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Rumor has it that in 2016 Microsoft made the monumental decision to forgo a possible purchase of Slack for $8 billion and rather expand on their own existing Skype for Business design. This brought to the development of Microsoft Teams, which since its launch in 2017 has altered the sport for enterprise collaboration services.

Following the launch, in only under 3 years, Teams arrived at 13 million daily active users if this required Slack six many years to achieve ten million.

On the top of the, Microsoft lately announced getting over 20 million daily active users, that is only 10 % from the 200 million Office 365 commercial users.

Despite this development, though, IBM announced it might go all-in and deploy Slack to the workforce of 350,000 employees, formally which makes them Slack’s greatest customer yet.

This heated collaboration war begs the issue: What draws users to Microsoft Teams over Slack and vice-versa?

Both of these collaboration platforms, although similar initially glance, are worlds apart within their design and structure.

If you wish to know which of those platforms is the best for both you and your business, here are a few key variations to become conscious of when creating your decision.


Which of those platforms provides you with the very best value for your money? Well, this will depend on which you’re searching for.

For just one, if you are a small company or maybe you’re searching try it out from the platform, both Slack and Teams offer very generous free intends to start.

Microsoft Teams and Slack Free Abilities

  Microsoft Teams Slack
Max users 300 per org Limitless
File storage 2 GB/user and 10 GB of shared storage 5 GB total
Guest access Yes No
1:1 and group online video and audio calls Yes Yes
Funnel conferences Yes No
Screen discussing Yes No
Application integration Limitless 10
Chat messages Limitless 10K newest messages
Two-factor authentication No Yes

However, large and growing teams will rapidly have the limitations of those plans.

For compensated plans, the Slack Standard Plan–currently costing $6.67 per user monthly–gives users limitless message background and limitless integrations, with file storage lingering at 10 GB per user. Using the plan, there is also exterior collaboration and security abilities.

For that Microsoft Teams Business Essentials Plan–currently costing $5.00 per user monthly–users can also enjoy 1 TB per user for OneDrive personal file storage, file attachments in chat, and file discussing within teams and channels. The program also adds on security and compliance and administration abilities, in addition to additional Office 365 services including SharePoint, Online, Yammer, Planner, and Stream.

Out of the box it, Microsoft Teams isn’t a standalone product. It comes down being an add-up with any Office 365 plan. But Microsoft suits companies associated with a size with the different plan option tiers they provide.

Features and Abilities

When choosing your platform you need to think about: How can this platform improve the way your workers work?

The less the employees have to leave the woking platform, the greater they are able to do. Consequently, Slack and Microsoft Teams are jam-full of features for example integrations, meeting, and funnel abilities where you can stay inside the platform and work efficiently.


Teams and Slack have a lot of bot and application integrations to enhance the consumer experience. For application count, Slack knocks it from the park with more than 1,500 third-party apps for users to select from.

Teams, however, builds from the effective Office 365 platform to supply seamless and effective integrated apps in addition to third-party apps.

On platforms, users will find assistant bots for example Slackbot for Slack and Who bot for Teams that will help answer their questions.

Many Slack users are huge fans of Slackbot since it streamlines their tasks. Including being able to access and setting personal reminders and answering questions regarding Slack like a platform. The feature is definitely accessible beneath your direct messages.

For Teams, the Who bot is operated by Microsoft Graph and may help users find business information according to names or topics. For instance, you are able to ask an issue like “Who is aware of user research?” and obtain the solution in line with the individuals your business. To gain access to the bot, type /who within the command box towards the top of Teams or click on thewithin the left navigation menu to gain access to Who.

Two significant applications unique to Microsoft Teams would be the free apps AVA and MyHub. AVA is really a effective backup chatbot that may restore lost and deleted content within Office 365, and MyHub is a cloud governance application that enables users to provision workspaces in policy without resorting to IT. These applications might help admins avoid unnecessary overhead and provide users the autonomy to assist themselves.


