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Hi ya’ll! Spring has sprung here in america, and it is an ideal chance for any refresh. Yes, it’s great to complete some cleaning throughout the house, however in this situation I’m speaking particularly about switching up the way you use our colleagues every single day. Microsoft Teams continues to be generally available Office 365 enterprise customers for around per month, helping people better collaborate having a chat-based workspace. It’s certainly already made an effect at AvePoint!

However, many organizations continue to be getting up to date around the new offering from Microsoft or still thinking about whether or not to adopt it. Yet others, like Office 365 Government customers, don’t yet get access to Teams. That is why we partnered with Microsoft and Avanade to create a web seminar that introduces Teams and shares real use cases that will help you see its value.

Within this web seminar, we covered:

  • Exactly what the Teams interface appears like
  • Connectors obtainable in Microsoft Teams
  • Technical needs for Microsoft Teams
  • Features and functionality around the Microsoft Teams roadmap
  • How collaboration has altered within the last 3 decades

Watch the Microsoft Teams is here now web seminar recording when needed:

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Dux: An excellent day, everyone. Appreciate joining us. I’m Dux Raymond Sy with AvePoint and we’re very excited today to possess a phenomenal conversation with buddies from Avanade and Microsoft to speak about Microsoft Teams. Since Teams arrived on the scene in preview late October, there’s been lots of buzz, lots of great feedback, and lately, Teams went GA, and boy, you’ve seen lots of love and excitement in the broader community. Just how better for all of us to understand more about it and extremely discuss what we should have today and just what don’t be surprised later on. We have our colleagues around here, Dan from Microsoft, and Michelle from Avanade, making this exciting.

Once we feel the presentation today, only a highlight from the agenda. We’ll reach meet our colleagues. We’ll discuss exactly what the world is much like today around collaboration. Michelle will share their experience at Avanade and just how they use customers, and most importantly, where Teams easily fit in this picture. After which Dan will give you a Microsoft Teams overview, discuss the business value, and typical use cases that buyers are leveraging Teams for, and what’s coming. And I’ll spend a couple of minutes just speaking about when you should use what. We have lots of great questions before this web seminar. Individuals are asking about, “Well, if Teams is excellent, so how exactly does it fall consistent with the rest of the workloads at work 365?” So I’ll talk about that briefly and just how it requires other technologies like Groups and SharePoint generally. After which we’ll open it up up for the Q&ampA and panel discussion.

So with this, only a quick summary of everyone. Again, i’m Dux. I function as the CTO at AvePoint. Very grateful to become a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director. And I’ve been working in this subject for more than 15, 16 years. So again, appreciate joining us. Hey, Dan, why do you not introduce you to ultimately everyone?

Dan: Yeah, hey, thanks, Dux. I’m Dan Stevenson. Very excited to become here with everyone. Sometimes at Microsoft on Microsoft Teams. I’m among the product management technical managers for any good slice of the merchandise, in addition to our customer engagement programs. And I’ve been at Microsoft really 14 years by 2 days from now, and that i formerly labored in Skype for Business along with a couple of other products.

Dux: Happy anniversary.

Dan: Thanks.

Dux: Michelle? Welcome.

Michelle: Hello, everyone. Thanks, Dux. Thanks, Dan. I’m Michelle Caldwell and that i work on Avanade. My regular job at Avanade is I’m the The United States Digital Workplace Director, and I’m also honored to become a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director. So thank you for joining us today. And That I guess it’s morning for me personally, not morning for everyone I’m around the west coast. And let’s go on and transfer to the current Collaboration Journey. So, Sometimes with clients every single day about how collaboration has altered, and we’re going to speak about that to type of introduce us into this subject around Teams.

Today’s collaboration has altered a great deal, and I believed relating to this once we were being prepared for this web seminar. And merely the context of even how my very own collaboration working at organizations during the last fifteen years has altered and just how Sometimes with various teams. And also the technologies have just really altered the way in which we’re in a position to collaborate. Such things as smart technologies, AI, cloud computing… once we consider bots and such things as that, this stuff weren’t even around ten or fifteen years back. The knowledge has changed dramatically. I had been out hiking in Camelback Mountain yesterday and my lady I had been hiking with had a Skype call right near to the summit. And I’m like, “Ten years back, we couldn’t happen to be carrying this out. We couldn’t happen to be working while hiking Camelback Mountain or being able to possess a business conversation simultaneously.”

Now more than ever before, it’s considered business-critical. We’re still accustomed to getting access how to a wide variety of consumer-based encounters which are, in some instances, greater grade previously than we’ve had the ability to get hold of inside the enterprise. That it is really altered the way in which we glance at just how important it’s to supply a good collaboration experience for workers. Employees really worry about their collaboration environments, and we’ll talk within a couple of minutes concerning the generational variations in the way they see this type of stuff. But more youthful generations do worry about getting frictionless collaboration and the ways to do this in an exceedingly simple way.

And companies must empower their workers. There’s nobody-size-fits-all any longer about how exactly teams wish to interact so providing them with the chance to pick what’s likely to perform best on their behalf so we enter into the utilization cases, again, I’ll walk-through a number of what he’s seen, and individuals are selecting individuals journeys. But having the variety of teams to select how they would like to best product together is important.

