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Whether your business just made the jump to Office 365 or you have been at work 365 for some time, you might have observed a clever little application known as OneDrive. Although incredibly helpful, it always falls through the wayside of other apps like Microsoft Teams and Planner (I’ve even been responsible for this myself). It’s an underappreciated application within the Microsoft 365 family, but one that’s extremely important, specifically for personal storage and collaboration.

Speaking from general observations, I did previously save my documents on my small desktop and none within my OneDrive, which brought to a number of problems when my laptop broke. I needed to scramble in order to save my important documents to OneDrive immediately otherwise I’d have experienced to begin in the ground-up on my documents and tasks. Saving something to OneDrive hasn’t only made my work safer, but additionally makes collaboration with my colleagues seamless.

Below are great tips about how I’ve enhanced OneDrive to create my day-to-day work much simpler!


How you can Organize Your OneDrive’s Infrastructure

To begin with, OneDrive includes some fundamental default folders for example “Documents,” “Pictures,” etc. These make the perfect start, but they’re a little generic and never specific for your tasks. When searching to arrange your OneDrive, it’s vital that you configure it to the way you perform best organizations aren’t a 1-size-fits-all model!

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Create Folders According to Projects/Tasks

The very first factor Used to do that made finding relevant content simpler within my OneDrive was creating folders for every primary task which i have. I structured my folders by doing this as it is consistent and when I want something connected to, say, webinars, I understand which folder I’ll manage to find it in.

Generate SubFolders for every Subtask Underneath the Primary Task Folder

Under each primary folder I produce a subset of folders associated with that primary task. Within this example, I produced a subfolder for all those regions which i support with webinars. This shows its northern border American, French, and German webinars:

Under all these regional folders is really a standard replicated structure across these:

Voila! Everything I want is precisely where it ought to be.

Pro Tip: I’d recommend altering the “Download” settings to let you always pick the destination from the download. By doing this, when you really need in order to save files everywhere, you are able to decide wherever it is going.

Optimize for Search and Discussing

Once you’ve enhanced your OneDrive for file organization and start storing all your files there, there is also the advantage of discussing and collaborating in the cloud. It’s as easy as pressing the “Share” button within the upper right-hands corner of Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Unlike whenever you save files in your device, saving your files in OneDrive causes it to be seamless to collaborate with other people on the document. Rather of getting to constantly shuttle in emails, all you need to do is “Share” the document, allow editing permissions, and you as well as your co-worker can perform live edits together! Versioning issues with documents will end up a factor of history.

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Once you begin organizing and collaborating out of your OneDrive, you’ll question the way you ever didn’t before!

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