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Jay is really a Solutions Architect with AvePoint Public Sector (APS). In the role, he needs to operate like a proper lead across all pre-sale’s possibilities. He leverages Microsoft Teams daily to coordinate using the entire Public Sector organization. If anybody understands how to have a conversation thread going, it’s this person! For part five of the series, let’s observe how Jay has aided APS within the continuous adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Name: Jay Leask
Location: Arlington, Veterans administration
Current Role: Solutions Architect (Pre-sales)
A word that best describes the way you work:
Controlled-Chaos (hyphen causes it to be a word, right?)
Mobile phone of preference:
I miss Home windows 10 Mobile, but Android is my visit – attempted and true. Presently I’m utilizing a Samsung S9+
Computer of preference:
The Top lines are FANTASTIC and that i &lt3 my 13” Surface Book 2

To obtain began, please inform us just a little regarding your background the way you reached where you stand today.

I’ve been employed in technology since 1997 after i would be a Network Administrator for any CPA firm about 35 employees managing a Novell network. Since that time I’ve labored in the back-finish (including like a server manager, Database Administrator, and .Internet developer) towards the front-finish (graphics and website design, HTML, and nearly every web technology).

I’ve also spent a while running federal IT projects and managing communications with finish users. However, I’ve discovered which i enjoy myself most when I’m helping solve problems. The Solutions Architect role at AvePoint enables me to assist customers fully define the issues they’re getting and identify solutions from inside the Microsoft collaboration stack to resolve them.

Describe your workspace setup and just how technology supported that prior to the Microsof Teams rollout.

I’m in a standing desk having a stool, a padded pad, a couple of images of my loved ones, and a few of my personal favorite popular culture toys. I personally use 2 large exterior monitors linked to my Surface Pier, so my typical workday has 3 high-resolution screens before me. Just like a typical technologist, I did previously live higher productivity of Outlook than I’d loved I’d tasks spread across Outlook, a group task board, and publish-its. We used Skype for Business and texting for just one-to-one messaging, with random other tools for occasions when needed. It had been a little bit of chaos, but we managed to get work.

Using the rollout of Microsoft Teams, how has APS expanded we’ve got the technology set to higher support your workspace expectations?

We’ve fully accepted work 365 stack. We’ve defined when you should use what (e.g., OneDrive for private projects, and SharePoint sites – through Microsoft Teams – for project and client content), we’ve trained and retrained staff on which to not use (e.g., despite finding yourself in Office 365, we no more use Skype for Business unless of course specific client limitations don’t permit Microsoft Teams conferences), so we regularly update our policy in line with the latest tools available.

Because the rollout we’ve fully accepted Microsoft Teams because the primary platform for interaction, but we’ve also re-accepted SharePoint for which it’s proficient at. We’ve defined our policies, documented our abilities, organized our documents and purchasers materials, so we track our possibilities in lists linked to Dynamics CRM. We’ve also accepted a few of the new tech:

  • Microsoft Forms for collecting data
  • Flow for moving tasks along right recipients
  • Planner for tracking activities and deliverables

The important thing, though, is the fact that it’s all tied together in Microsoft Teams, where our account teams have access to everything via a single interface.

What exactly are bots and just how has APS cheated them?

APS began having fun with bots quite rapidly. Bots are applications for the reason that communicate with the finish user, supplying various abilities via a chat-driven interface directly within Microsoft Teams. That’s the important thing: these bots keep the users in Microsoft Teams, solidifying it as being a main collaboration hub and cutting lower around the application drain many finish users cope with. Some bots we’ve performed with include:

