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The theme of eHealth NSW Expo 2016 is “Shake up! New thinking, fresh ideas,” and you want to assist you to just do that by looking into making sure you’ve a proven method to collaborate and innovate at the organisation. We’ll attend the big event on Friday, August 5 in Sydney, and our onsite team will gladly share how our clients are maximising their SharePoint and Office 365 investments with the aid of our migration, management, and protection solutions – and the best way to, too.

When selecting the best collaboration platform for the organisation, they are three key factors:

The very first factor to think about is whether or not your overall enterprise cms (ECM) platform is enough. Assess the way your ECM has been used over the organisation to know whether you have to explore other available choices. Exist gaps in functionality that are offered in another platform? Can these gaps be addressed by adopting third-party solutions? Whether you’re with an older form of SharePoint or perhaps your own in-house system, you might be passing up on abilities in newer platforms that satisfy the unique requirements of any adverse health organization.

There’s lots of planning involved with a SharePoint migration. From performing data discovery inside your legacy atmosphere to adoption, migration can overeat of the IT bandwidth. If that’s the situation, it might be advantageous to engage a Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider whose expertise you can get for your new atmosphere securely, rapidly, and without losing data.

Evaluate your IT system to determine which you’ve, and what you would like emigrate for your new platform. Frequently, both of these situations are not equal. To optimize your brand-new atmosphere for the finish users, you’ll likely wish to reorganize content. Build this time around to your migration project planning and be sure you’ve a proven method to do this.

If you are thinking about “shaking up” the way your organisation collaborates, go to the eHealth NSW Expo booth 116 to understand more about our the way we will help you migrate to SharePoint.