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Still within the pilot phase of Microsoft Teams? Our free web seminar “From Take-Off and away to Landing: 6 Steps to some Effective Microsoft Teams Pilot” has your back.

Within my previous publish, I outlined how you can kickstart your Microsoft Teams atmosphere. Now it’s time for you to consider the next phase: production.

Previously, employed in an on-premises atmosphere meant that you’d typically either Test out your atmosphere, Accept it, and produce it to Production (TAP) or in addition have a controlled development atmosphere in advance (DTAP). These two was once obvious signals that you simply were being produced.

microsoft teams

Lately, however, the businesses I’ve consulted for with Office 365 didn’t have different tenants that they could do T along with a (Make sure Acceptance) for particular categories of individuals the organization. It was always associated with licensing roadblocks and premature infrastructure.

Today, information mill testing and piloting platforms like Microsoft Teams and all sorts of its native functionality within the production tenant with live data. However, when you are already within the cloud together with your production data, why would you trial or pilot new functionality inside your modern Office 365 production world?

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Inquiries to Consider Before Production

Attempt to answer the next question when thinking about moving your pilot into production:

  • What were the success criteria that determined it’s time for you to proceed to production?
  • What were the utilization cases you used throughout the pilot phase?
  • What were the training learned throughout the pilot phase and just what have you use it for that existing and recently-produced containers?
  • Are you able to distinguish your pilot and test data from production? For instance, have you design a Governance Foundation like:
    • Classification and naming conventions
    • Decisions about how Teams are required, approved, and produced
    • How coverage is enforced, and
    • How Teams are now being retained, expired, and disposed?

  • Have you use that which you learned to reprovision, migrate content, and delete the pilot containers?
  • Have you gather feedback out of your pilot users?
  • Have you set up a communications and training strategy when relocating to production?
  • Have you involve support which means this important department is trained and conscious of what’s likely to be being produced?
  • Have you establish buy-in from business leadership/stakeholders?
  • Have you got the tech foundation in position and therefore are all of the appropriate licenses activated?

Their email list above isn’t extensive, but it’ll provide you with a good summary of what sort of challenges to anticipate.

Transparency and Evidence of Value When Writing Use Cases

Simply deploying Microsoft Teams won’t directly provide any type of special value the bottom line is to stipulate believable use cases and establish success criteria. Besides this being helpful for calculating Return on investment, it is definitely the focus from the organization to the remainder of the organization and stakeholders inside a transparent fashion.

Microsoft Teams Governance Factors

Developing a foundation for governance in Microsoft Teams doesn’t need to be a ten-course meal in a Michelin star restaurant just make it simple stupid!

Here’s a good example we love to to make use of at AvePoint:

Basically we won’t go too deeply into Teams governance here (take a look at this web site publish for additional with that), I’d prefer to stress precisely how important it’s to involve the IT helpdesk from the first day should you not, it might block your production pipeline.

Give these individuals the data they have to know how your Microsoft Teams atmosphere works and just what governance decisions happen to be made. Should you only provide exterior discussing in SharePoint for any specific department, for example, It must learn about it.

For me, you have to be in a position to tick all of the above boxes and set them in to the eco-friendly zone with full confidence before you’re prepared to lift off and away to production. Are there more qualifications you believe have to be met? You can share them within the comments below!

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