  • AtBot – Certainly one of my personal favorite bots happens to be AtBot by H3 Solutions. My first interaction with AtBot was witnessing its integration using the AvePoint platform, which permitted finish users to have interaction with this governance platform to request new Team Sites in SharePoint. To have an finish user to merely type “AtBot, I want a brand new SharePoint Team Site” and become without effort walked with the process was spectacular. Nowadays, AtBot supplies a simple interface by which organizations can define workflows with Microsoft Flow which, coupled with Microsoft AI for language processing, become immediately surfaced as abilities for finish-users to speak to. These may try everything from workplace automation, to getting together with applications like ServiceNow, to scheduling conferences.
  • Jira Cloud Bot – Jira enables you to definitely communicate with work products from inside Jira directly. Look for and make work products, assign these to others, election on their own relevance, and edit their content. This bot brings the rugged capacity of Jira’s work management tools straight to your finish users who may only have to briefly communicate with them, (ideal for our pre-sales engineers).
  • Polly – Polly supplies a simple polling solution directly inside the chat interface. We used Polly whenever we required to gather opinions on set options and wanted quick interaction. I remember when i heard a technologist discuss how he produced a shortcut for opening Notepad, cutting the procedure lower from 10 key presses to 4. That can be a appears silly, should you open Notepad 50 occasions each day, that’s 200 key presses each day, 1000 per week, and 52,000 each year it accumulates. So when looking to get individuals to answer polls, there’s nothing beats simply pushing a control button to interact people for convenient feedback. Polly’s interface is ideal for this kind of work.

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  • WhoBot – This really is my absolute favorite bot for convenient productivity boosts employees. How frequently must you know who someone reports to? Or you never know in regards to a specific subject?
    • Reporting structure: simply type “/who Dux Raymond Sy’s manager?” and WhoBot provides you with their contact card.
    • Subject Material Experts: Type “/you never know about bots?” and you’ll have a listing – according to multiple factors including individuals who talk about bots in discussions you can get – that won’t only let you know once they publish about Teams however when others tag that individual in conversations about this
    • My personal favorite: Have to search your email? “/who’ve I emailed about AvePoint” and bam – a summary of search engine results.
  • AVA – I’d be remiss basically didn’t place a short blurb about AvePoint’s latest entry into the field of bots, AVA. Once set up in your solution, AVA interacts with this back-finish Cloud Backup means to fix enable finish users to revive their very own content without resorting to helpdesk engagement. When a user engages AVA, she walks you thru locating the data that’s lost, navigating version control, and restoring the information in-place or out-of-place, all while respecting the safety from the original document.

As you can tell, bots really are a huge a part of why is Microsoft Teams a platform you are able to exercise of, not merely another application users need to make sure to open every single day.

microsoft teams

What’s your very best time-saving shortcut in Microsoft Teams?

There’s two simply because they tie together.

The very first is to make use of subjects inside your posts. Threaded posts inside the Microsoft Teams discussions are perfect methods to organize content. APS results in a new threaded publish for every chance a free account manager is engaging their Virtual Account Team (VAT) on. That publish begins with a title (just click the Format button and also the title option seems), which title can help you organize things.

I recommend using some type of naming convention. For example, at APS we use the specific customer and just what the chance is perfect for. Why? Because more essential than organizing things inside a discussion, this should help you find them…which results in my next second time-saving shortcut:

SEARCH! I can’t express it enough. Each time our Account Managers complains about the inability to find something by navigating into it I help remind them of search. Simply type what you’re searching for within the search header and BAM it’s there. Should you not visit your content, and I’ll say this noisally, Look Into The FILTERS.

Filters within search are extremely relevant here. Click on the filter button and (this is when the prior suggestion is necessary) type the specific customer or product in to the filter, as well as your results become SUPER relevant. You may also scope looking to some specific Team or Funnel, time frame and, knowing who authored the information, scope it towards the user.

So how exactly does AvePoint ensure all of the Teams being produced don’t get beyond control?

