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If you use others frequently at the office, you’ve likely heard someone make use of the phrase “teamwork helps make the dream work” after finishing a task. Whether their Shakespeare-level rhyming ability is met with groans or guffaws, they’ve had a point.

Working together is vital for the prosperity of any enterprise, and this goes true for software too. Quite frequently, softwares could be improved or tailored to a particular needs with the help of complementary software. Or, within the situation of Microsoft Teams and Yammer, they may be area of the same overall suite of tools which are all designed to work as complements to one another.

Which means this raises the subject of the recent web seminar of ours, “Microsoft Teams and Yammer: Better Together.” I was pleased to possess a large response also it was obvious that there’s significant interest in the market about how exactly these power tools complement one another. Here is a part of that web seminar transcript, that was presented by Naomi Moneypenny, senior product manager at Microsoft and our CMO Dux Raymond Sy. Hopefully you like and discover something!

Dux: Hi everyone. Hello. Good mid-day. Good evening. Wherever you’re in the planet, I’m so excited to become here today together with my close friend Naomi Moneypenny once we spend the following hour speaking about Microsoft teams and Yammer Better Together. I’m Dux Raymond Sy, and I’m with AvePoint, and been very, very honored and grateful that I’ve been employed in this industry within the last 15, 16 years becoming a Microsoft regional director in addition to a SharePoint MVP. So, Naomi, choose to introduce yourself and obtain us began.

Naomi: I’d like to. Many thanks, Dux. So really excited so that you can discuss this subject too, because long is near and dear to me, so really appreciate everyone joining today. I’m Naomi Moneypenny. I’m a senior product manager at Microsoft, and that i take care of the worker engagement and social internet spaces at Microsoft, and so i get to speak about some really amazing technologies we have included in our toolkit and extremely consider the way we may use all this amazing toolkit together and a lot of different abilities. So excellent to become here. Thank you for getting me.

Dux: Awesome so for today we’re likely to cover lots of nutrients. We’ll get began speaking by what the current workplace appears like today. We’ll discuss inner loop collaboration, outer loop collaboration. Exactly how should we ensure governance, and lastly the way we can drag sustainable adoption around these great technologies. To kick us off, Naomi why do you not get began painting the image of the items the current workplace appears like today, and just how Microsoft examines it.

Naomi: Sure. I believe it’s an excellent question because we have seen that constant evolution within our workforce, therefore if we consider a few of the amazing trends which are happening, we’re really searching at this millennial audience arriving using their influence around tools and technologies and just how we rely on them each day.

We’re also simply because individuals are spending much more time employed in teams and collaborating compared to what they ever did before, and so i think the amount is one thing like five occasions as numerous teams when you are collaborating on before, and it is really considering individuals different areas and just how important it’s within the organization.

However when we consider that collaboration it desires to consider the way in which we make use of the tools for individuals specific purposes, and thus whenever we take a look at Office 365, we have seen a wealthy group of abilities and exactly how that people think that actually work is engaging work or jobs are altering.

It truly comes lower to the way we work now versus the way we work later on, and thus whenever you consider what the field of work appears like at this time, it’s really remote workforce, people looking to get things done no matter where they’re.

So we are generally traveling today and that’s what goes on, right? And thus we’re working we’re still producing great content but still being productive people in our our organizations, however the teams and exactly how that people collaborate within the organization has essentially shifted for that reason.

Another piece which i think is important is searching in the others within our organizations that could formerly not have access to been a part of our information workers, and thus we glance initially line workers, for instance, we consider the method in which individuals are connecting and driving ideation from those who possess the most touch points with maybe it’s a producing process, maybe it’s customer support inside a retail location. Wherever it’s, we’re really having the ability to make use of the talent and also the creativeness of those wherever they’re over the organization.

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Dux: And that’s a really, excellent point. I am talking about I know everyone is experiencing the background backdrop we’ve, but look, due to technology and due to what Microsoft offers, everyone provide basically an entire collaboration solution.

Now, there’s not really a 1-size-fits-all and i believe this really is one critical facet of how work has altered, the way you collaborate, the way you communicate. This will depend what we’re doing and also the tools that people need varies, and i believe that’s what Microsoft offers inside a secure platform integrated experience and most importantly, especially nowadays, security and compliance is really a critical facet of these abilities too.

Naomi: Exactly and i believe that built-in security and compliance aspect is one thing we hear all of the news within the consumer space at this time, it’s something we can’t underestimate within our organizations, and also the challenge will get much deeper and much deeper, especially inside the security area, because when you’re visiting different locations as most of us have in our cellular devices, we’re logged up with our work machines. We’re logged up with the house machines.

We’re logged up with our cellular devices, our tablets etc, and most of us have of this use of that data, so we need that not to compete having the ability to be productive, so building for the reason that security model, getting one sort of group that perhaps a burglar group which goes across all the various toolkits we have, after which having the ability to reuse that security group, and also have it’s dynamic and then change when individuals leave or change various areas of the business really, really key.

Therefore we do collaboration and we’re building this stuff in to the tool kits. It’s vital to consider how shall we be likely to refresh this. How shall we be likely to bare this secure and compliant within the organization, however how can we make certain it doesn’t obstruct to do actual real work constantly.

Dux: Now, talking about this toolkits, Naomi, are you able to speak with us much more about the way you consider these power tools in the kind of collaboration people do? I understand there’s information available. Microsoft has released for this idea of inner loop and outer loop, and most importantly how other workloads squeeze into this picture.

