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Listed here are excerpts from Matt Wade and Sven Seidenberg’s new ebook Rockstar Conferences in Microsoft Teams. Click the link to obtain your free copy!

Microsoft Teams is really a chat- and conferencing-based workspace application which comes included in an Office 365 subscription. It’s designed to facilitate ongoing collaboration and communication occurring among any team, project, organization, or group. Teams provides single-point use of conversations, files, notes, tasks, and, best here, online conferences.

Online conferences happen to be important in the realm of employees and students who work and discover remotely as soon as the late 1990s, however their use continues to be especially critical as employees happen to be made to work remotely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt Wade has partnered with AvePoint and contributor Sven Seidenberg to produce a guide that covers the how-to, tips and methods, and everyday etiquette for implementing Microsoft Teams to conduct great online conferences. The following tips should be considered a beginning point and will not be perfectly relevant to each organization, however they should function as a strong foundation for the organization to construct from.

Continue reading for any quick taste from the tips and pictures you will probably get in the entire ebook, and if you would like more, you are able to access Rockstar Conferences in Microsoft Teams here.

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Chapter 1: Some Main Issue Tips

A set of earphones goes a lengthy way.

Wired or Bluetooth earphones can make the seem experience better for everybody. Make certain to find the correct speaker and microphone when joining your meeting.

Utilize the whole Office 365 suite.

Teams incorporates multiple Office 365 apps: use OneNote to consider notes or minutes, share and edit documents in SharePoint, create follow-up actions in Planner. Find out more at

Chapter 2: It Isn’t Concerning the Tool

Share history and sources in front of the meeting.

Ensure everybody can access all studying materials, presentations, and figures prior to the meeting. Publish them inside your Team, possibly as tabs, or connect to a folder of meeting sources within the meeting description…

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Chapter 3: Choosing the best Meeting Time

Use Scheduling Assistant for internal conferences.

You will be able to visit your colleagues’ availability through Scheduling Assistant (proven above) so that you can avoid occasions when they’re booked. It’s the same as the feature in Outlook…

Prepared to turn your conferences up a notch? Browse the full ebook here!

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