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AvePoint dribbles, passes, and scores! It might be madness to not acknowledge college basketball because the NCAA tournament wraps up—and in the end, if there’s somebody that understands how to take part in the cloud backup game, it’s AvePoint!

We’ve had experience guarding Office 365 and we’re constantly trying to build our insights in to the product to determine the easiest method to run backups. The thing is, you aren’t just buying Backup-as-a-Service—you’re also buying into our expertise too. The next updates reflect our expertise that’s dribbling lower for you.

We’re making every effort to make sure we help you stay up-to-date around the issues we’ve present in your backups. Among the greatest challenges we face—and among the main reasons for throttling—are excessively large Office 365 sites, which create a high strain on the actual servers supporting the tenant.

We’ve incorporated reports to describe slowdown or slow-running jobs for your users (especially carrying out a large migration or bulk updates)!

Interested to understand more about throttling, why it takes place, and just what we’re doing to prevent it? Take a look at our lately printed blog.

Plus, now you must two primary options when managing your Cloud Backup licenses:

  • Protection for limitless users for any set per-GB license
  • Protection to have an limitless quantity of content within an organization for any set per-user license

Case a fast preview of methods we’re which makes it simpler to handle your licenses. Why would you choose either, or want some insight in regards to what might be good for you? We authored an entire publish with that too! 

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