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You might have seen our exciting news recently about being named 2017 Microsoft Partner of the season Award for Public Sector: Microsoft CityNext – a worldwide initiative to assist local governments interact with constituents while increasing efficiency. It’s an recognition to win and proof of our persistence for serving public sector customers who consequently serve the nation.

In fact citizens are pushing we’ve got the technology envelope as governments race to trap up. Citizens are early adopters. They’re clamoring for information with the tech they will use every single day. They’re accustomed to getting their voices heard and becoming information immediately. As a result, they’re pushing public sector agencies to reimagine citizen service and engagement.

Governments shouldn’t be laggards. Plus they don’t need to be. They are able to build possible ways to interact with citizens without making major investments in training, capital, and time. Along the way, they are able to streamline their operations. They are able to develop a better citizen connectivity platform. And that’s what Microsoft CityNext is actually about.

Although not all customers realize how CityNext may take their organizations one stage further. With better collaboration and useful BI, CityNext helps municipality and infrastructure be responsive and positive. Let’s have a much deeper take a look at how CityNext brings Microsoft solutions together in a manner that is tailor-fit for local infrastructure.

CityNext Solutions

Collaboration with Citizens with Office 365

Among the key options that come with CityNext is collaboration having a city’s residents. Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous based on Pew Research in The month of january of the year. They found which more than 3 from 4 Americans possess a smartphone (that is a rise in excess of 40 % since 2011). That presents an enormous chance for municipality organizations, though couple of fully realize how to capitalize from the trend.

The CityNext initiative supplies a framework for organizations to:

  • Better comprehend the services and tools their citizens need via mobile-based technology solutions
  • Expand the crowd achieve by looking into making it simpler for citizens to interact and alert organizations to issues
  • Quickly react to citizens and enhance the speed and delivery of services over the city

Microsoft already offers lots of great tools for mobile productivity, from Power Apps for Forms to mobile use of SharePoint sites. What CityNext does is bring many of these together with the aid of the Microsoft partner ecosystem, to guarantee the information flow between citizens and also the organization is seamless.

There’s been a transfer of Microsoft’s method of collaboration that’s more dedicated to the requirements of finish users, and CityNext appears to accept same approach by putting citizens first.

Better Internal Connectedness with Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics

Collaboration has typically been about people connecting better with one another. Nowadays, collaboration means people working better with data, too. The cloud is which makes it simpler for city employees to operate more cohesively, and leverage community data to make sure citizens are becoming the very best service possible.

Azure Government is a superb method for municipality agencies to obtain began around the cloud, supplying a highly secure solution for storing and handling government data. It’s already compliant using the greatest government rules (actually, it’s an amount 5 DoD certification), and also the US-based datacenters are continually monitored. This way, your computer data is safe against cyber-thieves, but additionally designed for your business to gain access to.

We can’t mention cloud strategy without speaking about Office 365, that is rapidly being a staple in smart cloud techniques for the general public sector. Office 365 allows employees to uncover and collaborate on documents (with features like discussing, co-authoring and offline access), specifically for workers who have to be productive in the road.

Combine by using the effective BI and engagement services from Dynamics and CRM, and city organizations possess a winning combination that may not just increase productivity, but additionally spend less, keep data safer and improve relations with citizens.

Which makes it Seamless with Automation

CityNext makes cloud transformation for local governments much simpler, and partners go even more. The partner ecosystem has the capacity to plan, support and manage migrations a lot sooner, which cuts costs and reduces headaches for those who depend around the IT infrastructure to complete their jobs. Partners will also help automate many of the systems and solutions associated with CityNext to create processes smoother and much more collaborative within and between departments.

We highlighted a good example of the way a smart city may use CityNext and our award-winning AvePoint Citizen Services to deal with maintenance concerns as well as stay a measure in front of problems, by automating CityNext processes. Take a look below.

We’re planning for a web seminar within the coming several weeks to talk particularly about moving to cloud solutions within the public sector. Stay tuned in for additional info on that session, where we are able to address much more of government cloud questions. Meanwhile, I explain more details on how AvePoint supports Microsoft cloud migration for that public sector.