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About two days ago we located our initial ShiftHappens APAC virtual conference where we asked a couple of senior leaders from government departments to talk about their success tales about how they optimised their cloud investment and faster digital and cultural transformation.

All sessions possess a consistent theme—organizational change and just how AvePoint helps you to drive that change and enhance technological adoption.

The 2 sessions we’re highlighting here will be provided by Devonport City Council and Airways Nz on what they’ve achieved on their own journey towards the cloud.

Devonport City Council

The worldwide pandemic (COVID-19) has presented unparalleled challenges for federal, condition, and native governments, who rapidly recognized that they are not well-outfitted using the technology and understanding to allow a powerful digital workforce.

Devonport City Council wasn’t one of these simple organizations because of a 2-year digital transformation journey they’d carried out from 2018 to 2020.

Devonport City Council continues to be managing a Living City initiative—the single largest community transformation initiative that’s ever happened in Tasmania—with the purpose of causeing this to be community more appealing to vacationers.

“While i was modernizing the city, we hadn’t really been modernizing the way you be employed in municipality,” stated Shaun Griffith, who became a member of Devonport City Council in 2018 once the municipality was still being outfitted with ineffective, old technologies like outdated Computers and offices which had paper stacks everywhere.

In the last 2 and half years, Devonport City Council has initiated a cloud-first technique to eliminate that old 1990s feel and look that they at work, including:

  1. Transitioning 75% from the employees to laptops
  2. Transferring core business systems and telecommunications services towards the cloud
  3. Fully utilizing Microsoft 365’s abilities for collaboration
  4. Moving the records management practices towards the cloud
  5. Rebuilding the web site which delivered 70%+ forms online

“To result in the transition, we went searching for alternative quality cloud record solutions that will overlay SharePoint, that will provide us with the amount of effective records governance that people needed. AvePoint Cloud Records absolutely was out in comparison to the other solutions available,” stated Shaun.

Devonport City Council could migrate over 1.2 milling records from HP Trim to SharePoint on the internet and manage everything appropriately using AvePoint Cloud Records before the pandemic, that has left the council is a great position to handle the unforeseeable lockdown and work at home situation.

“Our employees just transported on dealing with the period of lockdown as though there’s really been no change,” Shaun concluded.

For that full session replay, including an interesting Q&ampA portion, watch on-demand here.

Airways Nz

Beginning in 2015, rather of upgrading the maturing on-premises infrastructure, Airways NZ began its proceed to the cloud. However, once they were a new comer to the Microsoft cloud, they saw a few of the early chaos: very difficult method of searching both infrastructures inside a hybrid atmosphere, users creating groups or websites that records managers couldn’t see or access, records keeper not setup correctly to satisfy Archive New Zealand’s Mandatory Standards for Public Record Information, and so forth.

To be able to fix each one of these problems, they began to consider exactly what the perfect world need to look like and labored their way backwards after that.

“This approach we take to weren’t restricted by existing tools but able to check out the large picture and choose what tools we wanted, instead of making the various tools we already had perform tasks they weren’t always made to do,” stated Jenny Ryan, Digital Transformation Analyst at Airways NZ.

This is where AvePoint arrived to the image. After understanding Airways NZ’s small business and discomfort points, we could enable them to develop a governance structure that enables their IT team to consider back charge of the provisioning process. Rather of utilizing a standalone records management platform that does not frequently integrate with users’ day-to-day workspace, we made it feasible to allow them to leverage Microsoft ‘office’ 365 and SharePoint because the records management system that fits all of their “must-have” records compliance needs.

“We believe we are able to achieve Microsoft 365 NZ PRA compliance once all of our AvePoint tools are fully implemented,” stated Jenny.

Watch the full session recording if you are wondering much more about the way we were able to craft an answer for Airways NZ with this Cloud Governance and Cloud Records.

For additional ShiftHappens APAC Sessions, watch on-demand here.

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