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Kick your workflows into overdrive with this latest web seminar “Tailoring Microsoft Teams For Optimum Productivity!”

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Like a short reprieve in the action-packed agenda out of this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, we’d the pleasure of hearing more personal glare from Shaun Teper, Microsoft’s Mind of Teams.

Here is a quick recap of a few of the tips that Shaun covered because he reflected on his use Teams in the last couple of several weeks when they ongoing to provide probably the most essential products for business collaboration in 2020.

How has it been for your team navigating this summer time?

I was ready for the capability in our cloud services to scale up, but nothing beats what we should saw. It had been a real privilege so that you can help schools, teachers, hospitals, and organizations of any size all over the world in this crisis, particularly with Teams. We designed the expertise of Microsoft 365 to become elastic, and thus we did lots of use Azure to obtain the ability to a location where it might support vast amounts of meeting minutes each day. Which was a fascinating technical challenge.

Then we spent considerable time educating our customers and helping them to adjust to working remotely. As Satya reinforced, it has been an amazing here we are at us to understand like a company about how exactly we are able to improve our products and guidance for the customers. Together, we labored super hard. I’ve been at Microsoft 28 years which is probably the most intense and many rewarding six several weeks of my career without a doubt.

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For the reason that the years have there been anything that’s really surprised you or was out?

The interest rate where organizations of any size has progressed to the cloud. They are very thoughtful, well planned migrations and transitions for identity, conferences, documents, etcetera. We’d organizations arrived at us and say, “We will need to go. We have to go ahead now and become in a weekend.”

So, we challenged ourselves–and frankly our customers–and we could do in days what had several weeks, and actually in some instances years. So, the interest rate where we could do things only agreed to be phenomenal. I believe this is an enduring lesson for people concerning the agility you achieve with a home cloud.

While you turn to the way forward for scale communication, where would you observe that evolving?

This really is something we’ve spoken about in a lot of our sessions already, that communication normally takes multiple forms from very short messages to lengthy, thoughtful documents to 2-way discussions, live real-time conferences will all take part in it.

Again, a number of individuals is going to be 1-on-1 and a number of them a group meeting in which you attempt to rally around a shared plan. A number of them is going to be big created occasions such as this one. Another illustration of the sorts of things we’re involved with at this time may be the National Basketball Association’s playoffs within the U . s . States. The virtual fans are operated by Teams.

It’s our goal with Teams to state there is not one type of communication that’s suitable for all work. We’ll drive them together simply in one place. You want to make chat, calls, and conferences very flexible.

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Certainly one of my personal favorite things we announced today is “Together Mode” we have had out for a few several weeks. We announced new scenes just like a coffee bar scene. You are able to signal for your coworkers this isn’t the meeting where we all do the intense presentation and obtain it reviewed. Let’s unwind a bit, build social capital, brainstorm, and become familiar with one another like we did whenever we were at work or when we’d visit dinner in order to an espresso bar.

Lots of what we should are attempting to do isn’t just provide this flexible tool for communications, but additionally notice that we’re all people and you want to connect with one another better.

The way you consider blending the requirements of individuals inside a meeting room versus. remote workers joining using a Microsoft Teams call? 

That’s a really key area. Whenever we were mostly in conferences, personally with a few people dialing in for a moment, we understood how to approach that. Looking back, we didn’t cope with it too once we must have when including our remote participants. Since we’re all remote, we all know how to approach that.

We will be returning to a hybrid model. People come in work, individuals will be bringing in remote. Clearly, teams are global teams, so you’ll also have distributed attendees in conferences. Which has helped us enhance the experience of Microsoft Teams, including our Teams meeting room experience. Now you can possess a better layout from the in-person and remote attendees.

If the remote attendees are on their own, bringing in on their own home PC, or perhaps in an online office inside a conference room. You will notice an infinitely more thoughtful layout we have show up during the last couple of several weeks for that Teams meeting room experience. There will be individuals conference rooms in various locations and you will see individuals bringing in 1-on-1, and just how we lay individuals out matters. We’ll make use of a.I. for that camera and speaker recognition to assist with transcription and identification to create that have more engaging and inclusive too.

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You’re responsible not only for Teams, but additionally Sharepoint and OneDrive. How can you consider them sitting alongside one another in Microsoft 365? Will they overlap? 

Several things have altered about Ignite in that we’re not attending personally, only one factor is identical: I usually get requested, “Is SharePoint an application or perhaps a platform?”

I usually answer it exactly the same way, which is it is both. SharePoint will power some encounters across Microsoft. Every Microsoft Team is supported by SharePoint. You will get your files, your lists, as well as your websites from SharePoint inside Teams. We have hero encounters, OneDrive to browse your files, the Microsoft list application to utilize lists and, obviously, there’s SharePoint for building great intranets.

We announced today that Microsoft Teams meeting tracks and Microsoft Stream are operated by SharePoint moving forward. We’re adding video abilities towards the SharePoint platform. So, rapid version is that you simply will obviously have the ability to build the attractive intranet sites with SharePoint being an application. But SharePoint is really a platform its other apps: OneDrive, Lists, Teams, custom PowerApps, and so forth.

What we should are attempting to do is build probably the most flexible cms in the market and power these tailored encounters and where they are available together inside Microsoft teams.

The guitars–you’re renowned for them. Walk us through them.

When my children were small, I desired a spare time activity that didn’t take some time from the family and can be entertaining. So, I required up guitar training a long time ago now. I’m a big Beatles fan so behind me I’ve the (and not the original, however the same model) 12 string Rickenbacker that George Harrison performed, and also the Casino John Lennon performed around the rooftop of Abbey Road.

I only say to everyone, if you wish to do efficient at work, make certain you do efficient at existence. Take proper care of your loved ones, have hobbies. It’s been great that i can have music like a creative outlet.

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We have seen a great deal about Microsoft Teams helping our first responders. What are the tales that particularly resonate along with you where Teams helped the leading line?

Every single day we make a start with organizations all over the world. Within the first three several weeks publish-COVID, our Teams engineering team had 912 customers they labored with. Our SalesForce support organization partners use thousands of organizations so we had an opportunity to work with lots of them.

I had been speaking towards the CIO of one of these today. I did not ask his permission to talk about, but his reaction was, like a fortune 100 company, that they are stunned how quickly they could move. They could get everyone working remotely, moved their meeting experience towards the cloud, and could maintain their business going.

We get the opportunity to speak to hospitals where we find out about the a large number of physician-patient consultations done on Microsoft Teams and that’s just humbling. Within our Teams plan, we’ve multiple channels, and something may be the customer engagement funnel. Whenever somebody within the Team includes a discussion having a customer we keep these things publish it. It is among probably the most heartwarming things. Every few hrs we glance and find out the way we use the college systems, the way we use the hospitals–places like Norwell Health around the new england from the U . s . States is a big hospital system.

Just these wonderful tales where there’s feedback on places we’ve might be better. It is only humbling and galvanizing that people get the opportunity to complete what we should do here.


It had been an excellent chance to listen to glare in the last couple of several weeks from Shaun as well as an exciting prospect for searching towards the way forward for what’s in the future for Microsoft Teams. Stay tuned in or even more coverage of Microsoft Ignite 2020.

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