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I know full well that there’s been an enormous boost in Microsoft Teams usage since COVID-19 sparked an worldwide quarantine captured. This spike in adoption hasn’t missed the general public sector either inside the United kingdom regional government Teams usage has leaped from 50k in This summer 2019 to 400k in June 2020.

With increased agencies than ever before relocating to the cloud, AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy and Nigel Cottam jumped on the call with Microsoft’s Paul Doe and Agilisys’ Zoe Wilson to go over how organizations can overcome common COVID-19 challenges. Continue reading for the best solutions and tips they covered for thriving in the current workplace!

The Brand New Modern Workplace

Workplace collaboration is required even if it’s around the local or authorities level. As a result, there’s been elevated openness to adopting technology like Microsoft 365. This isn’t a brand new need, but there is a restored emergency to consider now.

microsoft 365

Dux then described that lots of organizations are concentrating on consolidating their spending. Using the global economy as rocky because it is following a impact of COVID, companies everywhere not simply want to have more at a lower price but should also make everything more manageable. Rather of utilizing Slack for messaging, Box for file management, and Zoom for conferences, Microsoft 365 is a brand-encompassing ecosystem ideal for consolidation.

Among the greatest new challenges that’s resulted from COVID continues to be maintaining an sufficient work/existence balance while working at home. Zoe and Nigel stated several key ways individuals are making certain it normally won’t overwork themselves and have plenty of time to see relatives and self-care:

  • Setting Focus assists (formally referred to as quiet hrs)
  • Using MyAnalytics to create aside “focus time” every single day and switch on automatic booking to prevent getting conferences booked during lunchtime
  • Making all conferences 5-ten minutes shorter to match breaks between back-to-back calls
  • Getting a regular “team huddle” meeting to create a number of individuals collaborative juices that flow naturally while in-office
  • Switching up daily routines to help keep things fresh while being stuck inside for several weeks on finish

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The way forward for Use Microsoft 365

There is a definite wish to continue the versatility that collaborating remotely has permitted. Having the ability to work at home as you wishes isn’t something workers are likely likely to wish to eliminate in the evening continues at work again.

Nigel pointed out that multiple organizations he’s talked to are intending to incorporating that versatility to their workflow. The bottom line is to carry on to believe employees to work where they would like to get it done. This can be a shift that will need to happen on the company culture level. microsoft 365

And it is obvious that employees in organizations everywhere are curious about possessing a few of the changes introduced about by COVID. An interior Agilisys poll Zoe shared throughout the presentation revealed fascinating insights by what employees desired to see moving forward, including 25% of employees attempting to continue working at home lengthy-term and 64% wanting some component of permanent WFH integration.

Since many organizations will probably keep having some type of remote conferences moving forward (with Microsoft Teams being an effective way to possess them), the crew shared some suggestions for productive remote conferences:

Prior to the Meeting

  • Share and collaborate on relevant information, context and files effectively before meeting

Throughout the Meeting

  • Record the meeting towards the cloud by having an audio transcript
  • Use high-quality video, blurred background live captions to boost everyone’s experience
  • Efficiently capture and assign all notes, actions, and follow-ups together

Following the Meeting

  • Follow-up and manage/track the meeting actions using Planner and also the To-Do application, which now integrates with Planner to exhibit your planned and assigned attacks
  • All of the contents from before, after and during your meeting are stored in one location
  • No one should ever miss a gathering again with meeting recording/searchable transcription and playback via Microsoft Stream

For additional on navigating COVID-19 challenges within the public sector–including training learned from organizations and the way to handle security and compliance–you can view the entire web seminar here.

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