So it isn’t what it was once. Article marketing is not only Word and Stand out or PowerPoint. The way in which we create content has altered a great deal through the years and continuously quickly transform. It’s not only about meeting rooms and email threads any longer, or texts, or Skype, or video chats. There’s a wide variety of ways, a wide variety of channels by which we are able to collaborate. Having the ability to bring that in most into one cohesive experience is one thing since I see lots of companies are attempting to get a grip on, and i believe what you will see today is the fact that Teams… is possess the capacity of getting many channels together for teams to have their work done.

Ideation is not nearly Publish-It notes. For individuals individuals that know me and also have labored beside me previously know I’m an enormous fan of Publish-It notes. I’m an innovation games company. And thinking company and all sorts of that stuff really requires lots of that hands-on, Publish-It collaboration. But ideation is performed in a wide variety of ways nowadays that it is not solely Publish-It note-only territory any longer.

No more done just in location. Work can be achieved anywhere. A good example I pointed out earlier, hiking up a mountain. And individuals want so that you can operate in an adaptable manner, and many organizations are actually searching at, “How will i release my employees to operate in occasions perfect for them and ways perfect for them, as well as in locations perfect for them?”

Working isn’t just sitting at the desktop or perhaps your laptop. It’s almost table stakes, really, to possess something which views mobility and multi-funnel or multi-device nowadays. Organizations that do not empower which are getting a very difficult time retaining talent and attracting new talent. So it’s no more something that’s a “nice to possess.” It should be a part of what you’re considering when we’re considering collaboration.

Understanding management is not only structured folders or huge file shares. There’s a lot understanding being taken now in a wide variety of channels. I speak with customers constantly about individuals which are using enterprise social channels like Yammer. After which a lot understanding being shared over such things as IM and chat, and email, as well as in documents. How can they make the most of that? Continuing to move forward within my slide here. After which lastly about this slide, employees demand environments which allow these to collaborate.

It’s not only about technology. We need to think about… and we’re considering “How will we offer an atmosphere where our employees could possibly get the work they do done in a manner that feels empowered and frictionless?” We need to take a look at how teams interact. No two teams typically will collaborate exactly very much the same. And we’ll talk a bit about a few types of some team collaboration journeys here in just a minute.

We really should consider the ways that they communicate the way they share and capture understanding. Again, I do not observe that as being a massive one-size-fits-all within organizations any longer. It’s becoming harder to possess that right answer which will suit everybody. So getting a means by which your understanding management policies could be flexible to aid how teams do, that understanding capture and discussing is important.

How individuals are connecting within and outdoors of the organization to obtain that actually work done. Discussing and openness, this can be a big trend using the more youthful generations. It normally won’t operate in this siloed atmosphere. They share to understand, they ask lots of questions. They’re not scared to become really open and transparent about things they’ve known and things it normally won’t know. So having environments where that may be supported is essential.

Culture. I only say this a great deal to people after i go use them. Culture eats technique for breakfast, right? You could have the very best-laid plans, however if you simply ignore your culture and also you don’t focus on “How are people really working today, where could we’ve possibilities to boost that or evolve that?” You will be passing up on a significant chance. Mindset after which experience will also be big factors in the way we approach modern collaboration.

Technologies are important. I shouldn’t state that it isn’t. This complete call is all about teams and technology. It’s an enabler, though. And we must know how our teams wish to interact to ensure that we are able to best connect that technology to aid and guide that collaborative atmosphere.

It may also move quicker than your company. Lots of clients are battling using the pace of Office 365 and just how much blog is originating through every single day, each week, each month. You are able to build ways of assist with this. At Avanade, our tenants are mainly on automatically with new abilities. There’s been a few technologies folded within the this past year that people opted to show off for a short time of your time to possess strategies around… for all of us, individuals were such things as Delve. We’d several things, when Delve came on automatically, that people recognized a lot of our security wasn’t just as tight with a lot of our content once we thought. Therefore we needed to roll it back and re-think our strategies against the way we were handling our cms and understanding management, and just how i was protecting certain kinds of data.

So completely can empathize using what organizations are dealing with with that front. But getting strategies round the abilities which may be disruptive versus ones that could be enablers, it’s vital that you find out the difference.

We spoken a bit about culture today already. So being really honed in to understand your culture. And culture within certain teams can be quite different. Again, much less of 1 corporate culture as really the best way to make these decisions. It’s understanding team by team or group by group the subcultures which are there, particularly when make certain with technologies like teams, and all sorts of individuals can simply best be leveraged.

After which supporting our business. Tie a few of these abilities and enablers to the overall business strategies. It allows us to make sure that we still get executive support when we’re searching at moving out technology like Teams.

So a few several weeks ago, there is a chat that certain of my colleagues did together with his team around Groups. Wictor Wilén can also be another MVP that actually works at Avanade. And That I updated the information to mirror the U.S. workforce. The one which we did a few several weeks ago reflected the United kingdom workforce. And also the figures were pretty close, however they were slightly different. We all do possess a bigger number of Generation X and Y and Z workers within our workforce already compared to the United kingdom. Which means this becomes much more highly relevant to the U.S. workforce and Canada workforce which may be located on this call now we have a lot of more youthful workforce add our workforce today where technology like Teams really assist them to type of create their very own collaboration journey.

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