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Is the organization already using Exchange On the internet and OneDrive for Business but hasn’t accepted into Microsoft Teams yet? Within this blog, I’ll show you through functional needs and technical settings essential to kickstart the first Microsoft Teams pilot.

First, however, have you thought about which sponsors and sections you’d enjoy having involved with your pilot?

Typically, you will find three kinds of organizations:

  • Individuals which are already using Microsoft Teams and lost control and lack service,
  • Individuals which are presently piloting Microsoft Teams,
  • Individuals that aren’t using Microsoft Teams whatsoever due to different arguments.

In case your organization has already been using Microsoft Teams and you’d like to learn exactly what the current usage is, my pal along with a former friend authored a great blog which goes into more detail. For everybody else, though, let’s consider the steps it’s important to require a effective Microsoft Teams pilot.

Step One: Examine Office 365 Licensing

Are you currently using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licenses? These possess some variations and extra features you might want to use, for example dynamic groups, default classification, as well as an Office 365 Group naming policy. To complete a few of these as they are, you’ll require an Azure P1 or P2 subscription. Find additional sources here.

Step Two: Choose Self-Service Provisioning Implementation

Would you like your users to produce Microsoft Teams on their own, or do you want to convey more granular control and empower your users to have their jobs done? To make sure only specific people can create new Teams, a synchronized security group must be produced to handle these permissions.

Step Three: Examine Settings for that Different Workloads

A. Microsoft Teams

Examine settings specific to Microsoft Teams and document these so you’ve understanding about how exactly the look was configured. Sign in to -&gt Org-wide settings.

Think about these questions:

  • Could it be permitted to talk with exterior domains? Can guest users access channels?
  • Would you allow file storage apart from OneDrive for Business?
  • Is the organization still using Skype for Business? If that’s the case, may be the coexistence mode set based on your circumstances?

For a little bit of inspiration, find out how Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams its their workers and switched Skype for Business off.

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B. Groups settings

It’s vital that you check these settings. Bear in mind that, being an Office 365 Groups administrator, you’re in a position to appoint one security group. Only people inside this group can create Teams/Groups and manage the proprietors of the group (I specifiy “owners” because you have to consider what goes on once the owner is departing the organization).

C. SharePoint site creation

Examine SharePoint site creation settings. You have to change a few of the settings in SharePoint Online so finish users can’t create sites themselves. Because the modern SharePoint architecture is flat, I counsel you to definitely switch off subsite creation.

D. OneDrive for Business settings

How does one would like your users to talk about products using their OneDrive and the number of days can you want the hyperlink to exist?

Remember to allow the e-mail notifications which OneDrive proprietors receive when, for instance, other medication is inviting additional exterior users.

E. Exterior discussing settings for OD4B and SharePoint

It’s suggested that you simply let the setting where exterior users must accept discussing invitations utilizing the same account the invitations were delivered to.

F. Device settings

Would you like to allow synchronization for OneDrive and just take for domain-became a member of computers? Have you already consider deploying MAM (Mobile Application Management)?

G. Specific settings with PowerShell

Would you like to utilize subdomains once the e-mail address shows up in Woman? With this particular method, finish users can directly see where this e-mail address belongs.

You may either connect Microsoft Teams to a number of subdomains or hide the provided e-mail address within the Global Address List (Woman).

Step Four: Involve Stakeholders and Sections

Since you’ve done each one of these configuration settings, it’s time for you to get others involved. Organizations typically have a tendency to pilot using their IT team first to allow them to handle direct questions, but relating to the Human Sources and company communications teams is another viable choice. These two departments can eventually act as strong ambassadors on your Go-Live (especially communications).


Step 5: Figure Out How to Operationally Govern Your Workplace 365 Tenant

Think about the next questions: Do I wish to build and keep scripts for different types of services? Or will i want to utilize a toolbox that has ongoing updates and full integration with Office 365?

Whether you choose to build and keep scripts for the Microsoft Teams pilot yourself or go for automating governance, make sure to note all settings inside a design document (as pointed out in Step Three) therefore the intent from the configuration is obvious.

And that’s the main of what you need to know before launching your Microsoft Teams pilot. Have other ideas to share? You can drop them within the comments below!

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