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Rima Reyes may be the Senior Program Director at Microsoft for that Teams Engineering Product Group. She presently activly works to help government departments of levels fully leverage Microsoft Teams (quite fitting with this series!). In part eight of the series, we’ll go over guidelines for adopting Microsoft Teams and becoming began using the platform.

Name: Rima Reyes
Location: Washington, Electricity
Current Role: Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Teams Engineering
A word that best describes the way you work: Authentically
Mobile phone of preference: iPhone XS Max
Computer of preference: Surface Book 2

To obtain began, please inform us just a little regarding your background the way you reached where you stand today.

My professional career began once i graduated by having an Business Psychology degree from Penn Condition in 2005. I had been tossed into SharePoint after my newbie of school while working at Northrop Grumman supporting the united states Authorities. (Side note: I’ve always loved technology, so in the evening I’d go back home and browse SharePoint books during the night.) My effort compensated off because, in ’09, I started working in the White-colored House where I helped maintain and operate multiple SharePoint environments for that President and the staff (that was the best job!).

My dream to get results for Microsoft came true in 2015. After three years in Microsoft Talking to Services, I made the decision to change roles and begin concentrating on another product: Microsoft Teams. (I still love SharePoint, but Microsoft Teams began giving me that very same excitement that SharePoint accustomed to initially when i first began my career.) So, I switched roles and grew to become a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Teams Engineering, concentrating on our proper customers and Teams adoption.

How can you juggle Microsoft Teams within an ecosystem that heavily uses Yammer, SharePoint team sites, and email?

Initially when i first became a member of the Microsoft Product Group something was glaringly apparent in my experience. Email was utilized for exterior communication, meaning contacting anybody outdoors of Microsoft. Microsoft Teams ended up being mainly employed for internal communication coupled with replaced using email almost completely. I additionally discovered that I had been being put into Teams conversations only when my input really was needed (versus simply CC’ing me on each and every email in the world with Outlook).

Because SharePoint is really versatile within Microsoft Teams, there isn’t any one of the ways that my teammates utilize it. Individuals of my teammates who’re well-experienced in SharePoint tend for doing things to write content in ways that’s great looking after which pin it as being a tab inside a Team. Individuals who aren’t as magnetized towards SharePoint apply it its integrated file storage abilities. By using it, they are able to sync they site’s Shared Documents library using their OneDrive Sync Client for simple use of content from File Explorer.

Yammer is definitely an interesting one. Individuals of my teammates who perform a large amount of community outreach use Yammer only for that. It’s an effective way for workers to voice their questions and obtain some heavy hitters within the organization to reply to.

Do you know the greatest roadblocks for organizations attempting to adopt Microsoft Teams today?

The greatest issue I see across all customers applying Teams is they do not have anybody within their organization focused on Service Adoption. Service Adoption may be the ability for people to simply accept, learn and employ new technology. This integral bit of the puzzle is generally forgotten and is among the primary reasons Teams deployments don’t hit the floor running.

Another major issues are compliance and governance. Most organizations spend a large amount of time looking to get this before anybody even touches Microsoft Teams. When pilot users begin using Teams, compliance and governance tweeks are necessary anyway. My recommendation is to buy 5-10 reliable individuals within the org to begin using Teams, and then result in the big compliance/governance decisions. Only then do most organizations understand it properly.

How can you recommend getting began with Microsoft Teams?

Pilots are an easy way to begin using Microsoft Teams. Many people start pilots using the folks inside it, after which proceed to include various users from around the globe to check connectivity and the like. I am not always saying that’s wrong, but the easiest method to begin a pilot is by using a reliable number of those who really interact to attain a typical goal. Should you include “randoms” in the organization they’ll haven’t much need to leverage Microsoft Teams.

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Do you know the top success criteria for executing a Microsoft Teams pilot?

Pilots would be best when performed in waves. Wave 1 includes that reliable number of people who I pointed out above. Wave 2 includes other groups of folks that work within multiple Teams. Wave 3 includes anomalies like people that travel a great deal, tend to be more mobile reliant, etc. And lastly, wave 4 will include a number of your key stakeholders within the org that can help evangelize the merchandise for you personally. For all these waves, make certain you’ve got a kickoff with live training. Target individuals team leaders which will encourage their team people to make use of Microsoft Teams to have their projects done. Make many of these people feel special too. In the end, they’re trailblazers!

What’s the greatest impact you believe Microsoft Teams might have with an organization?

The greatest problem I’m seeing Teams solving may be the issue of content relevance. The opportunity to pin the most crucial information into Microsoft Teams is the same as getting curated content specific to that particular work team. What this means is being economical time on which people think they ought to know and much more time concentrating on what their team lead is letting them know.

The rate in the way we communicate is altering with Microsoft Teams too. Consider the final time you sent an e-mail since you needed an easy question clarified by a number of people you train with. 3 hrs and 20 “broken chain” email replies later, as well as your question still isn’t clarified. However, should you slowly move the same scenario to Microsoft Teams, you are able to “@ mention” visitors to concentrate on the right people (and also have them get the right notifications too!). All replies are within context and therefore are persistent so there isn’t any more “breaking the chain” as with email. People also have a tendency to respond faster in chat because it’s less formal, requiring a shorter period to organize an answer. Individuals 3 hrs just switched into fifteen minutes.

Is Microsoft Teams another collaboration application or perhaps a platform? What’s the excellence?

I love to call Microsoft Teams a platform. Why? Since you can personalize it! You are able to develop custom apps, create bots, and integrate an array of 3rd party applications. It’s a collaboration application in the purest form, but i believe it’s a lot more….

Within our next installment, Microsoft’s Jace Moreno will discuss the different ways to use bots in Microsoft Teams. 

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