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We’re very happy to announce the supply of AVA, AvePoint’s Va, the industry’s first bot that restores lost or deleted Office 365 content for finish users!

You are able to download AVA within the Microsoft Teams store today.

All Office 365 users could possibly get value from AVA. When they accidentally delete—or can’t locate—files, documents, or emails, they are able to talk to her directly in Microsoft Teams. She’ll instantly try a search in line with the user’s permissions as a swap, Outlook, and OneDrive’s trash can to revive the requested item.

Our Cloud Backup customers get a much greater added value by having the ability to find and restore content that is not retained by Office 365’s native backup abilities.

Reduce IT’s Burden

You could think “In what scenarios would I lose content?” The simple fact is there are many cases at work 365 where this will happen, including:

  • Bad actors who intentionally corrupt data (including adware and spyware/ransomware)
  • Lost changes where versioning continues to be disabled (surprisingly common, particularly in OneDrive!)
  • Deleted or corrupt versions of documents
  • Simple misplacing of documents by finish users

When these scenarios occur, an organization’s IT services department would typically need to go via a discovery procedure that includes checking native Office 365 recycle bins, Cloud Backup’s index, or perhaps version histories on documents when available.

AVA will mitigate that burden, departing IT to pay attention to high-impact backup jobs along with other tasks that increase the value of the business.

Empower Finish Users

AVA includes support for:

  • Filenames that can’t be located
  • Lately modified documents
  • Damaged URLs to documents and files
  • Lost emails that can’t be looked in Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Looking through user mailboxes / OneDrives for existing files
  • Checking a user’s version background and first-level recycle bins
  • Identifying recent data in AvePoint’s backup data sets

This will make the action of recovery feasible for finish users and does not want any heavy-lifting for the executive team! AVA constitutes a welcome addition to the help-desk team by respecting the safety from the user who’s performing the chat and stopping them from reaching into content it normally won’t get access to.

So, what exactly are you awaiting? Download AVA within the Teams store today!

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