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There are a variety of products which happen to some Teams Team throughout its lifecycle. Some could be small for example membership changes, while some can involve an entire change of possession. As well as in the situation where projects, committees, or virtual groups eventually disband – also if the Team itself.

This becomes another issue with using Teams – what goes on once the Team will no longer have need to exist? Just because a Team sits on the top of Office 365 Groups nowadays there are numerous artifacts left out:

These artifacts could contain personal data and price money to carry on to handle, backup and store.

The very first factor that should be addressed is how you can know when it’s time for you to shut lower they. In lots of scenarios this can either happen by hand or by no means – in that it’ll generally depend on someone to delete it themselves, ask IT to delete it, get motivated because of it or another person whether it’s still needed. Otherwise, they only will live there until IT decides to carry out a clean-up.

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This concern can be handled somewhat out-of-the-box while using “Expiration” feature within Azure Active Directory, which may be applied either selectively in order to all groups.

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