Slack and Microsoft Teams both include online video and audio discussing. But Teams was constructed with Microsoft’s experience serving companies small and big together with communication applications, so it’s natural that Teams goes far above using its meeting abilities.

Slack provides one-on-one bringing in its free version which upgrades to fifteen participants with screen discussing capacity when utilizing a compensated plan.

With Teams, however, despite the disposable version you are able to host conferences with as many as 250 people. Whenever you upgrade towards the compensated plan you should use Teams live occasions for hosting large conferences, webinars, and company-wide occasions with as many as 10,000 attendees inside or outdoors your business.

Microsoft Teams includes other nifty features for example meeting tracks, scheduled conferences, background blur, and the most popular, screen sharing…without getting to begin a gathering!


Slack and Teams are generally established to have private messaging and channels that you could easily access in the left sidebar.

In Microsoft Teams, the opportunity to produce a structured “Team” within the application adds extra security and knowledge management abilities by enhancing content structure. Whenever you produce a Team for every department or project, a passionate Office 365 Group is produced and integrates they using the other applications obtainable in Office 365.

These integrations incorporate a SharePoint Site, OneNote, Planner, wiki page, Group calendar, and distribution current email address. As well as, you may also add private channels which adds a burglar barrier for subsets of users inside the Team.

In Slack, you can’t have channels inside a funnel. Presently, the only real workaround for this would be to name the channels in a manner that they reflect sub-channels.

Based on Slack, there’s no such factor as “too many channels.” However, the opportunity to produce a team after which produce a funnel within that team is a big benefit to managers. Without it ability, it is a lot more hard to contain sprawl and also the proliferation of collaboration groups inside your atmosphere.

Security and Compliance

One sector that Microsoft Teams truly shines through is within its administration controls and knowledge security.

Microsoft Teams and Slack offer data file encryption and compliance certification for example ISO/IEC 27001 in addition to two-factor authentication. However, Microsoft shows us the way they prioritize data security using their four tiers of compliance frameworks. Microsoft Teams is categorized as Tier D-compliant, meaning it’s in the greatest degree of compliance commitment and all sorts of its services are enabled automatically.

In situation that wasn’t enough, Microsoft Teams offers admin controls which are more extensive than every other platform. Modifying member, owner, file, and SharePoint permissions are only a couple of types of how granular the controls could be. There’s also available DLP and knowledge governance controls that may affect chat content and also the files in Teams.

Read much more about these controls in the best Help guide to Microsoft Teams Permissions.

Key Variations

Like a Microsoft product, the combination between your Microsoft Teams platform and Office 365 is seamless. It’s not necessary to depart the applying to operate on Word documents, PowerPoint slides, or OneNotes, and its not necessary to upload and download your video and document files to gain access to them.

With regards to Microsoft Teams, the emphasis depends on the requirements of enterprise collaboration. What this means is elevated security and compliance measures and seamless integration with workspace applications.

That stated, people love using Slack. Slack has spearheaded a brand new and fun method to collaborate at work via its many integrations featuring.

Slack’s greatest downside, though, is it doesn’t inherently integrate with any abilities outdoors of file storage and chat. Consequently, companies have to pay extra for other tools if they would like to edit or organize collaboration content and have email services.

Consequently, companies frequently end up saving cash by relocating to Microsoft Teams because the least expensive Office 365 plan which includes Teams continues to be less expensive than Slack’s least expensive plan.

microsoft teams

Recently, you’ve seen increasingly more companies migrate from Slack to Teams, especially considering Google’s announcement of their growth and development of an enterprise communications application.

Because Google includes a robust partner ecosystem and it is likely to consolidate its services for example Hangouts Meet, G-Suite, along with a real-time message application, it’s making companies take into account that it’s the start of the finish for Slack.

As of this moment, though, Slack and Microsoft Teams would be the leading chat collaboration platforms as well as their likeness is essential to have an efficient, modern workplace. However in this heated fight is the better platform, which are you going to choose?

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