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The Task

For any lengthy time, JAL was using file servers installed at airports and regional offices across Japan for internal file discussing. However, because of the growing amount of large documents, server storage grew to become an issue. This brought the organization to think about moving towards the cloud.

“We also believed it might align using the Japan government’s Work Style Reform and permit our employees to gain access to their data everywhere on any device,” described Mr. Chikahiro Honda, the assistant manager of oversea IT communication platform team, IT planning group.

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JAL chose Microsoft ‘office’ 365 because of its cloud atmosphere architecture.

“When we began this project to discontinue file server environments, we evaluated a number of options that let us create site collections by sections or group companies. We made the decision emigrate to SharePoint Online because of its security and audit features,” stated Mr. Honda.

For that migration project, JAL had two primary goals to arrange the information upon migration, and also to lessen the burden on finish users.

“Our aim wasn’t simply to migrate all of the data to Office 365 but to recognize the information that can’t be utilized in SharePoint Online, and choose how to handle it,” stated Mr. Honda. “We wanted the information proprietors themselves to determine which data must be migrated towards the cloud, and which aren’t being used and could be disposed. Also, when the data migration was completed, finish users will have to make use of a cloud atmosphere that differs from a standard server-based platform. So, we wanted to make certain there wasn’t any business interruption throughout the transition.”

However, not lengthy following the project began, JAL faced an excellent challenge.

“It switched the settings and rules which should happen to be chosen the IT side, for example SharePoint Online permissions and audit logs, continued to be undeveloped, making quick adoption difficult,” stated Mr. Honda. “We recognized we wanted support from engineers with extensive understanding and knowledge of SharePoint Online migration.”

Furthermore, the sheer quantity of data to become migrated would be a challenge.

“Because we wanted emigrate 40 TB of information towards the cloud, we deducted that people need support from the vendor who are able to offer strong technical expertise and good migration tools to accomplish the migration efficiently inside a short time.”