There’re a couple of things worth mentioning here, I believe bullets can make it easier digestible:

  • Manual Governance is really a factor. You need to Produce a plan, whether it is formal or informal (e.g., our naming conventions are informal, but everybody will it). You need to decide who are able to create Teams, who should create Channels, who are able to organize content. At APS there exists a manager that has, incorporated within their job, down to making certain Microsoft Teams stays organized properly. This isn’t a regular task, however this way everybody knows “If something is wrong, ping Mike.”
  • AvePoint Governance Automation – each time Microsoft opens a brand new endpoint for his or her Application Protocol Interface (APIs) AvePoint adds that capacity into our GA platform. GA can help you centralize demands from finish users, also it enables you to definitely build business protocols so individuals demands could be automated. Does someone desire a new Office 365 Group? Don’t send these to IT and block your helpdesk, send these to GA and also have it instantly decide how to proceed. There’s a great deal to digest here, however this simple concept goes a lengthy way.
  • GroupHub – Groups and Teams can certainly get beyond control, specifically for the finish user who, before they are fully aware it, will fit in with 500 groups and Teams. GroupHub provides them a central location not only to see the things they fit in with, but manage everything too. I’ve got a hub for those content associated with large clients. I’ve another hub where I organize all groups associated with our products. And there’s another hub where all groups associated with our Client Services division reside. The good thing is the fact that just one group can fit in with multiple hubs it’s all in the way the finish user really wants to organize it since the finish user knows just how they would like to surface that content. GroupHub also provides them quick links to handle the particular groups they own, and visit the group content like SharePoint, Teams, Planner, etc.

How can you tell folks outdoors of AvePoint?

While Microsoft Teams and Office 365 can handle exterior discussing, AvePoint It’s not enabled it. So, exactly what do we all do? AvePoint Perimeter is our go-to solution. Perimeter is really a solution which helps the discussing of Office 365 happy to exterior users by replicating that content in to the DMZ and building safety measures around it. Just click “secure share” from inside SharePoint, select who you need to share it with, what period of time you need to share it with, and also at what security level (read-only, edit within the browser, download, upload and download new versions), and you’ve effectively shared your articles.

We uses Perimeter constantly to talk about contracts with customers. The good thing is the fact that when their legal team has red-lined the document, it will get instantly replicated Back to SharePoint like a latest version of the identical document, and that i get notified. It’s an enormous lifesaver, particularly with large files.

Another feature of Perimeter is geolocation: content proprietors can restrict use of content within certain distances of the given map point. The iPhone and Android Perimeter application then use that mobile device’s Gps navigation plan to identify high-resolution and verify access rights. It’s a terrific way to ensure secure and private information isn’t opened up within the local cafe next door out of your office, for instance.

Complete the blank: I’d like to see ____ answer exactly the same questions.

H3’s Matt Wade! He must have some interesting insights into the way they folded out Microsoft Teams.

What can you recommend to some business unit who would like to unveil Microsoft Teams?

I really like Microsoft Teams, with no hesitation. Listed here are my quick steps for achievement:

  1. Do It Now! Get the early adopters and tech-savvy employees and insert them in it. Never be relaxed about this either, no “see what you believe.” Make sure they are begin, both ft, making them feel secure. It isn’t disappearing in a few days this really is their new solution.
  2. Kaizen is the friend. Live it! Kaizen is really a business philosophy produced in Japan driven by two core concepts. The very first is continuous improvement. Your Microsoft Teams rollout isn’t complete. It might be mature and it will have plenty of users, but it is really an ever-altering atmosphere that may be leveraged to constantly solve new problems. The 2nd principle is include everybody. Kaizen was initially produced to incorporate everybody in the Chief executive officer towards the set up line workers. Anybody might make a suggestion, and every recommendation had exactly the same weight. A Chief executive officer in Kaizen-driven organizations may be the proper leader and decision maker, although not more essential than your mailroom clerk or janitor. Without these line workers, it’s not necessary a business.
  3. Communicate. I am unable to overemphasize this. You have to inform your users what’s coming, whenever you roll it you have to let them know what’s there, after which after they get it you have to let them know again. Microsoft Teams will transform the way your finish users work, and it’ll transform the way your IT staff works together with your finish users. For me, Microsoft Teams is among the first tools I have seen emerge from Microsoft which will truly transform the way you work, and it’ll achieve this for that better.

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