve this unique hang space, that is in another hall, where individuals are relaxing. Microsoft Tech community can there be too and we’re registering individuals to join Jeremy’s Ignite Studios where he is doing you realize, the Microsoft Mechanics.

Dux: Mechanics, yeah. They’re filming there, right?

Anna Chu: He’s doing lots of filming there too. So yeah, there’s a lot activity happening and that i are only able to realise why many people could be like…even once they arrived at the Microsoft Tech community, they think overwhelmed because there’s just a wide variety of products that you could discuss.

Dux: Absolutely.

Anna Chu: And making this within its real physical sense. And So I highly recommend anybody who involves Ignite to certainly join the Microsoft Tech community because it’s like…you simply need to have a breather and merely relax and…

Dux: And that’s where one can keep associated with everyone, right?

Anna Chu: Actually. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dux: And today, talking about products, I must inquire before we remove here, should you be a Microsoft product, what will you be and why, Anna?

Anna Chu
: Oh, goodness! This can be a really tough question. I am talking about, I belong to work 365 team, so it might be remiss of me not saying Office 365. However that product has always talked to me because in the finish during the day sturdy making people more lucrative and I’m about that, I’m about collaboration, I’m about transparency.

Certainly one of my personal favorite products is Delve Analytics since you can really really see, inside a minutia view, how shall we be held spending time and shall we be held spending it the proper way?

Dux: Exactly. And from your business perspective, I am talking about, where are you currently? Are you currently around the average or are you currently around the extreme?

Anna Chu: I’m pretty extreme. At this time there’s lots of red happening, mainly in the lead-as much as the wedding. Actually, on my small after-hrs, I had been searching pretty bad too. Usually sturdy 10 is the goal and mine is much like from the charts.

Dux: Guess what happens we ought to do? We ought to do public shaming, we ought to publish these.

Anna Chu:
Oh, I’ve already done that to myself but it’s a lot more like, “Hey, have sympathy for me personally because I’ve been so overworked.”

Dux: Okay, well, following this week, you ought to be fine, right?

Anna Chu: Yeah, I’m certainly taking 2 days off. I’ve been working a few days ago, and so i take some time off work.

Dux: Okay, gang, Anna Chu. Make certain you join the Microsoft Tech community. And up until the next episode of Dux Quax. See ya.

Anna Chu:
See ya.

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