Naomi: Yes, absolutely. I’d like to. And So I think it’s again, because there’s this type of wide range of abilities at work 365, it sometimes can seem to be a bit confusing, and thus you want to consider clearly. At the start we actually began with email.

It’s that targeted communication. It’s that certain technology that many individuals your business get access to, but it is also the origin of a lot grief and stress within our organizations, because we can’t maintain it. So the level of email arriving. I understand everyone struggles with this particular each day, and thus that amount of email, and often it may be that sheer volume problem, however other occasions it may really seem like email isn’t quick enough.

It’s another some of it. It’s like feeling the messaging that you’re going forward and backward, and you’re doing collaboration together with your project team, and it is like it isn’t going quick enough for which I want, and thus whenever we consider this we actually consider the type of the following bit of it, which is usually the scenarios that you’re focusing on inside your organization, and thus whenever we consider within the organization you want to connect broadly over the organization.

You want to connect different functions. Maybe you need to drive better worker engagement by having the ability to connect our leaders with employees making that transparency and the top of the mind really happen to ensure that individuals open conversations can happen, therefore we also consider how can we transcend business structure and exactly how that individuals do learning and development.

So perhaps communities of practice. Maybe it’s something similar to all the project analysts and the organization together. Maybe it’s all the financial folks in the organization or those who are just employed in exactly the same area.

So whether you’re researching different practice areas and you’re building expertise, or you’re creating a community of great interest, ladies and technology or whatever it is. That is also an excellent loop, an excellent a part of that business scenario, and thus whenever we consider that outer loop scenario, we consider Yammer is having to pay that primary kind of interface for your, and that’s not saying it’s not supported by all technologies at work 365, but it’s type of that place where one can connect people over the organization to maximise the creativeness they have, and type of really use that like a spot to drive more innovation, drive more ideation and drive more agility within the organization.

However whenever we actually want to consider what we’re doing from the collaboration perspective each day, this is where I truly use teams, and thus with teams there’s my hub for collaboration, and it is really considering how do you reach my project deliverables, how do you use the main group which i use each day, and making this the part where if email doesn’t feel quick enough, this is exactly what teams is about right.

So because it’s like rapid iteration we have, both understanding for instance, “Hey Dux, have you update slide five?” “No, I did not. I’m awaiting the figures from Sarah” is of individuals types of collaboration, but might not be helpful to others outdoors in our project team, but within that core team it’s so important, and thus getting all individuals things in one location. The information that you simply focus on, the files that you’re focusing on, your planner board, what you can do to possess conferences directly within that place too. Everything kind of for the reason that one central hub really helps me to obtain my core work done faster.

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Then when we consider it, it’s really searching at both collaboration from that which you do across the organization, how do you broaden and fasten within the organization, after which how do you really focus lower with what we’re doing within the core deliverables you’ve each day. I am talking about the middle there, because it’s Office 365.

This is among the advantages of getting that collaboration platform that can help to provide that universal toolkit. We’ve both SharePoint, that is really your backing for the intranet, your cms, all the files you must have stored, the web pages, the way you put news out within the organization, therefore we also consider stream like a core component in the room because video exactly like you and that i right now…

Dux: Exactly.

Naomi: Video is actually that core component within the organization, and it is really type of the brand new type of document. Then when we consider this too, getting individuals such things as tracks which are originating from teams.

If you are recording conferences, for instance. You need to have individuals tracks be accessible in stream, after which, for instance, in Yammer if you are doing leadership connection and broadcasting by helping cover their a kind of all-hands kind of meeting, getting all that video content be around too, and thus we actually consider that core group of areas, the web pages, the information, the documents, this news you’re focusing on, along with the video. So hopefully that provides a look at type of what we’re considering of all the kind of collaboration within the organization.

Dux: This really is fantastic Naomi. One nintendo wii. We’ve Skype come up here.

Naomi: Yes, it’s an excellent question. So Skype for Clients are really merging into teams. Therefore if you’re at work 365 atmosphere, you may have seen a lot of our recent bulletins at Ignite and also at Enterprise Connect, so teams and Skype for Business essentially are uniting, and thus individuals familiar encounters you’ve like doing video tracks, doing conferences, doing chat, IM, all that’ll be within teams too, as well as our customers who’re on-premises, you will see a brand new discharge of the Skype server too.

Dux: Fantastic. No, Naomi, we actually thank you for time. So buddies who’re watching this web seminar, what I will do next, I will deep dive into teams in Yammer, and before I actually do that, I understand Naomi you’re off and away to another meeting, so any last words that you would like to see everyone before we carry on?

Naomi: I believe it’s just vital that you consider the utilization cases, and that i know you’re likely to deep dive into this and also the scenarios that you’re doing every single day, the way we may use individuals best technologies. Consider the scenario and also the use situation, and just how we fit the technologies to that particular. Not trying to check out the technologies and become oriented around individuals.

So people get stuck sometimes, is that this inner loop could it be outer loop? No matter, as long as it really works at the company, [laughs] and thus really considering what’s the very best group of technologies place toward get people to connect and collaborate, engage over the organization.

Dux: Awesome. Fantastic. Well many thanks Naomi, so we expect to connecting along with you, as well as for folks not following her on Twitter, make certain you appear up Namoi Moneypenny on Twitter. Thanks Naomi.

Naomi: Thanks a lot, Dux. Bye bye.

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